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Avitable for Pope: My official application has been sent in!

I know I’m not the only one who took the announcement that Pope Benedict XVI was resigning as a sign from God that I am meant to be the next Pope. But I contend that I am the best candidate. In recent years, I have embarked upon a long-term campaign to help hundreds of young women who have lost their way. I help them see Jesus. Or at least say his name. That has to count for something. I give to charity – for example, I just bought $70 worth of Girl Scout Cookies. And yes, while I may be reselling those cookies at a 200% mark-up to people who forgot to place their Thin Mint order, I’m clearly helping feed the mentally infirm. I am half Italian, and I probably look really good in white and gold. Also, I think it’s time for an American Pope. We’re not the “new” country anymore, and we deserve a chance to have the next Pope be an American. A Democrat. A fat hairy son-of-a-bitch like me. What say you?

Adam Heath Avitable's application to become Pope

Adam Avitable as the Pope

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4 Replies to “Avitable for Pope: My official application has been sent in!”

  1. Dave2

    Way out of your league, my friend. Not only is my application a final candidate from 2005’s Papal pick list and in the first consideration pool for February 28… but I am so NOT allergic to holy water that I BATHE in the stuff. Of course, everything that touches my divine presence is considered holy, but still…

    And, Adam, do you like movies about gladiators?

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