12 thoughts on “My thoughts on politics and your stupid opinions”

    1. @Rachel, it was shared a few dozen times and several people had an issue with the concept of a naked man teaching a kindergarten class. To which I would usually explain:

      1. It’s a cartoon
      2. Who says there are kids there?
      3. It’s a cartoon
      4. He’s not teaching kids, he’s talking to the audience.
      5. It’s a cartoon
      6. You can just pretend it’s a movie set background and he’s on a studio lot somewhere.

  1. Anyone who bitches about the cartoon nakedness in this cartoon is clearly, completely and utterly, missing the entire point.

    Go sit in the corner of the Internet, obtuse people!

  2. This could be the 90+ degree heat talking, but anyone who has a problem with this cartoon should be told to fuck right off.

    Wait – we can still say that to stupid people, right? I didn’t see “lack of intelligence” in your list of things we shouldn’t insult…

  3. 1. This is Avitable, right? If you are reading this and upset about the nudity…Uh…why are you here?
    2. Dear Upset About the Nudity: You have really nice shoes on today…

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