In anticipation of BlogHer, and for those who are new: How do you pronounce my name?

Every year, I do a little post before BlogHer (I’ll be there August 1st through 6th, unless my business continues to do this poorly, in which case I’ll have to cancel) where I explain how to pronounce my last name. I also do a post about attending the conference, which I’ll be writing in the next week or so.

Why do I do this?  Mostly for fun. I don’t really care if you mispronounce it – I know it’s a mouthful, and honestly I probably don’t even know what your name is, so how can I feel like I have a right to a correctly pronounced last name?

This year, I had big plans. I wrote a parody for a song and planned on recording the vocals, then filming a real music video for it. Time got away from me, unfortunately, so all I have is the recorded vocal track, which I now present to you.

My parody of Ke$ha’s song “Cannibal”, entitled “Avitable”:

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56 Replies to “In anticipation of BlogHer, and for those who are new: How do you pronounce my name?”

  1. Dave2

    “Hey EVERYBODY?!?” I never thought I’d miss somebody calling me a fucker, but here you have it.

    I dunno why your name is so vexing. I was pronouncing it properly before the instructional videos! Now I’m just going to call you AAHVEEETAAHBLEH For the heck of it.

  2. Elizabeth - Table for Five

    I didn’t know you could sing! Wish we could do some Rock Band together, I’m kick-ass at the harmony parts 🙂

    I learned how to pronounce your name from last year’s post, uh-VIH-tuh-bull is how I say it. That’s right, right?

    I can just imagine the telemarketers – “Mr., um, AviTABLE?” Thinking that people might pronounce it AvituhBLAY makes my brain hurt, though.

  3. Krëg

    …And all this time I’ve been pronouncing it ASS-hol.
    There’s not enough whiskey in Kentucky to get me to watch that video.
    Good luck at BlogHer.

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