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Shop ’til you drop

Postcard Hell

Postcard Hell is now officially open! Before you go shop your little fingers off, though, please keep the following notes in mind:

  • There may be a few bugs. If something isn’t working, please use the contact form at Postcard Hell and let me know.
  • Orders will take about two weeks to ship.
  • To commemorate the opening of my storefront, I created a brand new postcard design that you can only see by visiting Postcard Hell!
  • If you have suggestions for dirty or embarrassing postcards, use the contact form at Postcard Hell to submit them and if I use your idea, you’ll get a free 4-pack of that postcard!
  • I’ll try to add a new design every couple of weeks. Use the email subscription form at Postcard Hell to get an email every time I add a new design.
  • Don’t forget to come back here and leave a comment telling me what you think.

Happy Monday!

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55 Replies to “Shop ’til you drop”

  1. Dave2

    This may sound stupid… but I want to be able to subscribe to Postcard Hell and have a postcard addressed and sent to me whenever a new one is released. What a cool thing to find stuck in with your mail every once in a while!

  2. Mike


    BTW, my postcard (the dirty pictures one) made it to my office and sat in my transparent folder holder beside my door for two weeks while I was on vacation.

    It was a huge success. People kept looking at me in a funny way. The sexual harrassment lady had a little talk with me… 😉

  3. Lucy Dee

    I was told to stop by here by some flaming red-haired avatar. Nice to see someone else in the blogosphere has a sense of humor– (this comment coming from an expert, a comedienne.)

    Glad I stopped by! I will have to check-in regularly… :angel:

  4. Avitable

    If you submitted something by the Contact Form, it wasn’t working. It is now. Sorry.

    BPR, look at you – what an awesome sister!

    Poppy, you’ll be like an evil Santa.

    Clown, I wanted to make it very clear that they should use the links at that site, not this site. Because people are retarded, remember?

    Heather, damn straight!

    Sheila, bunch of smart asses, the lot of ya.

    Dave, that is a cool idea. I wonder how I’d work that using Paypal as the merchant.

    Poppy, he means real mail.

    Geeky, only if you define fun by horrifying all of your friends!

    Mike, very nice! Are you prohibited from talking to any minors now?

    Lucy Dee, thanks for the visit. Flaming red-haired avatar? Heartless Lass? Satan? Who?

  5. Ev Nucci

    :crazywife: :heartbeat:

    Avitable, I just love these little smileys! It doesn’t take much to make me laff! Here I’m gonna pretend this is me :sexytime:

    That’s hilarious! Any way, I gave you an award just because I wanted to recognize what you did. What you do with it is up to you. I don’t care if you accept it or not. I just needed to recognized how benevolent you were recently and how much I admire what you did.
    Here’s the post

  6. Angel

    Hehe I love the new design…that is one that we are debating on, although we are trying to decide if we know anyone that is our age without children. My brother-in-Law might beat my pretty little face in if I send him that one…and I read your FAQ’s where you stated that you will assume no risk. :lmao:

    I know that we will get a multipack plus some of the other designs, but I am not sure which yet. I do know that I will probably be purchasing more closer to the Christmas season.

  7. Poppy

    Avi, I am not an evil Santa. I’m a *bad* Santa.

    Sorry, Dave. I should have known you’re smart. I blame the hour of the night at which I wrote that comment, because I didn’t even remember doing it.

  8. Avitable

    Brittany of Christ, cranky bitch!

    Mike, destroying computer equipment is always fun!

    Angel, I’m glad someone read the FAQ! Did you also notice the hidden message in the Church name?

    Metalmom, send them to your daughter. At school.

    Poppy, bad and evil!

    Sarcastica, I’ll donate for boobies.

    Dawn, you should contribute to the oodles!

  9. Clown

    If you sell 4 packs you’ll barely have enough to cover the cost of 1 double cheeseburger.

    That’s without fries, tax, or tip.

    $15 cheeseburger…

  10. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, and blowjob lessons.

    Tracy, I might just have to do that!

    Lynda, that is a good one. My favorite is the Rejected Photos one.

    TMP, STAT!

    Britter the Sandman, gasp! I was grumpy? No way!

  11. DangerDoll

    Fucking AWESOME. The world owes you for filling the void left by those tight asses at Hallmark.

    I ordered the assorted pack.

    The only one I noticed missing was from the pregnancy test people about the recall of defective sticks. Heh.

  12. Trish K

    PS You also are missing a card for women who have had augmentations…and maybe some sort of defect…one boob exploding…I don’t know just because my boobs are black from the surgery…sore…still can’t sleep on my back…and still no post card from you…sob, cry, whine….where is my wine…oh..sorry wrong site…
    :boobs1: (still too sore to do this)

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