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Redheads are hot

Before I get to today’s post, here’s the update:

I’m going to keep the donation going throughout this week. As of right now, we’re just over $2200! Please keep giving – even just $5.00 a day for the next five days could make a huge difference! Everyone has been wonderful and supportive and we have done more over the weekend than I could have possibly dreamed.

If you aren’t aware, one of Dawg’s friends spoke with him on the phone. He is dealing as well as anyone could. Your thoughts and wishes are more important than ever!

Go donate here!

Update: I know where the viewing will be, and for those of you that are so inclined to send flowers, please email me at my last name at gmail dot com and I will give you the information. It’s this afternoon, though, so if you’re interested, you have to act fast.

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite MILF bloggers, Heather! To celebrate her birthday, here’s some little-known facts about her:

  • Once, in high school, she took a trip to Disney World. While there, she stumbled into one of the secret rooms at Disney where the characters were engaged in a giant orgy. She participated in this orgy, and, subsequently became obsessed with Disney, but only so she can track down that guy playing Goofy and tell him about his son.
  • She’s turning 32, but she manages to look 18 by finding homeless men in her town, taking them home, and bathing in their blood.
  • If you are with Heather and you play “Justify my Love”, “Celebrate”, “Like a Virgin”, or anything else by Madonna, she will moan uncontrollably and orgasm by the end of the song. If you dress up in a pointed bra and a suit jacket, she’ll let you do any dirty thing you want.
  • Smirnoff considered renaming their vodka Heather because she was buying so much of their stock.
  • She can do things with a banana that will make your hair turn gray.
  • She is an actual redhead. And yes, her crotch is perpetually on fire. In fact, she has a small midget named Sven who follows her around with a vagina extinguisher.
  • She says that she’s afraid of using the phone, but dial 1-900-FUC-REDHEAD, and ask for “Hypnotiquella” and you can talk to her for as long as you want. $6.99/minute.
  • If you show her your balls, she’ll blush furiously and can’t stop.

Happy birthday, Heather! I know that I owed you some artwork, so here is your birthday present!

Finally, go over to These Walls and read today’s post. It’s fucking hilarious. I promise. C’mmmmmooonnnnnn, do it!

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46 Replies to “Redheads are hot”

  1. Avitable

    Poppy, she’s blushing right now!

    RW, ahhh, okay.

    Mistress Yoda, I wouldn’t expect any less.

    SteamBritt Willie, that’s so 1990.

    Metalmom, that artwork is probably the best present she’s ever received in her entire life, don’t you think?

  2. Poppy

    Angel, I thought that’s what was in the suitcase, but upon closer inspection I see it’s just Buckeyes paraphernalia. (So that’s how that word is spelled…)

    Britt, his balls picture has been slutted on Facebook for almost two months. (I just checked, it was uploaded May 5.)

  3. Shelli

    Avi doesn’t seem to fit now that I know that you don’t say your name like Avee-ta-bull. So now I must call you Avit. Of course, I only called you Avi on occasion.

    This thing that you have done for Dawg has been amazing. Thanks, Avit.

  4. Avitable

    Britt-wrapped, well, I’ll remember that from your outfits alone.

    Poppy, I put them on display. They should be bronzed and made into a national monument.

    Tug, nice one!

    Angel, they’re in the suitcase. Mickey don’t need no toys to please a silly little white girl.

    Shelli, you could just say “Avitable”. Or Adam. Or Dogfucker.

    Amy, no, I had it on my computer already and knew just where it was.

    Breigh, it did go through. Thank you for your generosity.

  5. Wayne

    And for those of you who still haven’t received Avi’s postcard prints (destined to become collectors items), you can just sing to yourself…

    “Someday my prints will come…”

  6. ADW

    Love the artwork.

    Thanks again for the wonderfulness that is you. What you guys did was very special and I am so proud of everyone for pulling together and doing this little thing for him. I hope that it helps to ease the family’s burden in some small way.

  7. Angel

    Poppy, Adam says they’re in the suitcase, but you are right, they aren’t hanging out of it. :lmao:

    Adam, you are right..he doesn’t need toys. They just make it more kinky!! :angel:

  8. Avitable

    Beware of Britt, you’re right. I’ll take it back, so you can call me “Dogfucker” and abuse me.

    Wayne, groan.

    ADW, I do commissioned artwork for naked photos.

    Angel, good point.

    Mrs. Brain Bombs, I know! Who wouldn’t want some Mickeylingus?

    Miss Misery, in a retard museum, maybe. (Yes, I know you hate that word.)

    Bossy, those damn Ratzis.

    Shelli, apparently Dogfucker is special for me and Britt. You can try ManPig if you want.

    BPR, yeah it is!

  9. SugarQueensDream

    :sex014: Love the picture LOL~~
    Hey I just realized you live in Orlando I live over by Daytona Beach in a town called Palm Coast , way cool….. LOL Anyway thats not really important LOL You are dude ! :thumbsup: you rock for starting the thing up for dawg ~~ I dedicated my Monday Melee post to you and Amy for the great Graphics and the hard work you did for this . Thanks Adam and No god dammit Im not a stalker LOL LOL

  10. Avitable

    SugarQueensDream, thanks for the dedication in your post. And I don’t mind another stalker. I already have 43.

    Poppy, even he wouldn’t turn it down.

    Shelli, he’d spread peanut butter on his ass and let Mickey go to town.

    Angel, I’ll let you come up with on all on your own! 🙂

  11. Michael

    I sent my wife a copy of the Donald Duck wav and she was checking out your site. I heard “Oh my God!,” and she covered her face when she saw Mickey Mouse going down on Heather.

    Guess she is a fan of Mickey Mouse.

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