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The One With Monica’s Boots #FRIENDSPC

The One With Monica's Boots - FRIENDS Photo Challenge

I’ve never seen the need for too many pairs of shoes.  All I have is one pair of dress shoes, one pair of sneakers, one pair of high-tops (are they still called that?), and one pair of sandals.  I walk around barefoot as much as possible and only don footwear when absolutely necessary. Now that I think about it, I walk around naked as much as possible and only don clothing when absolutely necessary.

I have terrible toenails, so I prefer to get them painted.  I do take care of my feet with regular pedicures and daily scrubbing and lotion, but my soles are leathery and tough.  The morning after a particularly raucous party during which glass was broken, I was walking through my house when I realized that I had been leaving little drops of blood in my path.  A quick look confirmed that at some point I had indeed stepped on a large piece of broken glass, which was still embedded in my foot, but I never felt a thing. Apparently, my sole is invulnerable to pain.

Wouldn’t it be great if my real soul was too?

This post is part of the FRIENDS photo-a-day challenge. Join me on it – I’ll be supplementing my photos with prose as well.

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25 Replies to “The One With Monica’s Boots #FRIENDSPC”

  1. Middle State

    I think our feet are “sole” mates. No one likes my feet and I once spent a whole summer going barefoot. I could even walk really fast across asphalt on a hot day. If they can’t be beautiful, they at least can be good and tough.
    Here via Blog Comment Club.

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