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George W. Bush on Osama’s death

Things Bush is probably thinking:



“Maybe it’s some other tall Ayrab on dialysis.”


“I’m totally claiming partial credit for this in my memoirs.”

“I wonder if I should send the condolences bouquet to his parents’ palace or to that secret bunker address that Dick has.”

“Laura, I’m putting it in your butt tonight! You promised that if we actually killed Osama, I could!”

Things Palin is probably thinking:

“Someone killed the President?”

18 thoughts on “George W. Bush on Osama’s death”

  1. I don’t know if you saw, but Geraldo Rivera on FOX actually said “Obama is dead” at one point soon after the news broke before catching himself. So maybe you can forgive Palin for thinking that. She gets all her news from FOX.

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