Adam Avitable turns red when he's angry. Or something.

The Nine Worst Abbreviations and Slang Used Today in Texting, Twitter and Facebook

I understand.  You’re on Twitter and you have something so important to say, but you can’t get it into 140 characters.  Or you’re texting a friend and don’t have enough time to write full words before you crash into the car ahead of you on the Interstate.  Sometimes you have to abbreviate and use slang, but sometimes I just want to punch you in your face.

Adam Avitable turns red when he's angry.  Or something.

Here is my non-inclusive list of the nine worst offenders – the nine abbreviations or slang used today on Twitter, in texting, or on Facebook, that drive me absolutely crazy.  In no particular order, along with examples for those of you who have not yet been subject to this nightmare of laziness, convenience, and blatant stupidity . . .

  1. yr/ur.  “Can I punch you in yr face and murder ur parents?”
  2. u – “Why can’t u just add two additional letters?”
  3. y – “y r u trying 2 sound like a moron?”
  4. enuf – “Haven’t we had enuf bad slang with that Ebonics shit?”
  5. inbox – “I could ask you to inbox me on Facebook instead of asking you to email me but instead I’m going to make a voodoo doll out of you and shred its genitals in my garbage disposal.”
  6. bcoz/bcuz – “I’m stabbing you bcuz you’re better off that way.  We all are.”
  7. sum – “Have you ever had sum person tell you that you should die in a fire?”
  8. Imma – “Imma pray for you to commit suicide via auto-erotic asphyxiation.”
  9. k/kk/kkk – “The meeting is at ten tonight.  Bring your pointy white hood.”  “KKK. I’ll be there.”

Okay, granted, this is a bit judgy on my part, especially since I’m a complete hypocrite and have used, on separate and distinct occasions when I was completely sober and in my right mind, both “Imma” and “k/kk”.  I berate myself daily for it, but not as much as the fact that I have finally broken down and started using “lol”.

So, in summation, do as I say, not as I do.


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82 Replies to “The Nine Worst Abbreviations and Slang Used Today in Texting, Twitter and Facebook”

    • Blaine

      @Liz, hey! I use proper grammar almost all the time. The exception being “lol, lmao, lmfao, and the occasional OMG.” But those are exclamatory and or humour-describing abbreviations, without which certain sentiments are hard to discern via the internet.

      I’m assuming, of course, that it’s not cool to describe your reaction in book or story format.

      Tweet response example: ‘ “That is so funny,” she said while laughing out loud.’ 😉

  1. Lauren

    What about “fr” for from or for? Nails on a chalkboard, that one.

    When abbreviations show up in emails also bugs me. Understandable if you’re sending from your phone but if you’re at a computer? TYPE THE WHOLE WORD. What are you, so lazy you can’t hit a couple of extra keys? Is that what we’ve come to as a society? Sad, really.

    I’m guilty of “u” but try to use entire words if at all possible. I do use acronyms but the more I think about ROTFLMAO, the more guilt ravages my soul. I’ve never actually ROTFLMAO. Well, there was that one time but it was well before the Al Gore invented the internet and Dan Quayle decided to invent the acronyms.

  2. Lesley

    On Twitter, I can sort of understand the temptation to shorten. But I “totes” agree that typing that way anywhere else is just “unfortch”.

    I “hafta” ask…. why is it horrifying and weird for someone to say Inbox Me. It’s the same thing. No?

  3. B.E. Earl

    I only abbreviate when I run up against the character limit. I’ve been known to use “u” or “2” on occasion because of that limit, but only if I need to slash a couple of characters.

    So 2 u I say…chill. It’s really not that big of a deal.

    PS – What is k/k/kkk used for? I’ve never seen that.

    • Ed

      I hate “pls” worse than “ty”, because it implies that the person is only saying “please” because they think they have to, so they’re putting as little effort into it as they can get away with.

      Oh, and “b/c” for “because”. No jury would ever convict me…

      • Mark

        @Avitable, Because I don’t know you well enough yet, I’m trying to imagine why you
        would “Hang out” with 20 year olds. So, I’ll give you the benefit of the
        doubt and assume it’s for work. Would I be correct that you hear a lot of
        “Do you want fries with that?” in the work place?

        Merry Christmas or whatever floats your boat.

  4. Marinka

    My daughter uses KK all the time. And she doesn’t even watch the Kardashians.

    My son texts “gd” for “good” and every time I think he means “G-d”. I think it’s time for me to go into the home with Kristine’s mom.

  5. Allyson

    I will send extra text messages just to avoid the abbreviations. I also use commas, when appropriate. But I only really text with my family and one best friend. Unless, you know, I’m texting pics of myself when I get bored. But, I do use the word gonna, because it sounds like the word I say.

  6. Dawn

    I’m way late to this party but I need to chime in. What kills me even deader is when incorrect grammar is used amid all these abbreviations. Here’s the clincher for me:

    “u r” *should* stand for “you are” or “you’re”
    “ur” *should* stand for “your”

    So when I see someone too lazy to use REAL WORDS, and resort to these silly abbreviations, I just want to die when I see “ur crazy!”

    My crazy what???

    Oh! You’re trying to say “u r crazy” (meaning “you’re crazy”). Yeah, I’m crazy. And u r just dumb.

  7. Kassie

    I can handle people texting abbreviations what I hate is when they say it. Like instead of laughing the say “LOL” or “OMG” or just say “K” it’s annoying as hell.

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