To the mothers

To the mothers and moms,
to mommies and mamas,
the maters, the mammies,
to the madres and mas.

To the sisters who stepped up,
the dads on their own,
the aunts and the nanas,
who gave us a home.

To the ad hoc physician,
the maid and the chef,
the folder and sorter,
the boss and the ref.

To the moms of adults,
who have some kids of their own,
to the new moms, waiting,
to meet the child they’ve grown.

To each of you who have
a bond stronger than blood,
to unconditional love
through the bad and the good.

You take charge, you take lead,
you’re queen of the mount,
and today, dog and cat moms,
pets don’t fucking count.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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