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Soon I shall be wearing a computer on my face. ON MY FACE.

I haven’t posted in a little while. When things get stressful, I tend to lose my ability to create. I don’t want to work on any of the six or seven projects I have going on, from a screenplay to a podcast to another book, I don’t want to write new material for stand-up, and I don’t want to post here. When I’m stressed, I feel guilty if I spend my time creatively. I should be doing productive activities to earn money and be an adult, I tell myself. And instead, I find myself hiding in a chair for hours, losing myself in favorite books that I read until the pages crumble. But even though I’m not back yet, I needed to write. I owe it to those of you who I need to thank.

Thank you.

Project Avitaglass is a success.

Thanks to you, Project Avitaglass is a reality. And I understand that some of my readers didn’t quite get my need to do my own version of Kickstarter and sell products to raise money to purchase Google Glass. Why, if I can’t pay my own bills, would I ask someone to spend their hard-earned money so I could buy what you see as a toy?

In my perspective, it’s more than that. In my opinion, this is the forefront of technology. This is what will be commonplace in five years. A wearable display that is voice activated is the future of our society, and to be asked to be a part of its first step is a tremendous honor. To be unable to take part in such an invitation would have been severely disappointing. I’m thrilled to an exponential degree to be able to be a part of this, and it’s thanks to many of you.

Thanks to you, I was able to purchase Google Glass, and on July 13th, I will be picking up my pair in New York. Will they change my life one iota? No. But will they give me the opportunity to try something brand new that a tiny fraction of the world’s population has tried? Yes. This is sliced bread. This is space travel. This is the iPhone.

Or maybe not. Maybe it fails. Maybe it turns into a $1600 BetaMax machine or HD DVD player. Maybe it’s a Pinto or an Edsel or a DeLorean. A Dreamcast. A Zune. But why would I waste my life thinking about the negatives when I could be optimistic and embracing the potential for the future?

The following people, in no specific order, participated in Project Avitaglass and supported my goal. Thank you so much!

David Simmer II – The founder of Blogography. Graphic artist supreme. Buddhist. Dedicated friend.

Ree Drummond – The Pioneer Woman. Fiery redhead. Jerky Boys fanatic. Movie buff.

Lisa Stoner – Photographer. Chef. Sweeter than can be imagined. Beautiful heart.

Stef Ploof – Poppy, one of my oldest bloggy friends. Giggly. Kitty lover. Queen of New York.

Dave Konig – The New York City Watchdog. Bark worse than his bite. Huge heart. Author of You Called 911 For What?

Jordie Bellaire – Colorist for Marvel and Image comics. Tremendous artist. My future wife. Princess.

Beth Jones – Sexy nerd. Smarter than any of us. Author of 13 Kindle books. The Hungry Freelancer.

Laurie Gannon – Disaster prone. Oenophile. Foodie and Orlando drinking buddy.

Dawn Snow – Boobs boobs boobs. Plus she’s just awesome and loyal and will cut anyone who needs it.

Trisha Haas – Founder of MomDot. Ditzy in a good way. Dirty and twisted in a better way.

Dre Edwards – Wine-maker. So sharp. Our friendship was made in a moment.

Michael Moebes – Fellow lawyer, but one who practices. One of my rare male friends. Smart, fun, and someone I will always trust.

Thank you also to the Hotel Gansevoort. I’m looking forward to my stay with them during my trip to pick up Google Glass, and I cannot wait to work with them on this trip.

Those of you who purchased books should have received them. If you purchased something else, it should be arriving in the near future, dependent on what you got.

So, what’s next? I wait until I get my Google Glass, I try them on, and I experience the potential of a future of wearable technology that will hopefully perpetuate and grow in the years to come. Project Avitaglass isn’t over – it’s just beginning!

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  1. Poppy

    I’m just looking forward to seeing you and buying you drinks and dinner and stuff.

    How sweet of you to protect my identity up there. I don’t need it anymore, but I am genuinely touched by the gesture.

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