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The One With All The Coffee #FRIENDSPC

The One With All The Coffee - FRIENDS Photo Challenge

My dad, reading the paper, talking to me about the funny pages, holding his cup up to his lips, perpetually trying to sip while I asked him questions.   My principal, sneaking behind us in line, pouncing on those who were loud or unruly, with his angry yellow-spotted eyes and stale coffee breath.  Bringing Amy a venti orange mocha every morning before I picked her up for school, spilling on my lap as I tried to drive a manual without cup holders.  It’s always been surprising to me that as many memories as the scent of coffee evokes, I can’t stand the taste of it, and have to find other things to pour into my mug.

This post is part of the FRIENDS photo-a-day challenge. Join me on it – I’ll be supplementing my photos with prose as well.

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