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The pervert inside: Browser ABCs

I don’t know if this is the best idea, but I saw a meme over at Earl’s that I thought I’d try, maybe for some more light-hearted fare over here at

In Google Chrome, when I start typing an address into my browser, it will very quickly pull up the most frequently visited sites based on what I’m typing.  And here, completely uncensored, is the list of links that come up for each letter of the alphabet.  Interestingly, sometimes the first link doesn’t even begin with that letter!

A: – no big surprise here, since I’m a complete narcissist and attention whore.

B: Babies, Burritos, and Loneliness – the hilarious tumblr of LA comedienne Lauren Brown.

C: – a site that scrapes images from any site that compiles them.  Mostly (read: always) used for porn.  Although, I recently saw that someone scraped all of the private boudoir photos from a photographer’s website. I follow her on Twitter and told her, so hopefully that’s been corrected.

D: Dominos – I just can’t get enough of their terrible boneless wings and their amazing chocolate crunch lava cakes.

E: Etta James’s Wikipedia Page – I have no idea. Maybe when she died? Apparently I don’t use “e” a lot.

F: Facebook – Are you my friend?  Are you? Are you?

G: Google Images – I’ve been using this a lot to find references for my Draw Something games.

H: Harto & Co. – Home of My Drunk Kitchen and one of the best vlogs ever.  If anyone has contact info for Hannah Hart, please let me know – I want to fly her down here to do an episode of MDK in my kitchen!

I: IMDB – Boooorrrinng.

J: JetBlue – My preferred method of flying.  Direct TV, good food, and no fee for your first bag! (hint hint – send me some free shit, JetBlue!)

K: Facebook – Ummm, again? I see what I do all day long.

L: Church of Latter Day Saints – No. Fucking. Clue.  Maybe from when I wrote my post about Mormons?

M: Mobile Waiters Orlando – My fridge only has a jar of mayonnaise and Coke Zero in it.  A boy’s gotta eat!

N: Native Born – This is the amazing site by my wonderful, beautiful, smart, savvy friend, Faiqa! (was that enough praise for you, you needy fucker?)

O:  O.B. Tampons Apology – I don’t even REMEMBER seeing this before.

P:  Pinterest – Are you following my boards?  Are you are you are you?

Q:  Faiqa’s Twitter account – She’s witty and  . . . ah, fuck it. She’s totally self-righteous and thinks she’s always right but she’s wrong usually, at least when it comes to me.  So there!

R:  Diamond Comics’ Retailer Site – I buy so many comic books that I actually set up a storefront and got a business license so I can order directly from them at wholesale prices.

S:  Orlando Craigslist – Always on the hunt for a SPCSG seeking a FHFM.  Of course, that means a short petite Catholic school girl seeking a fat hairy funny man.

T:  My business site – Oooh, mysterious!

U:  USPS – Sooo boring!

V:  Vimeo – A great alternative to Youtube that I wish would get even more popular.

W:  Weather Underground – The best weather website for all of your – *yawn* – weather – *yawwwwn* – needs.

X:  Xtube – Amateur porn at its finest.

Y:  Youtube – Amateur commenting at its trolliest.

Z:  Zazzle – Have you seen the stuff in my store?  Have you have you have you?

What does your browser say about you?

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19 Replies to “The pervert inside: Browser ABCs”

  1. the muskrat

    This was actually quite enlightening. Mine were almost all business related, but a few mirror yours, like A, F, G, P, and Y. You should be flattered.

    Your M hurts my feelings a bit. You need more muskrat love.

    • Clown

      @B.E. Earl, While we don’t have any many Pizza places as New York, (especially quality ones) there are still many close to Adam that are better than Dominos.

      It’s just… Adam.

  2. Faiqa

    Oh. I see. This whole post is penance.
    And? I’m not even going to indulge the idea that I’m always wrong about you. I think my record speaks for itself. And I will take this shit offline if I have to.

  3. Suzanne

    If I hadn’t fried my laptop the other day, I would love to borrow this. As it is, my new iMac probably has Avitable as the A. The laptop learned Amalah was the only A for me until the trainwreck copycat post. 🙂

  4. bellawriter

    LOL, you were my “A” as well. Then, various forms of my site’s show up on there because I am a self googling whore. Ha ha ha. Other big hitters were all my favourite blogs that I read. Of course I’m at work. My home one might be very different.

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