Remembering Puppy Monster

Remembering Puppy Monster

Remembering Puppy Monster

For those of you who may have questions or be confused:  For Dawg, June 22, 2007

For those of you who want to show moral support as well, I’ve created a Facebook page.  Please go there and share the images on your wall:  Remembering Puppy Monster


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3 Replies to “Remembering Puppy Monster”

  1. Jana

    As a family who has buried a child, thank you for being so awesome. Years go by and friends and *gasp* even family don’t recognize birthdays and anniversaries of the hardest days of our lives. But you? are making me damn teary with all this. Much love to Dave and his family as they step past this milestone year. I can only hope Puppy Monster is teaching my Charlie how to throw a baseball or something up there. xoxo

  2. happyhippierose

    You have my support:

    I’m taking a moment of silence and asking my blog’s readers to do so as well. Many prayers go out to Dawg and his family on this sad anniversary.

    I also included water safety information in my post, as an ocean lifeguard I’ve seen firsthand too many tragic losses much like this. Drowning prevention in an issue very close to my heart. I know that there’s nothing we can do to help ease the pain Dave feels nonstop – but helping to prevent future parents and families from going through the same is at least something we all can help do our part in.

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