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Are Ree Drummond and Adam Avitable the same person? You decide. Also, win a free cookbook!

Anyone who’s on the Internet who likes food, photography, or redheads knows Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman. She has multiple bestselling cookbooks out, a show on the Food Network, and a very popular blog.

I like to pretend that Ree and I are good friends but the truth is that we’re actually the same person. We’ve never been seen together, and we look identical. See?

Adam Avitable and Ree Drummond are the same person!

Indistinguishable! So it’s no surprise that Ree/me sent me/Ree an advanced copy of her/my latest cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays. And even signed it to me/her!

Ree Drummond and The Jerky Boys

But that’s not all. She/I also offered to send five signed copies to my/her readers!

Wait a high-faluting second, you’re saying to yourself in a voice that sounds like an old gold prospector with a white wispy beard. You and Ree aren’t the same person! I know I’ve seen you two together.

Fine. You’re right. I don’t have an awesome ranch or a TV show or bestselling cookbooks. We’re not the same person. In fact, we’ve even been photographed together:

Adam Avitable and Ree Drummond
Famous Blogger Adam Avitable with unknown fan

Ree and I do have a lot in common, though. We both love The Jerky Boys, we both think redheads are awesome, we love to eat, we both think I’m hilarious, and we both really, really love her new cookbook.

Although, as this next photo shows, I may be a bit more in love with her cookbook than she is:

Adam Avitable naked with Ree Drummond's cookbook

Don’t ask why I’m still wearing the wig.

And now the reason you’re here.

Win a signed copy of Ree’s cookbook! Not the one covering my little (ok – average-sized. FOR A WHITE DUDE.) Avitable – that one’s being sold on eBay for millions later. But a fresh one, untouched by the junk of Adam Heath Avitable, sent directly from Ree Drummond to you! And she’s such an amazing person, that she won’t just give away one. She won’t give away two. She’s giving away five copies for you. FIVE.

Plus! There’s a consolation prize! I’m giving away FIVE copies of my book, Interviews with Dead Celebrities!

What do you have to do? Well, I installed this Rafflecopter thingy, and it’s my first time using it, so hopefully it works right, but you have to leave a comment telling me your favorite holiday meal for one, mandatory entry. The rest is all optional, but gets you extra entries!

This contest ends Friday morning at 12:00 AM EST. Three days! Get on it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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35 Replies to “Are Ree Drummond and Adam Avitable the same person? You decide. Also, win a free cookbook!”

  1. Brandee

    Depends on the holiday, but you can never go wrong with a delicious glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, and broccoli with cheese meal. However, there MUST be a mouth watering dessert at the end, preferably involving cream cheese in some form.

  2. Jenn H.

    Favorite holiday meal usually comprises of my mom’s awesome stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls & a ham or turkey. Then of course followed by an amazing strawberry rhubarb pie or some other kind of pie for dessert. All made from scratch. Man…I can’t wait to go home for X-mas now!

  3. Bonnie Bradley

    This may sound boring, but I love the food at Thanksgiving. Mainly because you only have it once a year. And if Marlboro Man sees that picture of her cookbook on your junk……….oh boy. You know that he owns firearms, right? And branding irons? And things that castrate cattle???

  4. Colleen

    Let’s see – favorite holiday meal would be pretty much anything untraditional. My dad’s extended family likes to mix it up a bit. One year we had enchiladas, another year lasagna. (Which, coincidentally and sadly was made with the caribou meat my uncle got while on a hunting trip to Alaska. Caribou = reindeer. FOR XMAS DINNER. Poor Rudolph.) It keeps you from having to eat three different turkey dinners while making the rounds through your various family meals.

  5. Little Miss Sunshine State

    Christmas breakfast at our place is omelets, monkey break and HUGE AMOUNTS OF BACON! Wash it down with coffee with some kind of alcohol in it.

  6. Poppy

    Thanksgiving is my favorite: Turkey, helmet mashed potatoes (my uncle’s specialty), green bean casserole, rolls, gravy, more gravy, a bit more gravy, cottage cheese, and a tumbler of milk.

  7. kevin corcoran

    Slow roasted Prime rib w/ Butter poached Maine Lobster. Side asparargras and mashed potato. Desert consists of Peanut butter cup cheese cake with an Oreo cookie crust and Sea Salted Carmel Gelato. Usually prepared by our wonderful daughter.

  8. beearl

    My favorite holiday meal is easily Thanksgiving. Brined turkey with gravy, stuffing with andouille sausage, garlic-wasabi mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and lots of bourbon.

    Actually, you can skip the first four parts of that meal.

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