Interviews with Dead Celebrities, a book by Adam Heath Avitable

“As one new to the blog style of Adam Heath Avitable this book came as a surprise. First, one wonders how can it be funny to have interviews with dead celebrities, especially ones who are very recently deceased, or who are icons of the American public. But spend a little time with this interviews – in question and answer format and accompanied by photographs of the interviewees – and quickly discover just how clever and smart is Avitable.” – Grady Harp

“Good, quick read and just plain wrong on so many awesome levels! This is definitely my kind of humor and kept me laughing out loud all the way through (not to mention receiving strange looks from the other patrons at Starbucks). Highly recommend!” – Dave B.

“I nabbed this book from the Kindle Bestsellers List on a whim and the wittiness found inside surprised me. I’d hoped for some light enjoyment from what dead celebrities might say to this large, bald comedian but I found myself unable to put this one down.” – James

“This book is pointless and stupid … I was disappointed with the poor writing, lack of imagination and lack of humor.” – Dean C. Thomas

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