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What’s better than that?

A tweet by my Jewish sister from another mister, Ali, reminded me of a post I did last year that was also inspired by her.

Last year’s post was very simple: A list of things that are greater than others!  And I thought I’d just do it again:

Peggy > Harry > Kenneth > Pete

Diet Coke > Diet Pepsi > Generic Diet Cola

Shit in a can > Generic Diet Cola

Bob Evans > Perkins > Denny’s > Shoneys > IHOP > Waffle House

Eating chocolate >= Masturbating

Heat and humidity and hurricanes > Cold and snow and ice and blizzards

Private school > Homeschooling > Public school > Fundamentalist Christian homeschooling

Community > 30 Rock > The Office > Outsourced > Modern Family > Everything else on TV

Skyping > Talking on the phone > Emailing > Texting > Messaging through Facebook > Having a conversation through Direct Messages on Twitter

Brazilian > Landing strip > Trim > Mondo 70s bush

Lady Gaga > Katy Perry > Ke$ha > Jack Johnson

Experiencing shrinkage when skinny dipping in a cold pool with someone > NOT skinny dipping with anyone

Floyd > Astronaut Mike Dexter > Carol > Drew > Dennis >Wesley Snipes

Never puking > Everything else in the world

Anal rape > Watching Glenn Beck > Eating moldy food > Pooping in a public bathroom

Beards > Naked chins > Handlebar mustaches

Holly Flax > Donna > Helene > Carol > Jan Levenson

B > C > A > D > DD

A good blowjob = A bad blowjob

What about you?

CYR is going bi-weekly! Tonight (Wednesday) at 9 PM EST is a new episode, and I’m going to stop spending as much time talking about comedy and start spending more time actually doing comedy on air. As always, the topics will range from anal bleaching to baby fucking.

You can download the Talkshoe Pro client to listen in live and join us in the chatroom, and if you’re good, you can even call in and sing my praises!

Tonight (Wednesday) at 9 PM EST – don’t miss it!

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38 Replies to “What’s better than that?”

  1. Angela

    First time I’ve seen anyone say my letter is greater than the rest. Cool.
    My kids sleeping through the night or at least past 5:30 am >= sex
    Giant Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Egg >= masturbation

  2. Dumblond

    I have it on good authority (my husband) that a good BJ is NOT equal to a bad one. And I would have to agree that there is a difference. Good BJ: he asks for another the next day. Bad BJ: he can’t look me in the eye for a few days.
    And DDD trumps them all!

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