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Plethora of Pinatas

I do know what a plethora is, and while I haven’t been posting here daily, I’ve appeared in a plethora of places. Over the last couple of weeks, I have . . .

… provided you with a guide on how to be a successful author.

… written about expiration dates for the elderly.

… advised teens about masturbation and sorority life.

… talked about Glenn Beck and his moderate misstep.

… psychically reviewed all of the movies for the Fall season.

… cynically discussed Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

… looked at the newest trend since planking: leisure diving. A post which somehow has gotten 150,000 views on StumbleUpon, which is recockulous.

… started using StumbleUpon a little more. You can follow me if you have anything worth sharing.

… tried to start shifting my Facebook profile over to a page. I mean, you can be my friend, sure, but would you also go like on Facebook? I’ll give you a dollar.*

And here’s my favorite clip from Three Amigos:

* Offer to give you a dollar not valid in any country that is bordered on any side by either another country or water and on any day that ends in “y” according to the Anglo-American spelling and calendar.

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