Happy Thanksgiving from Adam Avitable


To the smilers, the talkers, and to the toast-making clinkers,
to the lovers, the walkers, and to the fast-moving thinkers,
to the savvy, the elders, the ones who ask questions,
to the men who rarely need to ask for directions,
to women who fight and never give up,
to people who always do what they must,
to the dancers and movers and genuine hand-shakers,
to those who are lenient with the first time mistakers,
to the loud and the boisterous who make their voice heard,
to the quiet and thoughtful who remain self assured,
to girls who dream of their Presidency,
to boys who learn respect and chivalry,
to the singers whose voices can soothe the savage beast,
to the moms who prepare the veggies they make us eat,
to the dads who try hard, love strong, and always mean well,
to the faithful who pray and who have hope for us all,
to those who live without fear in their hearts,
to those who will worry what’s in their cards,
to you and to those who carry a piece of your soul,
to those people without whom we would never be whole,
to the laughers, the clowners, and to the glass is half fullers,
to the upbeat with powers, to the late night phone callers,
you make the world a place better to live,
and you have all the thanks that I can give.

Happy Thanksgiving from Adam Avitable

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