Tales from a reformed misogynist

Edit: After some advisement from close friends, I have changed the title of this post to more accurately reflect the situation.

Watching the news is like watching a horror movie today. With story after story of men abusing their power and privilege to prey on women, our world has become a thunderdome of privilege and sexual assault. Without even focusing on that reprobate elected President and his ilk – without even talking about the pretty boys, the alpha males, the white collar assholes – women have been sacrificed to the god of the almighty cock by every male they encounter. Women, this is your trigger warning for discussions of sexual assault and harassment. Men, this is your warning that #notallmen does not apply here (or anywhere).

Worse than the cocky lawyer who oozes misogyny and classism, worse than the redneck with the sixth grade education and tattoo of his mom, worse than the self-righteous wolfpack with the popped collars and matching shirts, is seeing the nerds and geeks of the world turn on women. The men who were constantly picked on for being smarter, for enjoying reading, for liking science, for sitting and talking about movies instead of going out drinking. It’s so disheartening to witness this brutal and dark path taken by the pathetic and the bullied – the ones who wrested power back as adults and channeled their passions into success stories. Maybe you knew better, but I didn’t. I thought that these people – the meek lovers of books, the socially anxious gamers, the shy crown princes of the Internet, the awkward dungeon masters – they’d be overfilled with genuine empathy and understanding of what it’s like to be marginalized and intimidated. I thought that they’d use their influence to support and benefit the world, not wield it against women in the creepiest of ways.

Harvey Weinstein. Harry Knowles. Devin Faraci. Andy Signore. The movie producer. The aint-it-coolest. The Chuddite. The screen junky. Four recent abusers and predators out of who knows how many, though I suspect we’ll begin to find out as more women finally feel safe enough to speak out against their assailants and harassers.

I despise them.

I’m one of them.

I’d like to say “not anymore” or “it was years ago” but isn’t that just a bullshit excuse? Regardless of the last several years of active and conscious positive changes to my behavior, for decades I relied on my apparently natural, ingrained instinct, which is to be predatory, manipulative, and misogynistic.

For many years, I have made concerted efforts to be aware of my privilege and the weight I can throw around – whether unintentionally or with purpose. I engage in healthy dialogue, I call out transgressors and predators, and I actively focus on being an advocate.

But fuck. It took a long time for me to get here, and I’m still far, far, far from perfect.

I’m an exhibitionist. A voyeur. I have boundary issues to a pathological degree. And I spent years being an ear and a shoulder for my female friends without managing to hear a fucking thing they were saying. I thought of myself as “one of the good ones” when the fact is that I was as bad as, if not worse than, every male I heard about.

It’s hard to admit to the world that you’re part of the problem. It’s even harder to admit it to yourself. But if I’m going to continue to preach honesty, transparency, and vulnerability as a life philosophy, I know there is no way to be a part of the solution until I am brutally open about the damage I have personally done to women over four decades on this planet.

In criminal court, when you plead guilty to the charges levied against you, you must make a public admission of guilt. It’s not enough just to say that you’re pleading guilty and accepting the punishment – you have to admit what you did. Your crimes, stated on the record.

Well, I’m pleading guilty. And if it pleases the court of public opinion, I’ll now admit, to the best of my recollection, to the litany of bad acts I’ve committed against women:

I lied to, cheated on, and manipulated women to get my way.
I exposed myself to women for my own secret thrill.
I sent unsolicited pictures, by text, by message, by mail, or even by hand.
I went through the phone of a crush and copied private pictures she had taken for herself.
I invaded the privacy of an ex and read her emails and message threads for months.
I had sex with a married employee in an affair that ended my marriage.
I had sex with and dated an unmarried employee.
I made inappropriate suggestions to someone to whom I had power over “but in a joking way” to see how willing she was to go along.
I looked in someone’s window when she was changing.
I recorded sexual acts without consent for my own private viewing.
I encouraged multiple women to cheat on their significant others.
I relished in the power of convincing a woman to break their trust with someone who she loved so she could be with me.
I harassed an ex-girlfriend through texts and phone calls because I was insecure and jealous.
I manipulated women into ending relationships just because I enjoyed the power.
I made women uncomfortable with my advances but didn’t relent.
I abused the trust of friends for my own voyeuristic thrills.

I’m sorry.

It was wrong, it was harmful, it was fucking evil, and I’m sorry. My actions had consequences – lost friendships, ruined relationships, the destruction of the lives of people in a desperate pursuit to feed my ego. In the beginning, I blamed everyone else – clutching my hands to my chest as I declared it couldn’t possibly be my fault, but I knew the truth deep down. Eventually I admitted there was nobody to blame but myself. I learned that my behavior was toxic and despicable. And I slowly developed tools and behaviors to stop being such a villain.

But it hasn’t been easy – I don’t think my default nature is to be a good person. Even today, I don’t think it’s my job to be the morality police if a woman wants to cheat on her boyfriend or husband. I don’t step away from those situations – in fact, I want to welcome them, as it gives me a chance to collect yet another soul. One more person who trusts me as her confessor, her therapist, her friend before we share something special. I tell myself that as long as I’m being completely honest with her, I’m not doing anything wrong, but what if I’m not telling her that she’s another dusty bottle added to the trophy case in my mind?

I actively try not to do this anymore, but it takes conscious effort. What kind of monster needs conscious effort not to take advantage of the trust people have in him? It’s disgusting. I’m disgusting.

And it’s worse than that, because I’m the person people come to with problems. When there’s a predator out there affecting women, my friends reach out to me. They know I’ll call him out vocally and not be shy about it. They know I’ll be relentless and unforgiving. They know that I’m the worst enemy in the world to have. What these men do makes me sick. It makes me sick because I know how wrong it is. Because I work hard not to do it. And because I see myself reflected in them.

I’m never going to be perfect. I know this. The best I can do is continue on my current path – be an advocate. A source of strength. Empower and listen. Call out those who continue to abuse women as a sacrifice to their tiny cocks. Believe those who cry out in pain. Be vocal when I see something wrong. And most importantly – the best thing that any of us can do for women is to stop “supporting” you and just get out of your fucking way.

“Men aren’t dogs. Dogs are loyal.”
-Roseanne Barr

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122 Replies to “Tales from a reformed misogynist”

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      Are you kidding me? If a rapist attacked you then made a blog post about how “sorry” he was, would you say “Oh, well you’re a good guy. Glad you’re self aware now. What matters now is that you are a better person.”

      It’s that naivete that got him to where he is here and now.

    • Jules B.

      Adam, I haven’t been paying attention to this situation, but things just showed up on my Facebook feed, which got my attention… I’ll preface my statement by saying, I believe in innocent until proven guilty. Also, I only know you within the Blogging world and Facebook/Twitter, not real life meetings. I’ll also add, I simply hope the entire truth comes out. The real truth. That said…. I was under the belief that many of your transgressions occurred during your younger years (ie peeked in a window as a 13 year old, etc). Also that you had made amends. Also that it was involving all adults. Now I’m reading that things occurred much more recently than I thought. That some things involved minors. This is abhorrent. If these things are true, I hope you do time in jail, pay restitution, and learn some serious lessons. For your sake, I hope you change completely. Absolutely unacceptable. If it comes out that these accusations are untrue, I’ll be happy for you. However, based on what you’ll willingly admit to, I fear it’s all true.

  1. Jen

    Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this. About you anymore. I love you – even though we have never met. But this admission disgusts me. My first instinct was to make excuses for your behavior because I do like you and we’ll never meet so you can’t hurt me… but….. Ugh. I have had many of those things happen to me, and when they do it leaves me reeling. I’m left feeling confused, hurt, angry, and cheap. Like trash. Of course while reading this I’m also like “I FUCKING KNEW IT!!” That that is how you guys think. Seriously, I don’t know what to think right now.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      Of course there is motive. Everything he does has a motive and a means to an end. This is/was no secret to everyone who knew him “back in the day”. Most likely, he knows something HUGE is about to blow up in his face. Best to confess now than to allow an investigation to start.

      And trust me, this is only a FRACTION of the things he’s done.

  2. STFU Cunt

    You don’t get to do this. You don’t get to simultaneously admit guilt and play victim pity party bullshit.

    That’s fan-fucking-tastic that you’re admitting to something that’s been a creepy too-true joke in the scene but you don’t rate pity. It’s not often that I use the word shame. But that’s what you rate.

    It’s a shame you did what you did, it’s more of a shame that you got away with it for as long as you did but the most shameful thing is this god damn post.

    I get self hate believe me. But what you’re doing is just a perverted form of narcissism. You post this shit knowing full well who will see it and how many people will scream “told you so,” all the while you get to say “I know I hate myself boohoo.” Fuck you dude.

    If you had any fucking self respect or actually gave a good god damn about doing the right thing, you would walk up to those you victimized and tell them personally and in private and beg for forgiveness.

    Instead you make this bullshit and list your wrong doings about anonymous victims of yours. Name names you cowardly fucking cunt. Tell those people what you did. And if you have why the fucking post? If you actually came clean to your victims maybe you wouldn’t feel the need to masturbate by proselytizing about sexual predators turning new leaves.

    Do you know why Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are anonymous?
    Because it’s their fucking burden to bear. Because they’re getting sober for themselves not because they’re righteous and need to publicly display their flaws and be lauded for being “brave” and “honest.”

    Fuck you for this post. Get real fucking professional help if you’re honest about getting right.


    Good luck if you decide to delete this post of yours and move forward on a path a less narcissistic bullshit.

    If not fuck you and don’t think everyone isn’t calling bullshit and you wanting to change.

      • Diana Lynn Brooks

        @STFU Cunt, I’m in total agreement with your assessment. I’m not in the least surprised by any of Adam’s admissions here.

        Adam, as much as I’ve liked you over the years, there’s a reason that I called you “Dark” in your request earlier today to describe you in one word. You’re not only dark, but you’re also a narcissist. You are many things, but this is the worst. No amount of contrition on your part will undo the wrongs you have done. You’re a mess and need help. I hope you get it soon.

        You should delete this piece of shit post!

        • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

          Diana, come on, how many years have we really known who and what he is. It was discussed in whispers because GOD forbid anyone called out Adam for who he was. I did it YEARS ago and people called me “full of shit” and hateful because I shit all over his lies. This is who he is, this is who he will continue to be. Men like this don’t change. They just blame women for the reason he does what he does. And if you TRULY read into this post it’s very reminiscent of anyone who gets caught doing a bad thing.

          How the person who encouraged dog fighting decides to become an advocate for animals.
          How a drug dealer throws himself on the mercy of the court and says “I want to be a drug counselor in the future to teach people not to do what I’ve done” because he thinks a judge will sympathize.

          It’s all bullshit. He was called out at least 7 years ago by two VERY good friends of mine as well as myself and no one listened back then. I was shunned for being honest. I lost friends. I am many things, but a liar? No fucking way. There is no honesty in this, just one long “please feel bad for me because I may need you as a character witness in the future”.

      • Yes I did

        I’m fairly certain with all his admissions he’s getting off on our comments with as narcissistic as he is. He’s disgusting and it’s obvious what his motives are – look at me! Look at me!

      • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

        LOL this is what I believe would be called one long “humble brag”. I had the power. I exerted it. These women were so stupid, allowing me to be some Svengali and manipulate them. He’s not coming entirely clean because he’s NOT sorry. He’s making a preemptive strike to save his ass from someone in MORE power than he from taking him down. This is a cowards admission. You want to come humbly to people for forgiveness? You don’t exploit them more than you have. You take the time to go to them, one by one, and make an apology to THEM directly. This man is a narcissistic misogynist and always has been. Not to mention a severe attention whore. And this is just another way to garner attention, albeit negative attention. Anyone who falls for this shit is an imbecile.

        Thank you for calling it out for what it is.

      • Mr. STFU Cunt

        If he’s gonna do shit like this the least I want from him is to say my fucking friends’ names so that it is a real fucking apology and not some bullshit self pity masturbation stunt.

        You’re right though the right thing to do would be to delete this and apologize privately in person.

      • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

        You are correct. They should come out of their own volition as he has already disgraced these women enough. But if you are going to apologize and do it with any sense of humility, you go to the woman DIRECTLY and beg for forgiveness and understand that if you don’t get it, that’s okay too. He’s full of shit.

  3. Kariewithak

    I see this from the Devils Advocate POV. Watching the comments fly across Facebook as women who are so woke to their feministic superiority. What most of those women probably never acknowledged was their own narcissistic desire, drive, moments in which they too manipulated men. Secretly used their power of persuasion as the softer, kinder sex to obtain the goods they so desired in this life. To belittle and berate a man because of his desires to feed his own egoism of need and desire, to feel power because he thought a woman wanted him, though she used him for self serving purposes. Any pain they might have inflicted knowingly or unknowingly is brushed aside because THEY could never be seen as the aggressor. They are always the sheep to a pack of wolves but cry foul when the wolves reign triumphant in this world.

    I read your post twice and see much confession, felt much guilt in your words, felt a loss and an overwhelming sense of where to begin to betterment of the “evil” you think lurks within. I also read self-pity and self-disgust, as only humans do. We are a flawed species who can only work for self betterment and to exhibit care for others and ourselves. My place is not to judge, but observe and learn.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      And perhaps, that would be a fair analysis for those who CHOSE to get involved with him as a consensual adult. But what about the women he spied on? The woman who had her personal emails read? Her photos stolen? Even the woman who consents and didn’t know she was being filmed?

      That has NOTHING to do with a raised feministic superiority. That’s having your privacy raped without your knowledge. You are only fanning the fire by victim blaming and shaming.

      And that’s disgusting.

    • Z

      Karie, seriously?

      “I went through the phone of a crush and copied private pictures she had taken for herself.”
      “I looked in someone’s window when she was changing.”
      “I recorded sexual acts without consent for my own private viewing”

      These happened as an adult, as a grown ass man who made a conscious decision.

      You can pat yourself on the back for “not falling into the hyper-feminism thing,” but I have the feeling that had this happened to your own child, you wouldn’t be so quick to accept the “repentance” of this blog post.

      One of the hardest parts of dealing with sexually problematic behavior is that no one wants to fucking listen to the victims. We literally have someone owning up and admitting to these things, and your FIRST reaction is to say, “well, he feels bad, so that’s enough!”

      This is the easiest form of manipulation that exists. So, you’re telling me, that if I burned your house down, and then said, “Hi, Karie! I’m really sorry, but I burned your house down!” You’d just be fine with it? Is that why we let all those murderers walk around, after they admit to their crimes?

      There are enough “devil’s advocates” in the abuse/harassment conversation. If your daughter comes up to you and tells you a grown man was looking through her window while she was changing, are you going to tell her that “your place is not to judge?” You’re so full of shit.

      P.S. You can try to make this about man vs. woman, but abuse is abuse is abuse, and it’s not specific to one gender. Had this post been from a woman, it would have been equally disturbing, and morally reprehensible. The fact that you’re willing to defend this kind of behavior in order to prove that “women also have their faults,” (which is something no one was arguing in the first place), is disgusting.

      • Usedtobeme

        Actually, Cher, my opinion, by virtue of the fact that it’s an opinion, is not wrong. Misinformed perhaps, but not wrong. When I read the original post, I was shocked, disappointed, and sad. I was also hopeful that he was genuine in his remorse. I had no reason to think otherwise until the stories began to flood forward and the thruths were revealed. My opinion has since changed. As have many others, and I hope he gets the help he desperately needs. I hope his victims find peace.

        • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

          You’re right. I shouldn’t have said you were wrong. If you feel that way, you are entitled to. And I apologize for saying you were wrong. I shouldn’t have shut you down like that. I’m just so angry right now. Sorry I went off the rails for a moment. I’m calmer now. I was incensed earlier. I am glad you have changed your mind, though, because his benefit of the doubt card ran out a LONG time ago.

          I have to sit here and wonder…how many other women did this happen to who I KNOW and opted to sit in silence so as not to cause friction among friends. I am a big girl. I took care of myself in that moment and got the fuck out of dodge, not before being groped and manhandled, but I can deal with that.

          What I can’t deal with now are all the stories that are finally coming forth and I am seeing first hand that by keeping my mouth shut, I was complicit. If I had spoken up back then, even planted the seed in someone else’s mind that this was possible, maybe those really young girls he did this to would never have been put in that position. He was around some of our daughters, for christ sake.

          I think back now and wonder, were there cameras in his bathroom?
          Were there cameras in the bedroom where i changed into my costume?
          Where a LOT of us changed into our costumes?
          Where precisely did this begin and end?

          I read the laundry list of disgusting things he did and a pattern emerges for me. Let me pepper in some of the non-criminal acts with the criminal ones. Makes him look less criminal and just an asshole rather than a predator.

          Everything done in the dark will eventually be brought into the light. Whether it happens immediately or not, that’s another story. But 8 years later, now I am struggling with my own decisions. Should I have said something that night? Should i have told someone right away? My husband reassured me that I made the right decision that night because he surely would have harmed this pig right then and there.

          I thought about taking it my blog and talking about it in an anonymous fashion (ie: asking for a “friend”) but it would have been so blatantly obvious what I was talking about. A few days passed, he emailed me and apologized (profusely, but still with that aloof way of his, that superiority thing) and at that point, I opted to let it go.

          He apologized. That’s what you do,right? You forgive and move on. I convinced myself it wasn’t a huge deal. But in hindsight, it was a huge deal. I felt threatened for about 5 minutes but at the same time, I couldn’t help think…but this is ADAM. He’s one of your closest friends. He was probably just…

          and then I remembered, he didn’t drink back then.

          He wasn’t drunk. He was stone cold sober, as was I. Had I not been, I probably would have been raped in the bathroom instead of groped and manhandled. With my husband no more than 30 feet away in his backyard, at a party, where all our mutual friends were.

          I cringe thinking about it.

          And knowing him? He’s long since forgotten about it. But I haven’t. I went on a killing spree with my words, attacking him over the things I could attack him over because i didn’t want to seem like a bitter bitch. Instead I went after him for OTHER things. But the entire time, it was displaced anger over something that had happened almost a year earlier.

          I am sick over all the women and young girls that came after.
          I am sick over the people who confided in me about this and how I initially believed them but then retracted that belief because he got into my head.
          I am sick that I didn’t say something right then and there, that night.

          And this prick? He lays his fat ugly head on his pillow night after night, never giving any of us a second thought.

          This apology? A ploy. A manipulation. More of his strategy to alleviate the weight of the anvil about to fall on his head. That’s all this was. Just another tactic out of the handbook of the cowardly sexual predator.

          Anyway, I’m sorry. And I love you.

          • Old Faithful

            Oh Fuck. You hit the nail on the head. And, also… the two times I seen him at BlogHer. Man. I knew he was dirty, but this right here takes the fucking cake.

    • Have a blessed day

      In response to the commenter who said you’re wrong.
      I can see by the time stamp that this is a comment from before all the shit started coming out and the evil & darkness was totally unveiled. This is a completely appropriate emotion to have for someone who read it the same way I did at first. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and only a pompous windbag would say someone’s opinion is wrong. By the very definition of “opinion”, that is bullshit. Get a new hobby. I’m not subscribing to these comments because I have no interest in your narrative.

      (UTBM, I adore you)

      • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

        Well, thank you for that. You sure schooled me. I had already apologized to her before I read your nonsense. She knows how I feel about her and my remark was a knee jerk reaction. I was not online for the past 5 days so I was not made aware of this cluster fuck until this morning. This was me reading what others had been discussing for a week before I even saw it.

        Thank you for YOUR opinion. Duly noted. And I assure you, I am equally as disinterested in your narrative as you are with mine.

  4. squeakywheelseeksgrease

    As I saw someone say above (though in a rougher way than I would, though they ARE doing it from anonymity), I’m really confused as to why you made this post. It’s gross, it’s self-flagellation, but it’s in a public forum with your name attached and a promise to do better…which is usually what you say in Confession or in a private prayer.

    Are we your God? Are we your judge and jury? Are you hoping that people will flock toward you, or away from you? As an exhibitionist, are you getting off on the level of response you’ve received? Is this another attempt to mindfuck people (despite the supposed truth in the confession)?

    God, how the hell is your wife going to feel when reading this online? She already knows, obviously, but the tone of the post is one of reaching out to the audience for understanding and/or forgiveness…or maybe pity? I don’t know. I can’t tell.

    Why did you do this? I can’t see anything but a self-serving side, especially since, though you gave a trigger warning, you *know* a large portion of the women you’re friends with have experienced that sort of thing, and some have trusted you in the aftermath. If I was one of them, this post would have literally made me throw up at the thought of possibly having been in that position.

    I’ve stayed friends with people who’ve done grosser things, mostly because they haven’t done them to me (“first they came for [group], but I did nothing, because I was not [group]”). If I meet you in the future, I will take you at (guarded) face value, as I do everyone else. Seeing you online, I will do the same. However, I’m going to be second-guessing every interaction you have with a member of the opposite sex from now on, even though many of them might be doing as I am with regard to their reception of you.

    I hope you get professional help, or begin attending groups of people with the same issues. The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging it. You’ve done the latter, so start working on the repairs.

  5. Crystal

    Jesus, mary and Joseph, the liberal use of psychological terminology here is astounding. Do you know what a true narcissist will never do?? They won’t admit to any wrong doing OR apologize. For any reason.

    He did things he isn’t proud of, things that most people would never have the courage to admit, much less in a public medium. He’s trying to change and that should be applauded. The very fact that he wants to change is where the focus should be because there isn’t a human being alive who hasn’t done something that makes them cringe.

    Oh and one more thing… Aa and na are anonymous to PROTECT THEIR MEMBERS, not to make them wallow in shame. If that’s what you took from the part about anonymity, you might want to revisit that with your sponsor..


    • Mr. STFU Cunt

      Traits that signal narcissistic behavior.

      An obvious self-focus in interpersonal exchanges
      Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships
      A lack of psychological awareness (see insight in psychology and psychiatry, egosyntonic)
      Difficulty with empathy
      Problems distinguishing the self from others (see personal boundaries)
      Hypersensitivity to any insults or imagined insults (see criticism and narcissists, narcissistic rage and narcissistic injury)
      Vulnerability to shame rather than guilt
      Haughty body language
      Flattery towards people who admire and affirm them (narcissistic supply)
      Detesting those who do not admire them (narcissistic abuse)
      Using other people without considering the cost of doing so
      Pretending to be more important than they actually are
      Bragging (subtly but persistently) and exaggerating their achievements
      Claiming to be an “expert” at many things
      Inability to view the world from the perspective of other people
      Denial of remorse and gratitude

      How many boxes are checked there you ignorant twat?

      Also fuck right off with the anonymity is to protect the members, yeah that’s A reason, the other reason is so that cunts like Avitable don’t fucking virtue signal disingenuously. You keep your head down, make ammends with those you’ve wronged privately and focus on being a good person today. A good person doesn’t do this pity party bullshit.

      Maybe you haven’t lived a life where you witness court ordered alcoholics looking for pity for murdering a family of four at a meeting and then going to drink with the boys. Or the guy that complains about how he can’t do anything right and he hates how much he drinks and blah blah wahwah boohoo. Fuck that if he was doing this right this post wouldn’t exist. He’s “…an exhibitionist…” and he hates himself, (as he fucking should) he’s getting off on this attention on a level that you couldn’t begin to understand unless you’ve experienced people like him everyday.

      Maybe I’m wrong though. Maybe Adam ISNT a narcissist, maybe he WAS a sexual predator but is no longer, maybe God is real and he loves everyone and forgives Adam. But I fucking doubt it. He is an archetypical self-loathing cunt who is probably doing nothing to better himself right now.

      He deserves nothing less than court ordered therapy and criminal charges. You don’t get to be called humble and applauded for trying to stop being a fucking sexual predator. You wouldn’t praise me for not drinking and driving or robbing people for heroin money why the fuck are you coddling him?

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      Clearly you don’t know him as well as others do, people who know him IN REAL LIFE. Adam is a very manipulative person. Everything he does is a chess move. EVERYTHING, including this post. No, there are human beings who don’t do things that are cringe worthy and if they do, they ask forgiveness directly, in private, not through an attention whore post. This is just another act of control over women. Maybe if I just make this preemptive strike, this can just go away. It can’t. It won’t. I know a few of my friends are mentioned in this post. I know this personally. And for those women, things were NEVER The same in their lives. IF I felt for 5 minutes this was sincere, I would be so accepting of the apology and the humility. But that’s not who he is, that’s not who he ever was, and I doubt severely, without professional help? That will never be who he becomes.

  6. Crystal

    Ok, one more “one more” thing… I would wager that he did this as a form of contrition because this is arguably the most humiliating place for him to do so. Admitting to the people who hold you in high regard that you’ve done terrible things is cathartic for HIM. Why does everyone suggest he keep this a secret?? That would only serve to keep him in bondage, spiritually and psychologically. But that’s just an opinion

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      Oh please. Act of contrition my fat ass. This man could never be brought to his knees. He wasn’t even a decent enough man to stay away from the woman he had a consenting affair with, stay away from her and her family. He even had the audacity to smile at her husband as a friend after the affair was over, pretending like nothing ever happened. The woman was wrong for her affair, true…but to continue to pretend to be a “friend” to her husband? Disgusting. Inwardly, he probably smirked and thought “I fucked your wife, Dude” every single time he was in his presence.

      THAT is who Adam Avitable is.

  7. WT

    Man… I cannot tell if you are a douchebag fuckstick? Or legitimately turning over a new leaf and trying to improve yourself.
    Is this a ploy? To catch more pussy unaware? Or a badly misguided and sadly public apology to those you hurt (in which case… you are certainly making them more uncomfortable by doing such).
    Honestly… it almost seems self agrandizing…. delete your I’ll gotten spank bank (of truly sad conquests)… stop publicly outing people you have taken advantage of… and privately beg forgiveness!!!!
    Your blah blah blah bullshit above ^^^^^ lumps those of us that are good men in with fucksticks like you (or you used to be… I cannot tell).
    I haven’t always been a saint…. but at my worst nothing like you. Truly… if your intent is to change for the better..this week to ease your own guilt isn’t substantial and… you most certainly chose the worst forum to “explain” yourself to those you have hurt.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      It’s a ploy. It’s always a ploy with him. One thing I will give him credit for? He’s a VERY intelligent man. He knows what he’s doing right now. He knows that shit is about to hit the fan so he is trying to look like a victim in order to achieve some sense of grandeur. Look. Look what a good person I am. I am confessing in this very public forum! How humiliating for ME ME ME ME ME!!!

      A typical move from someone who got caught eating the proverbial pie and is now trying to eat crow in public so that when someone in law enforcement looks at this, he could make it look like he self-martyred.

  8. kelly dillon

    “No amount of contrition on your part will undo the wrongs you have done.” This is simply not true. We all have a chance for reconciliation, and to move forward in a more positive way of living our lives. Don’t let these comments get you down. You know what was in your heart was when you wrote this. I can do nothing but cheer you on as you make the choice to become a better person. Isn’t that what we are all doing as we move through life? We are all just trying to learn from our mistakes to be the best we can be.

  9. Facts

    Legal implication of Adam Avitable’s lewd acts:

    I exposed myself to women for my own secret thrill. – 1 year and up to $1,000 fine per offense (Could be increased punishment for victim under the age of 18, and even higher additional punishment for victims under the age of 16.)
    I went through the phone of a crush and copied private pictures she had taken for herself. – 3rd degree felony, 5 years (maximum sentence)
    I invaded the privacy of an ex and read her emails and message threads for months. – 3rd degree felony, 5 years (If the server is in another state, then this could be considered a Federal case. Just reading her emails – first offense is slap on the wrist, second offense is $500 fine. But, if something was done with that information, it could bump up to 20 years.)
    I looked in someone’s window when she was changing.- 1 year and $1,000 fine per offense
    I recorded sexual acts without consent for my own private viewing. – 3rd degree felony, 5 years per offense
    I harassed an ex-girlfriend through texts and phone calls because I was insecure and jealous. 21 months – 5 years

    That’s at least 20 years jail time. You should be in jail right now. The fact that you’re not is astounding. The reason jail sentences exist is to protect the public. Until you are incarcerated the public is not safe.

  10. KFP

    I can’t assume that all women have this but I definitely have a sense that gives me warnings, second thoughts and alarm bells that sound when I interact with some men (and women) that are harmful. The shit thing is that sometimes it’s the ones who you want to believe that you’re wrong about the most that end up being exactly what you first thought after all. I knew that this was you, but I hate reading that I was right.

    The man you’ve described is one of a few that I’ve and many women had to deal with over the years. IRL examples – one built me up to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise for his own amusement and then dumped me when I did what they wanted. Oh and then threatened to kill himself if I didn’t get back with him after he’d dumped me. Another the boss of mine when I was 19 that was completely inappropriate and made me think that if I didn’t go through with what he wanted that I’d be fired.There are too many to mention but definitely my all time favourite was the man I stopped dating because he was scaring me who then spent 18 months trying to destroy me online, brought in a team of actual people I knew to turn against me and almost gave me a nervous breakdown. He terrified me with online stalking and real life harassment to the point of me moving house and destroying my one love of writing; oddly enough how you and I met years ago. I know these examples aren’t “you” but to someone you are those examples.

    I really want to say that you’re a great guy, you’ve helped me out when I’ve needed it and we’ve had some interesting conversations but that won’t change the fact that for some poor women you have been the men I described above. Even if you’ve reconciled things with them it doesn’t mean that you haven’t caused them permanent damage. In the end, I would hate you if you had done any of the things you wrote about to me, or to my friends, so why wouldn’t I have a massive problem with you admitting that you’ve done any of that to anyone. Here’s hoping you don’t harm any more women but I really think you need some serious proper professional help.

    Also mate, if you’re not brave enough to keep the original title up you might want to change the URL as well.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      After all you said, where I was nodding and crying, to end it with “you’re a great guy” negates everything wonderful yet painful that you said prior to that. He’s not a great guy. He’s a conniver, a thief of souls and a rapist of privacy. That’s not a great guy. That’s a piece of shit.

      And think about what you have said…”you’ve helped me out when I’ve needed it”

      And now, think about the motive of WHY.

      • Kfpftw

        Cher, I probably phrased it the wrong way. I meant that I hate that I dealt with him and wished what he really is wasn’t the case. 100% agree with you – he’s a dirtbag and it seems like more and more disgusting deeds are coming out.

  11. califmom (@califmom)

    This isn’t an apology. Even if it were, there’s no reason for it to be public. If you’re worried about falling off the wagon you’re not yet on, a public announcement of your reformation won’t keep you in line. If you intended it to be cathartic, fuck you. It was selfish. And if you can’t see why, ask your therapist.

    Being an exhibitiknist and a voyeur doesn’t require you to engage in non consensual acts. Don’t blame kink for your inability to control your behavior. Kink, erotica, nudity…you sullied those. They didn’t blur the boundaries for you. Making excuses for your behavior, blaming sex for your inability to engage in respectful, consensual relationships? Try again.

    This was just another opportunity for you to engage in non consensual exhibitionism, laying out your sexual exploits, your victims’ stories in front of the world for them to re–live while you soaked it all in. Don’t pretend it was anything else. You’ve already admitted you still feed on that.

    Owning your behavior means changing it. Skip the apologies until you’re ready to demonstrate changed behaviors. Or just skip the apologies altogether. They’re mostly mostly bullshit. You know that.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      Exactly. This is just a way to continue to manipulate people, especially the women he harmed along the way. This whole post was one long concoction of manipulation. All this post tells me are two things:

      1) He hasn’t even remotely done the work to change and…
      2) He’s about to be in some serious trouble and wanted to garner some empathy before he goes down.

  12. adam’s lawyer

    after advising Adam of the possible criminal and career ending implications of this article, we have decided to change the title of this post to more accurately deflect the blame for his sorry guilty ass.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      Which is what makes it even more degrading. A man who says “women belong in the kitchen” is misogyny. A man who records a woman in the middle of a sexual act without her consent is criminal and predatory.

      This only tells me that he is nowhere close to contrition.

  13. Cricky

    I don’t understand why your “loyal” readers are so outraged by these admissions? You’ve been telling us for years that you are/were a misogynist. You’ve been telling us for years that you’ve sexually exploited women for your own pleasure. And anyone who has read for more than five minutes knows about the affairs and your divorce and all the shitty things you did in between.
    GTFO with the fake outrage.
    Adam’s been a fucking dick since day one and he’s never held that back. You were all just too stuck on “the humor” of it all to care. FWIW, I’m still a reader because I don’t expect some guy on the internet to be my moral compass.
    Adam – If you feel like you need to do better, get some help. If you feel like you’re already doing better, keep it up.

    • fluttercrafts

      Aren’t YOU the voice of reason? *sarcasm*

      Here’s a thought, he presented as a character as a comedian and as an act. Not as someone that was actively fucking with people’s lives. For you to say it’s all okay because he was “honest” about it, is horseshit. He will even be the first to say, and said, that he acted as an ear and a friend to women without hearing or giving a shit about them other than how it pertained to him getting off.

      Not exactly honest, is it?

      You gtfoh with your hero worship.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      All these women running to defend him as a “comedy act” are brand new hangers-on who think they “KNOW” him. It’s laughable. Adam has NEVER made a secret to those of us FEMALES who knew him in real life that this is who he was. Some were suckered in, others were not, because we rebuffed him. Like, those of us who were HAPPILY married and wanted to see if he could break them down with his “charming” manipulation.

      He is a piece of garbage and always have been. All these newly anointed women don’t know the half of it.

  14. Olivia

    You need to apologize to your victims in private. Making a public “apology” just seems like you are seeking approval for how “hard” you are working to change. And, frankly, it should not be difficult to treat women like human beings deserving of respect. Pretty basic stuff, that.

  15. fluttercrafts

    You know, Adam. You’re not reformed. You were and are a predator. Your remorse is as fake as your friendship was, to countless women.

    You’re not a dumb guy. What you are is fucking diabolical. You truly do believe that women are here on this earth to serve as a means to your end. I know one for sure, that you had a hell of an impact on and another whose children you were allowed to know. How can you truly rest, knowing what damage you’ve caused?

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      YES YES YES! He can rest easily because to him, this was an “apology”. It’s not. It’s one long humble brag stating look how I fucking played these women who fell to my charms. Give it a rest, Adam. The only people who will buy this shit are the ones who have known you less than 2 decades. The rest of us? We talked about it in hushed tones, whispers, and compared notes WAY Back when.

      And you fell from the cross, martyr. Your own undoing.

      But let’s be real, Adam. Nothing you do is honest. Nothing you do is for contrition. Nothing you do is in humility.

      You’re the King on the chessboard. What you forgot? The Queen protects the King…
      but no more.

  16. MFA Mama

    You’re gross. This post is gross. I’ve known you were gross since 2010, you fucking pig, and if you actually have any kind of decency you’ll quit with the masturbatory public mea culpas, turn yourself in to the local DA, admit every one of these acts, do your time, and use the copious resources at your disposal to get yourself some help after you get out. To quote a misogynistic piece of shit who tried to build himself up by jumping in the middle of someone else’s nightmare, “color me disgusted.”

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      I’ve known this pig since 2005 when some of his “best work” was done. And now, a dozen years later, karma has reared her pretty face…and she’s a woman who isn’t going to fall for his bullshit. You know why I put my name to these posts? I WANT someone to contact me. I hope they do. I think he’s forgotten some of the things he has done and I would LOVE to remind them with a few emails of my own.

  17. Jo

    Yep. I’m done. The disclosures over the last few days clinched it. You manipulated at least one woman who was an abuse victim and used her pain to try to get laid. She spoke up. I’m sure there are dozens more, and I am willing to bet my house that you were successful. You’re a predator. Get help. Goodbye Adam.

  18. Brad Zinser

    Let’s set the record straight for those not following this cluster fuck of a douche bag on facebook. After linking this post on facebook, he got torn to shreds by many people. Both men and women.

    At an attempt to save face (or most likely to save his career), he made a second post trying to clarify the first and making more apologies. He again got more shredding.

    And then am interesting thing happened. You know those amends he talks about making? Turns out he hasn’t made nearly as many as he needs to. In fact, HE CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER THE NAMES OF ALL OF HIS VICTIMS.

    More and more women have started to come forward and share their stories about how they were treated by this pile of dogshit. And instead of owning it and taking responsibility for it like the reformed man gets claims to be, do you know what he did? He fucking deactivated his Facebook and ran away from it.

    Reformed my ass. He’s still a fucking douche bag and proving more and more with every action he takes.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      Exactly. And oddly enough, he left this blog up. But that’s because he knows fewer people read his blog than are active with him on Facebook. And when he didn’t get the response he thought he did, he pulled it all down. I have emails dating back to 2006/2007 from him that would make your head spin. Not just to me, but to one of my girlfriends who literally had to pack up her whole life just to get away from him. Or a certain party one certain night where he cornered me in the bathroom of his house, WITH MY HUSBAND IN THE BACKYARD, and did/said something so disgusting I couldn’t even stay for a minute longer. Actually, I think he was still married then too and his wife was in the house.

      And I am sure the dumb fuck doesn’t even remember the apology letter he sent me a week later. But the sad thing is, I tend to be a bit of a digital hoarder and haven’t deleted an email since 1995.

      I’m personally GLAD he wrote this post because I actually questioned MYSELF…did I do something that made him react that way? But we’re friends, he wouldn’t have done that if I wasn’t giving off mixed signals…RIGHT?

      Wrong. And what I always suspected is now confirmed. That is why my name is on all these posts. I’m not going to hide anonymously when I know what I know.

  19. Ed Horch

    [30-year recovering alcoholic here.]

    What we have here is an admission of heinous acts, a statement of remorse of questionable sincerity, and a promise to improve, also of questionable sincerity. This is just like every time my drinking hurt someone, I apologized, felt true contrition, made restitution if possible, but everyone knew that anything I said I’d never do again needed to be suffixed with “until the next time”.

    What will turn that questionable sincerity into true sincerity is time. Lots of it. In a year, or five years, or ten years, if Adam is still no longer doing those things, and is treating women as they should be treated and is clearly honest about that, i.e., his actions aren’t mechanical and read from an instruction manual, then and only then will we know that this post was sincere.

    Nobody, especially those directly involved, are in any way obligated to forgive what was done. Reformed or not, if you feel that your life is better without Adam in it, that is your right and you owe no explanation for that. Many people, including some I cared deeply about and who cared as deeply for me, wisely protected themselves and kicked me to the curb, permanently.

    OTOH, if Adam really does get better, there will be new people in his life who never knew the old him, and that can be the basis of (yes it sounds cliche) a whole new life. My entire day-to-day community is made up of people who never saw me drunk.

    I have never met Adam. I have never heard his comedy. I would still like to do both, but honestly, if I were to meet him today, having read the above, I’d be on my guard. Were I female, I’d wait those one, five, or ten years. That’s certainly what I would advise my own daughter.

    This post sounds very similar to someone just coming out of detox. Their life is a wreck, and people are hurt by that. In all likelihood it’s going to stay a wreck, and more people will be hurt by that. But maybe it won’t and they won’t.

    Two slogans from AA:
    Time takes time.
    TIME: This I Must Earn

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      Congratulations on your sobriety and for keeping shit real. That’s how I know this blog post is so insincere. I have been in NA and had to work the steps. Do the hard work to make up to all those I hurt along the way. Some forgave, some fell away, and that’s okay. But the person I hurt more than anyone was myself. I didn’t wait for day one of my clarity to say I’m sorry. I earned it. I worked for it. I followed the steps. I worked them. I lived them. And I sure as fuck didn’t make a blog post to make amends.

      In other news, I also wasn’t a sexual predator, so…there’s that.

  20. CJ

    I truly hope the women you violated bring you to court. This admission of guilt doesn’t absolve you of your actions and frankly I would think twice about attending an event if you were there.

    You are just as bad as the famous people you mention.

  21. Karen Bodkin

    You forgot something for your list:

    “I exposed myself to young girls”

    I just found out. She was a baby, you filthy piece of garbage. There may not be anything I can do about it now, but if I could ruin your life by sending your pathetic ass to jail, I would.

    Do not EVER contact my family again.

  22. Michele

    I recall all the sanctimonious comments you left me, they were vile, threatening and angry about how much better you were for saying how you felt about people openly, when I blogged anonymously. Well, well, well. Adam I knew you were a disgusting, vile, misogynist, pig before a lot of people caught on. I’m so sorry your victims had to see this excuse for an apology, because it isn’t one, it’s just another example of you seeking attention, which is what you love the most. You deserve jail. I hope you get it.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      I am so sorry for you. I feel similarly, like I should have said something more than I did say 10 years ago or more. I spoke loudly, but perhaps not loud enough. Just enough for people to have called ME a liar, because GOD forbid I dare to challenge the almighty Avitable.

      He think saying something openly is the way to show he is now a good, honest, reformed man. If he was all those things, he would understand how absolutely GROSS this whole blog post is. He’s a danger to all women and belongs in jail.

  23. Laura Fitton

    You’re not even close to starting to be reformed. You need to rewrite this post about 45 times, with feedback from each of your past and present victims before you can claim to be anything like reformed and before you can move this conversation forward as part of the solution instead of part of the problem that you so clearly continue to be.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      This post never should have been written in the first place. It’s a sham. He’s a fraud. Always has been. I have known this “man” for nearly 2 decades and not just online, but in “real life”. He is setting up for a “sex addict/it wasn’t my fault” defense. That’s all this is. There’s no inkling of remorse in any of this.

  24. ShaLyse

    You’re sick and I think you get off on thinking this post makes you look cool, deep down, because you’re still that bad person inside. It’s so obvious. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t write this public post. You would apologize to your many victims personally and move forward, but instead, you chose to post this masturbatory essay. In case no one has pointed it out, this doesn’t make you look cool. It only made it all the more obvious as to why you felt the need to brag– because you’re ugly, overweight, and vile, but grossest of all, insecure. Get help.

  25. Linda

    Hey Adam aka Corey Feldman wanna be with your Wayward Camp. I texted you a couple of days ago about a mutual friend and what transpired in your bathroom at one of your Halloween parties. You claimed you didn’t remember, but why would you because she did not end up being one of your conquests.

    I, like many, wanted to believe that you were this great guy with the ‘walk the line’ sense of humor. I admit that you sucked me in for years. Once you started Stand Up I thought, “Hey, I know this guy. I’ve met him a few times and I can say I know him.” How foolish was I?

    Just before you posted this you started a thread on FaceBook where you asked people to describe you in one word. My first thought was Narcissist, but I didn’t want to be rude. You need to know that most people are like me and are aware of how we could affect others. I thought about your feelings and didn’t comment. What you also need to know is that you don’t think like most people. You are not empathetic, you are self serving.

    You want the lime light. You want fame and adoration.

    You don’t have that now, and I’m glad. You don’t deserve it. You deserve to sit in your home trying to live with yourself. You deserve to wake numerous times during the night in a cold sweat. You need to sit by the phone/computer and wonder if you’re to get booked for a set. You need to wonder if you still have a business.

    You need to wonder if yout need help, who will take advantage of you..

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      Well, you are either referring to ME, as I was one of the “bathroom” crew members at his Halloween parties, OR that was his M.O. and reason to have all those Halloween parties. As a way to give himself some cheap fucking thrills.

      I can’t help but wonder if he even remembers, but as I have said in an earlier post, I have never deleted a single email that wasn’t spam in my life. And I Have his “apology” letter he wrote to me a week later. An offer of apologizing to my husband for what he attempted to do. Fuck you, dude. You know damn well you only wanted to apologize to my husband to see if I had TOLD my husband, which I did. And we decided, together, to not bother addressing it because no one would believe me. But I have the email “apology”. I showed it to those in my inner circle. This is why I became so incensed when I found out about ANOTHER friend he did this to and yet another who wanted to apologize directly to her husband. It wasn’t to apologize. It was to be able to stand in front of our husbands and smirk on the inside as he shakes their hand and tries to look like a man. Like if he apologized to our husbands, it would just “go away”…and he was right. It did, in most cases.

      But not now. Not anymore. Never again.

          • Linda

            No, you’re not crazy, but I’m not ‘glad’ to see he has a pattern…I find it extremely disturbing. I don’t know what Halloween party you encountered him in the bathroom, but I was there in 2009. He walked in while I was peeing. He apologized and said he thought so-in-so was was in the bathroom. Fine that he apologized to me, but what would have happened if my friend…who he was looking for…was there? She was having fun and intoxicated. She was also a friend of his where I was just a blogger at the time that attended his party.

            On another note, I looked on this site to see what other posts he’s showing:
            ‘The first time I kissed her’ and ‘Rules of Yes and No: The Dangerous Game of Sex’.

            I think in his twisted mind he thinks they may come across as redeeming to him, but they are so F’d up. I commented on both, but who knows if he will delete them as he did his FB profile. Doesn’t matter if he does because I screen shot them and shared them.

            On another…another note, I feel like I am obsessing with all this crap, but I am just so outraged, not just because of what he’s done to so many women, but because of my dear friend.

  26. Cher Roberts-Tushiah

    I made a comment on every single comment you have here, Adam.
    I knew who you were a LONG time ago.
    I called you out on who you were a long time ago.
    And you and your posse of sycophants accused me of lying. Of fabricating stories.
    You accused my friend of the same.
    And another friend.
    And one more still.
    And I lost a LOT of “friends” along the way, which tells me they were never friends to begin with.
    But that’s okay.
    I got what I needed. I stood up to you. My best friend stood up to you.
    We called you out even while others were turning their backs on us, we still stood up.
    I don’t regret any of that.
    I don’t regret keeping the email you wrote me apologizing for what you ATTEMPTED to do to me,
    had it not been for my deep and loving loyalty to my husband.
    You fucked with the wrong chick, dude.
    And you can erase ALL of my comments if you’d like.
    I took screenshots of all of them after I typed them.
    And I will continue to call you out on what a fucking FRAUD you are.
    This whole post you made?
    It’s crap.
    Tagging on to the Weinstein scandal? Attention whore much?
    But let’s be honest, be REALLY honest, Adam.
    This wasn’t about apologizing to us.
    This was about the fact that you finally fucked up with a girl brave enough to take you to task.
    This was your diversion.
    This was your distraction.
    This was your pathetic attempt to show the D.A. “Look! I’m reformed! I’m sorry! I confessed to my victims”
    And they ARE victims.
    YOU are a sexual predator.
    You are the worst kind of pond scum.
    You are the devil incarnate.
    And you will reap what you have sown.
    Your day of reckoning is upon you.
    Actually, if you do ANYTHING less than turn yourself in for all these ungodly acts you perpetrated, especially against a teenager who wasn’t even a legal adult when you exploited her?
    Then this apology is bogus.
    It’s bullshit.
    It’s not worth the bandwidth it is written on.
    Central Florida is a very small area. News spreads quickly.
    Sadly for you? I live here.
    You get off on doxxing your victims?
    Manipulating them into becoming strippers? Telling them they can change their lives by making a ton of money in strip clubs? This is what you tell young women who are young enough to be your daughter?

    Thank GOD you never procreated.

    I am not going to sit here in smug validation, knowing I was right all along. That’s your style, not mine.
    Instead, I will pray tonight for all the women you victimized.
    And I will even pray for you…pray that you end up behind bars to never victimize another female EVER again.

    You’re disgusting. You’re the reason mothers worry about their daughters.
    You’re the reason father’s go to jail for beating the shit out of predators like you.

    You are what is wrong with the world. I’d tell you to live with that, but let’s be real…
    You don’t give a fuck about these women.
    You only give a fuck about saving your own hairy, fat ass.

    Not this time, buddy.

    The Titanic is sinking and you’re going down with the ship.

    Bon voyage, motherfucker.

    • BiPolar Angel

      Jesus. I only met you once, Adam, but even then, even drunk off my ass, I KNEW something was off about you. Clearly I was too old to be an acceptable target, so I was safe, and I heckled the shit out of your little ‘Comedy’ skit at the party, so I pissed you off…. But I was once a much younger, much more naive young woman, and damn near everything on that list happened to me at one time or another. Because of animals who acted just like YOU DO. After I vomited from the memories you spooked up, I got fucking mad. HOW DARE YOU. I really hope every woman and girl you violated, physically, mentally, verbally, in pictures, HOWEVER – Steps forward and accuses you. I hope you are eviscerated in the court of public opinion (even more so than you are neing so in here). I hope your face is right up there with Brock fucking rapist Turner’s as the very definition of Sexual Predator. Look on the bright side, though – your name will certainly be remembered then.
      And when you get to proson, I hope that they male you such a nitch that you can look up your own asshole and see daylight. It’s what you deserve, since castration only happens in other countries.

    • Donna

      I knew him for what he was the minute he tried to start shit between you and I. I called him out for his lack of integrity in outting a so-called friend who looked to him for help. He intimated that I kept Lisa’s Disney money, but I had a record of every single cent that came in. I’m not the one who lacked integrity. I never liked him starting from when he first made himself known to me on it2m. I am an excellent judge of character. I knew he was a greasy, smarmy fuck from the get go. I didn’t know he was a sexual predator though.

  27. Kathy

    I was not going to comment because I really couldn’t say it any better than anyone else on this post. But I’ve gotten so angry over the last few days, o have to give this resentment back to who it belongs. Shame on you, Adam. Not only do you need help, you need a swift kick in the fucking throat for what you’ve done. You’ve damaged girls and women for the rest of their lives. You’ve taken advantage of women I care about and girls who should be lifted up, not victimized. I hope you rot in some jail cell for a long time and end up getting treated like the bitch you are.

  28. Dana

    I have been unbelievably disgusted since you wrote your original post. You are a piece of human garbage. You are a vile, nasty excuse for a human. I met you one time, at ConFab and you actively creeped out so bad I avoided you the rest of the party and ensured I would NEVER be caught alone with you. You get off on that don’t you? You get off on the fear and unease you cause in women. Since you were absolutely fucking eviscerated on FB, the stories have been flooding in – stories of things that you’ve done to many MANY of my dear friends. You unbelievable prick.

    You made that post to ride the coattails of the Weinstein scandal (who the FUCK wants to be associated with that???) because you knew it would give you maximum attention. Because that is really all this was for, isn’t it? Attention and nothing else. Make your post, and sit back and wait for your little army of sycophants to come pat you on the head and say “well done!” “proud of you”. It feeds your enormous ego.

    I sincerely hope that you end up in prison for what you’ve done. Locked up with all the other rapists and sexual predators where you belong.

  29. Nis

    I debated if to post a comment or not because I believe that attention was one of the motives behind this blog, but I will go ahead and entertain you with your need because I am a nice guy.

    It is highly apparent that you seek attention in all that you do in life. Some examples:

    1.) Working as a teacher, an environment where all eyes are on you.

    2.) Hosting elaborate parties, what better way to be the center of attention as the gracious host?

    3.) Comedian, once again on stage.

    I can go on and on with examples and to be honest, there is nothing wrong with any of these things individually or collectively.

    But with as much attention as you seek, one would think that at some point you would use that status of being a focal point for something good, yet you don’t. You continue to thrive on finding more ways to gain more attention.

    They say life is a stage and you sure do take that to heart, but your performances do not benefit any one other than yourself. From everything I have seen and known about you through out the years, you are definitely your own biggest fan. But that’s OK in a sick twisted way, because love for others begins with the love for one self.

    But regardless, you have achieved what you have set out to do, you have gotten much notice through many avenues, you have attracted many folks from every place you have roamed through. You have worked long and hard to collect a great audience.

    But maybe, just maybe, your audience are not watching you through the years with astonishment, maybe this whole time your audience are actually bystanders that can’t take their eyes off a train wreck.

    You know what happens at the end of every great performance? The curtains close, the performers leave the stage, the crowd goes home back to their own lives and no one gives a shit.

    Your performance has been over for quite some time you just forgot to do your part…

  30. Karma

    There’s this thing called “karma” and you’re finally getting yours. I’ve not bothered to read your sanctimonious drivel for years until I was directed here today.

    I’m one of people you chose to publicly shame because I dared call you on your actions. Publicly. My offenses were far less than this and yet you made it your mission to make sure that they seemed so fucking terrible.

    That being said, I hold no resentment. I let that shit go a long time ago, not because you’re such a swell guy but because I too am one of the sober people. We AA people don’t publicly admit crap like this because we don’t want to harm others. We’ve learned to stop causing pain and grief. I don’t think that you give a hot fuck about hurting others, only about how “genuine and sensitive” this post makes you look.

    Well, that fucking backfired.

    What makes you feel like the women who’ve you sexually assaulted want to be trivialized in this manner? How much do you really care? Not at all.

    This is yet another ploy for popularity or something. It kinda sucks when people find out who you really are. You have to back peddle and make a post rather than shutting the fuck up and seeking therapy or SAA.

    You’re revolting. Always have been. I’m glad karma finally found you.

  31. Karma

    Also, as someone who truly believes he’s smarter than everyone else, you’re not. This post is nothing but evidence of how you sexual assaulted women and apparently young girls aka children.

    You’re a twisted fuck that thinks this post will get him you the pity party that you believe is owed.

    Truth is people: He’s not sorry at all.

    • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

      There’s a difference between being SMART and being a manipulator and puppet master. He’s cunning, but that doesn’t make you smart. What it makes you is a sanctimonious piece of shit who has a God complex and wields around his (pathetic) dick like a scepter. He had to downgrade to younger women. He was running out of the older ones who got wise to his bullshit over the past 15 years. He’s been a shady ass fuck from day one. Grooming women by acting like he cared about and supported them. He’s garbage and he will get his comeuppance sooner rather than later.

      But even if it doesn’t hit him as hard as it should, that’s okay. There is a higher power.

  32. La_Valek

    I am sorry for all of the women who have fallen victim to Adam. I will not lead this comment nor will I end it with negativity. This is simply to recognize the sorrow I have for the women who had to be forced into something of this nature. I, personally, have known Adam since I was little. Since I was nine or ten, actually. I find myself heartbroken now for all of the women whom he has hurt and violated. I hope there will be justice in this. Not only justice, but I genuinely hope Adam gets help. Whether that be in a cell or in a therapy group, I hope he finds help. But I hope even more that the women he has harmed find justice.

  33. Shan

    That’s not misogyny, Adam, it’s sexual assault, pedophilia, rape, coercion and sexual deviance. You need professional help. You need state ordered help, a jail sentence and your very own spot on the sexual offenders list. You are one sick motherfucker!

    I thought maybe all the things you’ve done or said online was an act, but it’s clearly not. Your popularity in the blogging world and on other sociial media platforms fed your narcissistic needs and emboldened you to keep doing these vile things. Then someone gave you a teaching position at a local college and you saw a smorgasbord of fresh victims in your female students. Which, in turn, fed your sickness and gave you fodder for your comedy routines.

    Rot in hell. I hope you get arrested. I hope you’re left in a room with all your victims and they are allowed to beat the fuck out of you. Mostly, I hope you get convicted and become the prison bitch. No one is more deserving of that than you.

    Congratulations, Adam. You’ve taken Florida Man to new, disgusting, vile levels.

  34. Stop

    I hate giving you a single pageview by coming back here, but the stories that have come out… the ripples of pain you’ve left in the community I love.

    Delete this blog. Delete your accounts. Stop doing standup. Get help. SERIOUS help. And leave women alone. Leave them alone, Adam.

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