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Ke$ha’s Get Sleazy Tour and Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour

Within an eight-day period I had the absolute pleasure (or displeasure, depending on your taste in music) to see both Lady Gaga and Ke$ha perform in concert. I’ll get into more detail below, but I enthusiastically recommend getting tickets to see both of these artists perform live – I was extremely entertained and impressed on both occasions.

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour – Amway Arena; Orlando, FL – April 15, 2011

Lady Gaga reflects the envelope-pushing, line-crossing aspect of Madonna, especially in the 90s.  Like Madonna, she’s a champion for LGBT rights, and I love her extremely genuine encouragement of her fans to be who they are.

She’s also an extremely talented, classically trained musician who isn’t afraid to try new things, creatively, artistically, musically, and theatrically.  If your only knowledge of her repertoire is “Bad Romance”, “Poker Face” and “Paparazzi”, you should check out some of her other pieces, like “Brown Eyes”, “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”, “Speechless”, or “Teeth”.

Even though we had good seats, the video quality isn’t the greatest, but here’s Lady Gaga performing what I think is going to be a new song on her album “Born This Way”.  I’m guessing it’s called “You and I”:

Overall, the concert was an amazing experience.  The opening act, Semi-Precious Weapons, was extremely entertaining, even if I couldn’t get it out of my head that lead singer Justin Tranter looked like a younger Jim Carrey playing an effeminate singer.

Justin Tranter from Semi Precious Weapons looks like Jim Carrey!

The set was extremely elaborate, from the piano that shot flame to the ’50s-evocative cityscape to the final song when a giant monster that looked like a huge angler fish dominated the entire stage.  It must have been about 25-30 feet tall.

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Set

The choreography was complex and the imagery was evocative and shocking.  The entire event felt like a theatrical production, almost like a minor musical instead of a concert. The audience was really involved, as well, dressing up in hundreds of different costumes.

Lady Gaga Audience Members at Monster Ball Tour

It was a fantastic experience, a great performance, and a wonderful time. The only downfall to the entire night were the prices.  The new Amway Arena had a lot of nice perqs and benefits to it, but it wasn’t worth paying $22 for a double Smirnoff Vanilla and Diet Coke.  Over all, I’d rate Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour with an A and the Amway Arena with a D.

Ke$ha from the Get $leazy Tour

Ke$ha’s Get $leazy Tour – House of Blues; Orlando, FL – April 23, 2011

In my opinion, Ke$ha represents the other side of Madonna – the overtly sexual rebel and bad girl who has fun and doesn’t give a shit what you think.  For the most part, her music is light pop, with a definite focus on partying, having fun, and being a free spirit.  Delve a little deeper, though, and you’ll see that some of her songs are actually not quite as shallow as they seem.   Try “Animal”, “Harold’s Song”, or “Stephen”, for examples of good song writing, good production, and very little autotune.

At the center of all the glitter and sex and pop is a talented musician, and I’m convinced that over time, you’ll see her emerge and reinvent herself much like Madonna.  That being said, I was a bit nervous about this show – how could it compare to the spectacle that was Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball?

I shouldn’t have been worried.  The venue was smaller, so our seats were pretty amazing, in the very front orchestra overlooking the stage.  I was close enough that I could have peed on her.

Ke$ha at House of Blues

I did not pee on her, though.  The show was vastly different from Gaga, both in the scale and in the theatricality of it.  There were two things that struck me as I watched her perform.  First, she was actively involved in setting up the beats and tracks on the computer and synthesizer, not just someone singing along.  And second, she seemed to actually have a lot of fun.

You could tell that a lot of what happened on stage wasn’t choreographed tightly and was left open to the whims of Ke$ha and the other performers.  In one case, she motioned for the bassist to move out of the way, and executed a terrible cartwheel with a huge grin on her face.  Her enthusiasm for what she was doing was infectious and it really made the night even more entertaining.

Her opening act, Beardo, was terrible.  As I watched him, all I could think was that this had to be some elaborate parody.  He looked like a redneck version of Perry Farrell and Richard Simmons combined and sounded like Axl Rose, but without that growl that makes his voice passable.

Beardo Mickey AvalonBut I wasn’t there for Beardo.  I was there for Ke$ha, glitter, and earworm songs that are fun to sing along to.  And that’s what I got.

After seeing Lady Gaga, my expectations were extremely high, and I’m happy to say that they were met in every way by Ke$ha.  I would go see her again in an instant.  It doesn’t hurt that she likes fat bearded guys, either.

Over all, I’d rate Ke$ha’s Get $leazy Tour with a B+, House of Blues with an A, and Beardo with an F-.


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12 Replies to “Ke$ha’s Get Sleazy Tour and Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour”

  1. B.E. Earl

    I don’t like her music, which is to say I don’t like her music that I’ve heard, which is to say 2 or 3 songs…BUT I do dig the Gaga in a big way. The person, not the performer. Although with her I guess it’s difficult to separate the two. But everything I’ve read or seen about her is a big fucking win. Just not my kind of music.

    And for Ke-dollar-ha? Meh. I don’t get it and I don’t want to.

  2. martymankins

    Hey, at least you can get mixed drinks at your concert venues. It’s beer only here in Utah and 3.2% at that.

    My co-worker went to Lady Gaga here last month on her stop in SLC. She really liked it and the number of people that were dressed up were very colorful.

  3. Tamie

    Love a good concert, especially the bigger acts who are soooo professional. While Britney may not sing live much or well, she certainly puts on a good show!!

    Adam I’ve been meaning to ask – did you see Weird Al’s parady of “Born this way”?

  4. Kelly

    I went to Lady Gaga a couple days later here in Nashville and LOVED the show! Some of the audience members’ costumes were at times even more entertaining! Semi-Precious Weapons were pretty great too. I actually thought they were a combo of Bowie in looks (circa Ziggy Stardust) and Scissor Sisters in sound. My friend thought the lead singer looked like Mark McGrath’s skinny little brother.

    Haven’t been to see Ke$ha, but she’s a hometown girl for us (from Nashville) and is always in town. She actually does a lot back home. And according to my friend who works for her, she really is like that. It’s not an act.

  5. amanda

    im not a big fan of the music by lady gaga well other than the stuff that has been leaked from before she was famous but i watched her interview with 60min and i believe she is a fantastic human being with a kick ass personality honest, loyal to herself and just an all around genius of sorts she even goes as far to come out and say “i smoke marijuana when i write my lyrics” and “i know what everyone wants to see ive been studying fame my whole life” and it works for her she can get as crazy outrageous as she wants and still continues to get paid and she knows it shes real…now im not down with the trendy poppy tunes but we all have to make money some how right? lol

  6. Al_Pal

    Neat. I’ve seen a couple shows that were heavier on theatricality/performance than musicians, and been quite entertained, even though my preference is generally always for musicians.

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