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Photo Phriday

When I have trouble thinking of a post, I’ll do several things. One thing I’ll do is try to think of any of the stupid things that I’ve done that day and see if any of them are painful or humiliating enough to be fodder for a post. The next thing I’ll do is look on Myspace to see if there are any good memes or surveys that I can steal and complete in my own hilarious way. If that fails, I’ll think of something fun to draw. If no luck there, I’ll take a nap and see if I come up with anything in my subconscious mind. And, finally, if all else fails, I’ll ask myself, WWMBD? And today, what would Miss Britt do? Well, she’s an ego-driven megalomaniac who loves people who are really into her. If she had writer’s block, she’d just pick some random recent pictures of herself and post them online, trawling for sycophants to tell her she’s hot and gorgeous and sexy and not at all cherubic. So here goes:


Ice Cream



Thanks to Liquid for the photos.

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53 Replies to “Photo Phriday”

  1. Kentucky Girl

    Hot photos. :boobs5: (I just really like using that smilie.) :jerkoff2:

    I was thinking of taking pictures of my boobs for my blog, but everyone has already seen them. *le sigh* I’ll just pretend that I’m cool like you with the black shoes with red laces.

  2. Mike

    For your writer’s block, you should try to read a book, read a book, read a motherf***ing book… 😉

    Sorry, it’s a really catchy tune.

    BTW, I like the “katana / lightsaber” display.

    I was also wondering about the “masturbation” tag, but I think I get it: The sunday is really just a decoy and with your other hand… Well, I think that face speaks for itself.

  3. hellohahanarf

    post pictures all you want, but don’t use britt’s idea and say all else failed or she might smack you down. (say you wanted to be so much like her that you had to steal her idea.)

    happy friday the 13th

  4. Avitable

    Angel, exactly!

    BPR, that is strange, especially since I wouldn’t be a hairless girl with a penis wearing them. And we know that your type is hairless girls with penises!

    Sheila, well, I am the better blogger between the two of us.

    Mixednut, yup. I’m pretty damn good.

    Amanda, awww, so sweet!

    KG, the boobs should be shown. It’s a mandate.

    One Hour Britto, only the naked ones. I didn’t think you wanted me to share those with anyone.

    Tracy, tell me I’m gorgeous!

    RW, that’s not what you said earlier.

    Heather, I was not drunk driving. And thank you – that’s why you’re my favorite redhead!

    Melanie, “nice shoes” used to be our euphemism for great breasts on a girl when we were growing up.

    Mist, you’ve already seen them. Haven’t you taken enough?

    HCG, toffee? Nope. Reese’s Pieces.

    Amy, it’s the only pair of shoes I own. My Amy hates them!

    Christie, thanks, me too!

    Mike, the lightsabers are fun, too! And you didn’t think that was whipped cream on the sundae, did you?

    Hello, you know what? I can’t believe I forgot it was Friday the 13th. I could have written an actual post! Fuck.

    TrishK, the shoes complete the mismatched outfit!

    Metalmom, it’s from Friendly’s.

    Mistress Yoda, well you did say that you’re always topless.

  5. Avitable

    TMP, those are my shoes. What do you mean?

    Mistress Yoda, yeah – watch it! You could poke an eye out.

    Second Brittst, you said you just wanted those to hang on your ceiling! And I do NOT look like an angsty teen. I’m going to go run and cry while I listen to the Shins.

    Crystal, thank you!

    Angel, I can’t skate for the life of me.

    Sarcastica, it was a diner – not a fast food restaurant.

  6. Miss Britt

    I did not. I specifically said “if you fuck with me I will post this on my blog”.

    Remember? Cuz you were all “oh noo, that would be awful, really” in that fake way that you do when you’re trying to hide your voyeuristic nature.

    You know, now that I think about it, I think you WANT me to post that picture!

  7. Poppy

    I’m confused, are we supposed to tell you Britt is hot and sexy and gorgeous?

    Your fingernails, Adam, your FINGERNAILS. If you don’t want us to think you have them manicured them stop TEASING US WITH THEM! :heartbeat:

  8. Avitable

    Dragon, no, but I needed some color to match my all black ensemble.

    Mona Britta, I’ll post that picture of you with the dog!

    Crystal, yeah, the Shins are good, but they’re also angsty.

    Poppy, I do not get them manicured, I swear!

  9. Brandi

    From the little I’ve seen, I like the way your house is decorated. Stylish yet not trendy, something that won’t look like shit in 10 years.

    And I don’t see angsty-teen with those shoes, I see color blind geriatric. Are those orthopedic?!

  10. Avitable

    Amy, they’re cool shoes!

    Lynda, I only have one pair, but they’re more awesome than Britt’s one million pairs.

    ExhiBrittionist, well, I might have sold them on the black market . . .

    TMP, what’s with all the foot hate?

    Brandi, no, I just have large feet. And my wife decorates very well – she should have been an interior decorator instead of an attorney!

  11. Cat

    Nice pics! Perhaps my memory is really poor, but I don’t think I ever saw you with red shoelaces when you lived in LA. This must be a relatively new penchant of yours…

    I have to say… I’ve been unsure of what to replace my black Harley boots with, but I think I’ve received my inspiration! Red shoelaced shoes!! Thanks : )

  12. Avitable

    DutchBitch, it did! I’m hotter!

    Humor Girl, Friendly’s is open late.

    TMP, my shoes are objectively awesome.

    Cat, I got those after I moved here.

    Clown, no more jerking to my pictures!

    Poppy, is there a jizz-wiping up smiley?

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