Adam Avitable contemplates being old

I’m 35 today. I think it’s time to stop counting birthdays.

Adam Avitable sees himself as an old man

(psst – here’s the original)

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51 Replies to “I’m 35 today. I think it’s time to stop counting birthdays.”

  1. Liznight

    Happpppppy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day filled with bunnies and flowers and a trail of chirping bluebirds that follow you wherever you go. And while we’re at it, rainbows of unicorn piss.

    On a sadder note, I’ve been missing you over at Mamapop…

  2. LeSombre

    Gray hair is nothing! You’ll freak out the day you discover your first gray pube.

    And to be honest, I didn’t freak out as much that day as the other people on the elevator did.


    Happy Birthday Fucker!

  3. Chrisor

    Happy Birthday, Adam! I had to climb on the bandwagon along with everyone else and wish you a happy one. Now I think I broke the bandwagon. Woops. My bad. BTW, you stop counting birthdays when you’re dead. Not a second before. You’re welcome. The gray is sexy so you’ve got that to look forward to when/if it ever becomes *real*.

  4. tracey

    I realized that I forgot to update my blog about me age to 35 this year. Am just waiting till April to update it to 36. So I get to be 34 for an extra year because I am lazy. And my mother said I would never get anywhere for being lazy!

    HAHA. Showed her.

    Happy Birthday, a little late. I meant to write earlier but, well. LAZY. See above.

  5. tori

    yesterday was my 40th – I’ve decided I’m not going to color my red hair – there are a few grays creeping in already, but I’m not going to get to the point of having roots just to try and keep up.

    Cheers and a happy belated birthday.

  6. x-nei-Ron

    U can always say you are only 25 in hexidecimal, then you can be old AND a nerd. And on a negative note, you r halfway to 70; hot young women will call you Sir, and the memory of growing older will gradually fad for 365 days.

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