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Tune in Wednesday night for an extra-special episode of CYR!

For the first time in six weeks, I’ll be hosting another episode of CYR online at 9 PM EST tonight (Wednesday). I’m not sure why you would possibly want to listen, but I figure that talking for an hour to imaginary people on the Internet is a small step up to talking to myself at home.

If you listen live, you can join in the conversation in the chatroom, and I would recommend downloading the Talkshoe Pro client to listen. I’ll even take calls and you can tell me how much you want to lick my nutsack.

Tonight (Wednesday) at 9 PM EST – don’t miss it!

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4 Replies to “Tune in Wednesday night for an extra-special episode of CYR!”

  1. Kirsty

    Hmmmm – I’m guessing that’s about 3 am here (may be wrong, not good at time zones). I may still be up, but can’t promise. Might listen not live (dead, then?) tomorrow. Something to look forward to!

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