Clearly, You're Retarded was the radio show with Adam Avitable and Britt Reints

The death of “Clearly, You’re Retarded”

Last night was the final episode of the show originally called “Clearly, You’re Retarded”, renamed to “CYR”. If you didn’t listen, you can download it here or subscribe to the podcast here.

The reason I was clinging to the name for so long, even with its political incorrectness, was due to the Facebook page that I had with the same name. The “Clearly, You’re Retarded” Facebook fan page had 1,070,000 fans, and I was hesitant to lose all of that traffic by changing the name completely.

The idiots at Facebook made the decision for me. They arbitrarily and capriciously determined that my page was “hateful towards one or more groups” and removed it without notice or without opportunity for appeal. And that’s bullshit. Say what you will about the word “retarded” and how it is used to denigrate the mentally handicapped, but the mere name of a site having that word in it did NOT make it hateful, especially if one were to look at the content. Fuck you, Facebook.

Anyway, I took it as a sign for a fresh start. The original show was a Point/Counterpoint type of show with Britt and I, and the new version had no real reason to have that name, as the goal of the show had shifted considerably.

So, rest in peace “Clearly, You’re Retarded”. You were politically incorrect, you made people cringe, and you were around a little too long.

Welcome to the new show! The content will be current events, comedy, entertainment, and anything that pops into my head. I’ll start having guests on, as well. I don’t know what the name is, and that’s where you come in. In the comments, I’d love to have your suggestions for the new show’s name.

In fact, if I choose your name as the new name of the show, you can be my very first guest!

As egotistical as I am, I think I want the show to incorporate my name in some way, but I’m not sure how, and your input is greatly appreciated.

What are your suggestions?

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52 Replies to “The death of “Clearly, You’re Retarded””

  1. Dave2

    It’s all you, so just use your name. Something like “The Avitable Show” or “The Avitable Hour” or “Avitable Talk Radio” or “Avitable is Right” or “The Adam Avitable Chat Show” or whatever.

    That said, I always thought “Shut up and Listen!” was an excellent name for a radio show. Though it seems impossible somebody somewhere hasn’t used that.

  2. MBob

    Seems you have some excellent advisors – B.E. Earl, Dawn, Dave – so, I’m glad I can stay out of it. . .I’ve got nothing. Hey, you could use that: “I’ve Got Nothing”

  3. cagey

    My vote goes to Live from Tijuana Flats! Everytime I see that in your Facebook update, I giggle.

    Also, I am resisting the urge to get all crabby in your comments about the Word Police putting out a hit on a perfectly useful word simply because a few folks used it for nefarious purposes.

  4. LeSombre

    Way back when, do you remember you asked us to come up with a song for the video intro of your clips, and I went with the song “Je suis un connard” because everything sounds classier in French?

    I’m going the same route with my suggestion. I really liked the idea behind “Naked Avitable”, so why not go with: “Avitable – au naturel” a very clever double-entendre. 😉

    Also, “Double-Entendre” would be an awesome title.

  5. Clown

    Ok, this is going to be long compared to everybody else, but I’m giving some real feedback to think about. Use it or wipe your bum with it, it’s all the same to me. 🙂

    Personally though, I think having your name in there, especially something like “The Avitable Hour” would be a disservice to you and the show. If you insisted on it, the more simplistic “Avitable” would be a better route, but I still think that would be a handicap to your show.

    If your target audience was only people that read your blog or know you, I would say there’s nothing wrong with it. This isn’t about them though, since the either already read your blog or can just message/ask you in case they ever forget.

    If you’re wanting to pull in people that go see you perform, you’ll need something easier to remember. I’ve gone to what, 5 or 6 shows now, and I don’t know the names of anybody that has performed other than ones that we have talked about between us. I don’t even remember the name of the professionals we’ve gone and seen at the Improv. Not a single one. What was the name of the guy we saw when we sat with the Harry Potter loving Mormons? If he had said to check him out on the “The Peter Pillbrooke Show” (replace that name with the real one) I wouldn’t have remembered. If it was something like “The Fat Giggling Guy” or “Pizza Always Wins” I probably would have remembered. I know the spelling your name routine had this goal in mind, but as I’ve said before, while I think it’s funny, it’s certainly not something I would remember. I laugh at the individual letters and am not spelling your name out in my head as you do it.

    Next, the social media crowd. I know how much you loved having a massive number of Facebook fans and that was for one reason alone. 99.999% of the million-plus people “liked” the page for just for the name. If It was called “Miss Britt and Avitable Argue” you would have had friends, readers of both of your blogs and the accidental listener looking for, the boat charters company. People thought the title was funny. Unfortunately, the problem with the fans of that show was that they were also all a bunch of idiot teenagers that didn’t listen to the show but just acted like assholes and told you “cleery U R retardid!”

    I think it would be wise to go after both of those audiences, although hopefully the facebook target features more listeners and people with sense of humor, not pricks thinking they were the funny ones.

    I think getting away from your name in the title would also be a little easier to brand yourself. Later in life, when you’re famous or have massive amounts of followers, you can take advantage of the name recognition and easily rename. When those people are actual followers, and not random click-to-likes you’ll have no problem transitioning to your actual name.

    Speaking of branding, you know what I’m going to say is your number one feature… Your stupid left eyeball. After that though, is the beard.

    So, here are some ideas going with that line of thinking
    1 – Beard Side Up – I think this has the widest range of possibilities
    2 – Better Off Beard
    3 – Beards Just Want to Have Fun

    Ok, that’s all I have to say for now!

  6. hello haha narf

    your name is unique and fantastic, but probably difficult for the average stupid american. or stupid canadian.
    i say go with clown’s train of thought.
    but i am not clever enough to come up with a great title that has to do with your beard or pedicures.

  7. Lynn @ Walking With Scissors

    How about “Clearly, You’re Mentally Disabled Which Doesn’t Make You Any Better or Worse Than Me, Merely Different. So Let’s Discuss Stuff and I’ll Tell You That You’re Wrong. But Not Because You’re Mentally Disabled. Just Because I’m Always Right.” Or, CYMDWDMYABWTMMD for short.

  8. Nicci Rae

    I am going with Clowns ideas. I think you should branch out from just the blog readers (minus me because of time zones and listening post-air time just isn’t the same cuz I can’t dial in and harass you). I like Beard Side Up, for what my opinion is worth.

  9. Lisa

    I think Clown has a good point, so in light of that:

    The Hairy Eyeball
    Beards of Glory
    The Bearded Lady (because of your teenage girl tastes in music)
    and last but not least, Raise Your Brow

  10. Loukia

    Ohhh I have MANY!

    The Adam Avitable Hour (Seriously, that’s the best one. Stop the contest now.)

    The Avitable Show

    In the Padded Room with Adam

    On the Air with Adam

    Adam from Altamonte

    The Ambivalent Avitable show

    I had more… hmmm. Anyway, I win! Yay.

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