Thanks. 100 Reasons.

It’s easy to forget about the good things when we see bad news everywhere we look. It’s simple to focus on the pettiness, the systemic hatred, and the isolationism, racism, and xenophobia brought about by ignorance and fear, and neglect all of the many reasons we should be thankful.

For a moment, just stop. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remember one thing that makes you thankful. Just one. Now do that every hour. Or every ten minutes. Or just sit there with your eyes closed until that path in front of you becomes clear.

In no particular order, here are 100 things that make me happy, fill me with thanks, and provide me with light.

I am thankful for:

  1. The ability to grow a momentous beard.
    Comedian Adam Avitable's beard
  2. The hair that isn’t gray.
  3. The hair that is.
  4. My relatively good health, given how little I take care of myself.
  5. Bacon.
  6. Products that taste like bacon, involve bacon, or somehow use bacon.
  7. Good writing that makes me think.
    #Repost @royreidapr with @repostapp. ・・・
  8. My own ability to reach people and make them think, smile, cry, love, or laugh with nothing more than words on a page.
  9. New comedians who are filled with wonder and appreciation at every minute of stage time.
    Comedians in Florida
  10. Veteran comedians who have taken the time to mentor, advise, support, promote, or book me.
  11. Veteran comedians who are assholes and inspire me to never act like they do.
  12. The adrenaline rush after getting off stage.
    Comedian Adam Avitable at the Orlando Improv
  13. My audience – online or off, those who are fans and friends, who always support me, and who make me feel needed.
    Kim, Cassandra, and Andrew with comedian Adam Avitable
  14. Living in a world where the entirety of the Back to the Future series, even the future parts, takes place in the past, which means real, affordable hoverboards will be here soon.
  15. Americans who understand why we’re the greatest country in the world and recognize that paranoia and anger have no place here.
  16. Canadians, in general, because they’re pretty awesome.
    Comedian Adam Avitable with two Canadian bloggers
  17. French Canadians, to a lesser extent.
  18. The wayward people of the world, who forge their own paths, eschew traditions, and snub societal norms.
    Drunken shenanigans, 2 AM sandwich artistry, and Michelangelo's David's penis boxers. Such is my life. #comiclife #living #with #strippers
  19. Louis CK, who inspires me to take my future into my own hands.
  20. Jimmy Fallon, who inspires me to treat each day with infectious enthusiasm and a child-like awe.
  21. Joss Whedon, who inspires me to look for new ways to express myself in any medium.
  22. Superman, for being someone I can never be but will always strive to do so.
    Adam Avitable as Superman
  23. The music that so speaks to me that I put it on replay for hours.
  24. The music to dance to when nobody is watching.
  25. My comedian friends, for pushing me to go bigger and better, just to keep up with them.
    Comedians with Adam Avitable at the Orlando Improv
  26. My photographer friends, inspiring me to see the world as they do.
  27. Anastacia Campbell, my soul sister, for giving her everything to me even as she ended her own story.
    Happy Stacy
  28. The Sick Fucks Club, for being friends I didn’t even know I needed.
    Anastacia's Sick Fucks Club aka The Big Chill 2015 aka why won't anyone dance with us aka where's the fucking booze? #ripcokekitteh #anastaciacampbell #stacycampbell #effcamms #noweddingsandafuneral
  29. Hot showers and hot shaves ( so much better with water softeners).
  30. A cold pool in the summer.
  31. Cool sheets with a warm blanket.
  32. Republicans with social consciences and good motives.
    #paris #jetaimeparis #tragedy #instalove #loveforparis #fuckyouragenda #instaquote #hashtagoverload #tagsfordays #likesforlikes #peace #humor #laughter #comedy
  33. Democrats with a sense of moderation and context.
  34. Libertarians who realize they’re not helping.
  35. Long phone conversations with good people.
  36. Short conversations with assholes.
  37. Savannah. Jennifer. Faiqa. Amy.  Casey. Rose. Lisa. Heidi. And everyone else who has been there for me and knows all my secrets but loves me anyway.
    Savannah Tyre and Adam Avitable
  38. My good friends.
  39. My great friends.
    Comedians Sean Finnerty and Adam Avitable
  40. My friends with benefits.
  41. My friends with benefits who bring bacon.
  42. A crisp cold Coke Zero.
  43. A delicious meal.
    Had a great time with @_thedinnerpartyproject_ tonight! Go read more online at! #TDPP #food #foodporn #foodie
  44. A good book that I can fit into over and over again like a comfortable sweater.
  45. Ninjas.
  46. Women. All of them. Even the ones who struggle with their identities and the bodies they were born into.
  47. Girls in their twenties with their walls up but hope in their hearts.
  48. Beauties in their thirties who are in their sexual peak and know what they want.
  49. Ladies in their forties who have thrown shame to the wind.
  50. Women in their fifties who look like they’re in their thirties.
  51. Cougars of any age who can take their teeth out.
  52. Redheads, because they spark the fire inside me.
    Jess and Adam
  53. Brunettes, because of the darkness in their souls.
    Simone with comedian Adam Avitable
  54. Blondes, because I don’t want to discriminate.
    Feeling goofy before Kevin Hart gets on stage and we're not allowed to use our phones at all! #rebels #comedy #standup #wwa #amway #club #level
  55. A medium rare steak.
  56. The turning points in my life helping me be less scared of change and turmoil.
  57. My family, for the unconditional love.
    Robyn and Jim Avitable, today and 40 years ago
  58. Mayonnaise.
  59. And Ranch.
  60. Nudity and shamelessness, from everyone.
    Comedian Adam Avitable naked in a hot tub
  61. Honesty and openness.
  62. Transparency and forthright conversation.
  63. A lack of judgment from those who matter.
  64. Trolls, for inspiring me to be louder and more vocal.
    Don't Judge Me
  65. Laughing so hard you cry.
  66. Crying so hard you can’t breathe.
  67. My intelligence and self-awareness.
  68. My lack of common sense, to keep me (somewhat) humble.
  69. Those of you who keep my ego in check.
    A joke about huge dicks by comedian Adam Avitable
  70. Those of you who boost my ego.
  71. Those of you who stroke my ego.
  72. A night with great company.
  73. The next morning with no shame.
  74. Babies. I want one!
    Peyton and Adam
  75. Going to the movies.
  76. Going to weddings when I have the honor of officiating them.
    Adam Avitable officiates a wedding
  77. Avoiding weddings otherwise.
  78. The privileges and opportunities I grew up with.
  79. What I’ve accomplished with that support.
  80. My years at the Christian Academy of Learning because they challenged me and taught me the value of hard work.
    Adam Avitable, Grace Academy, Age 5
  81. My years in high school because they shaped me.
  82. My years in college because I focused and removed my temper.
  83. My years in law school for teaching me how to think differently than others.
  84. The chances I’ve had at love.
    Happy Valentine's Day! #dancers #entertainers #not #strippers #okay #fine #strippers #vd #but #the #vd #stands #for #valentinesday
  85. The many more chances I’ve had at lust.
  86. Sex.
  87. Good sex.
  88. Great sex.
  89. Holy shit I can’t walk sex.
  90. My appreciation of all things dark and creepy.
  91. The fact that I’m one of those things.
    Had an amazingly creepy and fun photo shoot at an abandoned preparatory school with the super talented @marlenefoxphotography. Stay tuned for more! #urban #exploration #grunge #creepy #mysterious #photography #abandoned #urbex #orlando #dark #twisted #wayward #creeper #spelunking #instagood #instalife #instalike #instafollow
  92. Anyone who gets my sense of humor.
  93. Anyone who doesn’t get my sense of humor, challenging me to consider their point of view.
  94. Anyone without a sense of humor, helping me to be okay with never pleasing everyone.
  95. Social media. It has shown me how amazing the world can be, when channeled properly.
  96. Meeting Internet friends in real life and realizing how amazing your friendship can be.
    Amy Storch and Adam Avitable
  97. Words and their amazing, overwhelming, ass-kicking power.
  98. Any work that shows when someone has thrown their entire soul into its creation.
  99. Myself.
  100. You.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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4 Replies to “Thanks. 100 Reasons.”

  1. mrsloulou

    I love this so much! Canadians are pretty damn awesome and you know it. 🙂 Thanks for including me. I’m thankful for your friendship, truly. You are the best! And I’m thankful for living in TRULY the best country of all, with America a close second. Ha. I’m thankful for pizza, and Doritos, and my family, and my home, and clean water, and wine, wine, wine, and cigarettes, and good music, and my car, and the open road, and cities I live and cities I’ve yet to explore and friends and the internet and the blogging community. xox

  2. Little Miss Sunshine State

    You have lot to be thankful for. It’s obvious from this list that you pay attention to it more often than just one day on the calendar.

    I’m thankful for prescription meds that allow me to shove away the anxiety and let me sleep, so I can sometimes function during the day. I’m grateful for my adult children who choose to spend time hanging out and laughing with me.

  3. hellohahanarf

    clearly i am WAY behind in my blog reading, but i really loved this. even though i kinda hate that i am more like you than i care to admit! ha!
    in addition, i watched the stand up piece in #93. dude, i laughed out loud so much a coworker came to check on me. great job, fucker.

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