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Adam Heath Avitable is a small business owner, lawyer, motivational speaker, educator, best-selling author and comedian with over fifteen years of experience working closely with professionals from every discipline; presenting to students, executives, and the general public; organizing, marketing, and promoting events; hiring and training employees; providing counseling and consulting for personal improvement and career advancement; writing professionally; and running small businesses that have national scope.

Since 1999, he has been entertaining audiences from every demographic. His award-winning writing has been collected and published, his book Interviews with Dead Celebrities was a best selling book on Amazon.com, and he has performed stand-up comedy on stages from Los Angeles to Orlando. He has lectured college students about developing humor, presented to hundreds on the rewards of vulnerability and transparency in life and in writing, and spoken at conferences, inspiring audiences with his life philosophy and entertaining them with his comedy. As a seasoned entertainer with a broad and diverse background, he has a unique ability to speak directly to any audience, from comedy clubs to lounges to corporate conferences and private parties.

Adam is available to be a keynote speaker for your event, a motivational speaker for your conference, an instructor for all aspects of social media, writing, or creative development, and, of course, a stand-up comedian for your bar, club, festival, party, or just to come to your house and tell you jokes.

Some of the topics that Adam is available to present on are as follows:

Gaining Respect Through Honesty and Transparency
Finding Your Voice in Your Writing and Your Life
Growing a Following by Being Genuine and Flawed
Company-Specific Stand-Up Comedy
CEO and Executive Roast
Charitable Event and Holiday Party Emceeing

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