Content Creation and Editing Services

Using his law degree, experience as a college professor, and years as a professional writer, social media consultant, and blogger, Adam Heath Avitable can write for any industry or profession in a way that is compelling, approachable, and engaging, without being condescending or overly informal. He is capable of breaking down complex topics into simple and consumable bites for the layperson, crafting content that uses keywords while also incorporating everyday language to appeal to any reader, and tackling difficult topics with a tact and sensitivity appropriate for a diverse audience.

Whether you need a copywriter or an editor, daily social media content, a weekly newsletter, a monthly magazine, or an entire rewrite of your website that maintains a consistent tone and is true to the original branding, Avitable will work with you to accomplish your goals. He has written compelling pieces for an extremely diverse group of industries that include the following:

  • Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing and Sales
  • Corporate Travel Planning
  • Commercial Farm Real Estate
  • Hospice Care Referral Service
  • Long Distance Family Pet Moving
  • Membership-Based Barbershop Services
  • Low-Income Patient-Friendly Optometrist
  • Security System and Alarm Monitoring
  • Basement Conversion and Renovation
  • Adult Friendly Subscription Services
  • Home and Office-Based Organizational System Design
  • Low-Level Consumer-Friendly Cryptocurrency
  • Residential Hauling and Dumpster Rental
  • Medical Supply Delivery Services
  • Emerging Technologies in Athletic Training

Consistent content is essential for any business to gain a foothold on the Internet, and only through putting in the time, effort, and resources to have a social media and web presence that produces dynamic, variable content will you be able to survive. 

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*Project rates available

Types of work

  • Social Media Content (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Weekly Articles for your Company Website
  • Regular Newsletter to Employees, Customers, Vendors, or Prospective Leads
  • SEO-Friendly Rewrite of your Entire Website
  • Press Releases
  • Letters to Shareholders, Employees, Customers, or Others
  • Business Plans
  • Magazines (Electronic or Print)
  • Letters from the President
  • Product Instructions
  • Scripts for Radio or Video
  • Analysis of Detailed Research
  • White Papers
  • Any and all Copy Writing, Editing, and Content Creation

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Professional Resume Service

Since 2004, Adam Heath Avitable has crafted winning resumes, cover letters, and personal statements for clients around the globe looking for jobs, residency and fellowship programs, graduate schools, and promotions. He started one of the first companies in the world to help professionals find jobs through the combination of a powerful resume and an effective direct mail campaign and in the course of growing it, hired and trained resume writers, ghost-wrote a book about resumes and cover letters, and taught resume workshops to students and professionals. From lawyers to physicians, executives to servers, accountants to sales, there are no industries where he hasn’t dived in and assisted someone with their career goals.

A resume should be a document that can be scanned by the eye in 30 seconds or less while still retaining all of the essential details for both the reader and the computer scanning equipment that will review it. Avitable is an expert at parsing your detailed work history and skill set into the words that matter most.

With thousands of resumes written, he finds resume writing to be a natural skill that most people do not have. It’s not the same as writing anything else – grammar rules are thrown out the window, editing choices take formatting into consideration, and the content is highly specialized. Even if you’re an amazing writer, a resume will prove to be a challenge. And if you’re not an amazing writer, that challenge just gets more exponential.

Visit his Facebook page to see all of the outstanding reviews he’s gotten from every client, and get a quote today to have your resume overhauled and crafted into the document it deserves to be!

Avitable will review your existing resume or resumes, if you have any, give you some feedback and tips for doing the work yourself if you’d like, and then provide you with a detailed quote for his services. The fee can vary based on the complexity and amount of work, but he does work with clients who have budgets, and offers discounted combination packages for orders that include multiple services. In addition, after you become a client, he’ll be here to provide advice or counseling as you need it for the future, from interview help to guidance writing thank-you notes. From start to finish, his goal is yours – finding you that perfect job!

Services Offered

Personalized resume written from scratch based on as much information as you can provide, including an existing resume, older documents, LinkedIn, and/or any job descriptions you’re interested in.


Additional Services:

  • Cover Letter – $150-$200
  • LinkedIn Profile – $150-$200
  • Personal Statement – $1200-$1500
  • Letter of Recommendation – $200-$350
  • Discounted Combination Packages Available

“Adam has a fundamental understanding of how resume readers and hiring managers take in information, and a way of developing each person’s experience into an effective narrative. He also takes the time to understand clients as people, not just as projects to be completed.”


“Super happy with the end product! I would definitely recommend using this for your cover letter and resume!!! He was incredibly thorough and created a resume that’s easy for employers to skim while maintaining the details that suited my needs/goals.”


“I was struggling with rewriting my resume once again and it was WAY too long because I did not want to “sell myself short” or leave any experience out. But Adam helped me restructure and rewrite my resume in a more visually appealing manner and it still makes sense. I was so worried about losing something with the editing but it worked out great!”


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Books Written by Adam Heath Avitable



The Concept

Coming back from spring break, freshman B.T. Janes is excited to show off an invention his genius engineer uncle designed (and ironically named the Ultimate Safety Vest). While demonstrating it during homeroom, B.T. is interrupted by a school shooting. In the ensuing chaos, the vest, which turns out to be so much more than a safety vest, is activated, hurtling B.T., fellow student Marcela, and the shooter through time and space. The three students have to learn to trust and rely on each other in order to survive and make it home alive, but is that even possible?


What’s the deal?

This book is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter. I have until 9/8/21 to reach my crowdfunding goal of $6,000. By backing my Kickstarter campaign, you can pre-order digital copies, paperback copies, hardcover copies, get a chapter dedicated to you, and even have a character named after you! The funds do not get released unless the goal is met, so please visit the campaign, read the excerpt, and show your support today!

Interviews with Dead Celebrities

Darkly humorous, usually sarcastic, and always profane and offensive, Interviews with Dead Celebrities tears apart the pillars upon which we place celebrities, politicians, and entertainers with sharp social commentary in the form of interviews that are relentless in their pursuit of the raw, honest, (albeit completely fictional) truth. Available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.


“There are only three things guaranteed in life. You will be required to pay taxes, at some point you will die, but before that you will laugh your ass off at this book filled with posthumous humor!

While you may see other reviews citing this book as irreverent, or funny, or even on the cutting edge of after world journalism, I’d prefer to highlight it as an easy read, consumable in small bites if needbe or big bites if desired, while maintaining its laugh out loud potency the entire way through.”

“Don’t drink and read this if you’ve already “broken the seal” because you WILL wet your pants. In fact, it’s best if you run out, get some Depends, and THEN start reading this book. Adam Heath Avitable is irreverent, somewhat (but endearingly) irresponsible and absolutely irresistible! Get thee a download of this book now. You won’t be sorry.”

#MeToo: A Supernatural Thriller

(published as L. Seifert)

Shelby loves women almost more than he loves his job as an agent for the Department of Cybermagical Crime. When he wakes up one morning to find he’s been turned into a woman, can he figure out what happened while trying to stop a depraved killer who wants to mold reality to fulfill his own dark agenda?

In a world where magic is at everyone’s fingertips, the struggle for equality becomes deadly. Three agents work tirelessly to stop a series of murders of female victims, facing off against mythical beings, supernatural post-humans, and twisted sociopaths, all while confronting their own personal demons.

No matter what happens, the world will be changed forever.

Available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.


This book has so many turns, hard to put down!
Wow! What a page turning book, didn’t want to put it down. Every time you thought you knew what was next, some crazy twist surprise happens! Had me laughing and on the edge of my seat!”

This book is phenomenal! I read the whole thing in one night, and couldn’t put it down! The author spent a lot of time researching for the different characters in this novel, and the hard work paid off! This book had me in tears a few times, had me yelling “NO!” every other chapter, and gasping any time a new twist came around. I hope to read sequels in the future!!”