16 thoughts on “The Top 100 Moms List”

  1. Oh, Lordy. This was funny. I do know a handful of the top 100 and can say I like ’em, but I honestly haven’t looked at the entire list to know for sure how many. But this? You had me at your first category. ;> Thanks for the laugh, dude. (Is there a category for moms who say dude a lot? I’d totally take it.)

  2. I probably think this is even funnier because I will never be on this list, no matter how many Indonesian orphans I adopt.

    Also, why am I getting your mobile theme? I’m on my desktop.

  3. This is when the man blogger really shines…because if women say anything about the list when we’re not on it, we’re being whiners. If we say something when we are on it, we’re ungrateful. So we just hush up and whisper to friends like good little women. And then we forward your blog post to them and say, “Finally, someone said it!”

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