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Clearly she’s singing to me

Avitable and Avril

I’ve been enjoying the new Avril Lavigne CD, on autoplay. I’ve been singing along, dancing, bopping, bouncing, grooving, shaking, swaying, and rocking.

In other news that also show how comfortable I am with my own masculinity, I’m very excited about the new scents I just bought. Thanks to Amy, I was alerted to an awesome online sale at Bath and Body Works. I bought several of the concentrated room sprays, including “Fresh Baked Cookie”, “Warm Apple Pie”, “Brown Sugar & Fig”, “Spiced Cider”, and “Cinnamon Vanilla”. The box arrived last weekend, while Britt was still here. When I opened the box I was so excited! I ran from room to room, spraying these awesome scents and exclaiming “It smells soooo goood!” while giggling. Upon my manly return to my office, Britt looked at me and said “Could you be any gayer?” I chose to ignore her and skipped back out to go smell the rooms again.

I also helped Britt pick out a pair of shoes.

And now, I’m going to go watch some type of sporting event while I drink some type of beer-like beverage, belch loudly, and scratch my balls. Woof!

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53 Replies to “Clearly she’s singing to me”

  1. Amy

    That sale was sooooo good!!!!! And cinamon vanilla – YUM!!!! I think Britt might be a tad insecure, she may be worried you have better taste!

    I consider you the first heterosexual gay male friend I’ve ever had.

    Oh, and sport-like event – it probably doesn’t include the trailer to the new Will Ferrel skating movie.

  2. Tug

    Gay straight men are awesome! But they must watch football. and baseball sometimes.

    I downloaded “girlfriend”…what’s another recommendation off of that CD? I’m new to the Avril scene. :boobs4:

  3. WeaponM

    mmmm…………Avril Lavigne………so delicious

    Speaking of smelling nicely, I was just given a bottle of Tommy Hilfiger cologne yesterday by the little woman. Apparently she didn’t like my Nautica.

  4. Miss Britt

    a) You are soo lying about the sporting event thing. You wouldn’t even recognize a sporting event if you flipped by one on your TV.

    b) Writing it here just does NOT do justice to the skipping. Or the twittering. Or the honest to goodness SQUEELING.

    I think it’s time for another video.

  5. Avitable

    Amy, I was trying to come up with manly things to offset the less-than-manly things. I’m sure any sport-type event would count, even women’s billiards.

    RW, I love those sports things where people compete for some type of a tournament.

    Amy, I’m not replying to each of your lame comments. Maybe you’ve had enough tequila.

    Pablo, it is an honor to be considered as such.

    Tug, no thanks. Sports are horrible. I’d say that the whole CD is worth downloading. It’s all magical.

    Dave, why you gotta ruin my artwork with talks of shortcuts? I hand-drew each and every one of those girls and they just all happened to look identical.

    WeaponM, maybe she just wanted to get the smell of Wallyworld off of you.

    Britt, a sport-type event would just look like gay porn, except they had their clothes on, right? It was skipping and twittering for a good cause. I had cool smells!

  6. Poppy

    Avril is not singing to you until you receive the explicit version of her album. Before then she’s singing to a six year old. (Who buys the clean version of her album?! Oh, YOU DO. 😛 )

    And, wait, you drank AGAIN? Jesus, you’re turning into an ALKIE with all those little sips you keep taking! When Britt moves down you’re going to be drunk every day!

  7. Avitable

    Fab, for some reason your comment got eaten by my spam filter – this is the second time in a row it’s done that! And you’re right. I get hives if I even flip by a channel showing sports.

    Poppy, got it yesterday! And I said a beer-like substance, which might mean Diet Coke.

  8. Avitable

    Denise, my gayness is all in Britt’s head. I was being very manly as I sprayed those awesome sprays all over the house.

    DB, I’d get you some balls, but I just did my nails and have to let the polish dry first.

    Amy, Britt wishes she could beat me in poker!

  9. heather

    Personally, I prefer the bath and body works Creamy Coconut. It’s the best.

    And I’m with Britt. You’re totally lying about the sporting event thing because dude, you didn’t even know who my Buckeyes were. Unless, of course, you were watching the naked womens oil wrestling you mentioned before.

  10. Mistress

    Something about that Avril chick really annoys me for some reason.

    Oh but I’m totally down with you embracing the softer side of your manliness Avi! Nothing wrong with that! Enjoying soothing scents doesn’t make you a wussy boy.

    Giggling gleefully while you enjoy them is borderline though….

  11. Miss Britt

    What’s funny is that everyone assumes this girly shit is part of a “side” of you.

    There is no SIDE. The manliest thing about you is your insistance that you don’t know how to do laundry or washes dishes (when we BOTH know you’re smart enough to figure it out!)

    I blame myself, really. I should let you have more visitation time with the balls.

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