Adam Avitable parodies Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire

You Didn’t Think This Over, with apologies to Billy Joel

You know how some days you start going to bed at 11 so you can get a solid night of rest but your brain won’t stop working and you decide to recap the major events from the 21st century by rewriting the lyrics to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” and stay up until 4 AM doing so? Just me?

Adam Avitable parodies Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire

9-11, anthrax, Pentagon, sneak attacks,
Cheney, Bush, aggressive push, Iraqi Tally-Ho,

Halliburton, oil price, being Muslim’s rolling dice,
No liberties, shoes off please, threat level at yellow,

Kenneth Lay, Enron, Arthur Andersen is gone,
ICC won’t ratify, DC under sniper fire,

Gujarat train bomb, Catholic Church is playing dumb,
Dale and Jack and Joe Ramone, Archie Bunker goodbye!

You didn’t think this over,
All the repercussions,
Should have tried discussions,
You didn’t think this over,
No, you didn’t know it,
But you sure did blow it.

Captured Saddam, ousted Gray, Rogers mourned by King Friday,
Spanish terror, Martha’s error, Google IPO,

Paris whore, Michael Moore, Mother Nature’s tidal war,
Wardrobe failure, half-time show no-no,

Hawking’s black hole, Mars may have some H2O,
Ronald Reagan, Arafat, Hurricane Katrina gaffe,

Mahmoud’s Palestine, Terry Schiavo’s right to die,
Rosa Parks, Pope’s remarks, no more Richard Pryor!

You didn’t think this over,
There was no compromise,
Only fiction and lies,
You didn’t think this over,
You may not have meant it,
But we sure resent it.

Jacques Chirac, Hunter S, cartoon riots, Pluto mess,
Crikey, Gardasil, Joe Barbera falls ill,

Vladimir lifts the ban, Tony Blair’s not the man,
Blackwater homicide, Rove and Scooter Libby lied,

Speaker Nancy, stem cell, Dixie Chicks don’t do well,
Vonnegut, iPhone, eating up the ozone,

Van Gogh robbery, look who’s in the primary,
Ledger Joker, Hadron, Barack’s got a new home,

You didn’t think this over,
It was all about you,
While hubris grew and grew,
You didn’t think this over,
Yeah it makes us queasy,
And it won’t be easy.

Stimulus, John Hughes, watch out for the swine flu,
Madoff, Jackson, Hero of the Hudson,

Oil pours into the Gulf, Anonymous has had enough,
Haiti, Don’t Tell, WikiLeaks raises hell,

Giffords, Walker’s mess, Rupert Murdoch’s sliminess,
Occupy, Sandusky, Bachmann from the Tea Party!

You didn’t think this over,
It takes smarts and learning,
To keep the world from burning,
You didn’t think this over,
Yes, you should have stopped it,
Or tried to use some logic.

Bin Laden, Gaddafi, Santorum vs. Rick Perry,
Dick Clark, Trayvon, gays in love, Ephron,

Whitney, Andy, Sheriff Joe, Like my Facebook IPO,
Italian cruise going down, Arizona’s anti-brown,

Obamacare, Sally Ride, Batman movie homicide,
Chinese debts, epithets, Mars rover no regrets,

Politicians flinging mud, embassies are sprayed with blood,
The supersized cola wars, no one listens anymore!

You didn’t think this over,
It was always blindness to forgo the kindness.
You didn’t think this over,
But when you are gone rage will still burn on, and on, and on, and on . . .

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  1. In my head, I picture you furiously writing this out on stark, white walls with crayon or lipstick or the blood of your latest victim.

    Sorry…I’ve been watching a lot of horror flicks this past week or so.

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