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Yesterday, Sheila’s post of pictures of her messy desk inspired me to blatantly steal pay homage to her idea.

My desk is actually a U shape that surrounds me on three sides, so I’ve uploaded photos of all sides of this explosion of paper, gum, toys, rubber vaginas, and other detritus. The photos are 1600X1200, so after you click on them, you can zoom in to see the extent of this horrifying mess.

How bad’s your desk?

Behind my desk

My desk

My left desk

My right desk

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58 Replies to “Desktritus”

  1. Mistress


    I don’t even have to enlarge those to know your shit is a disaster area.

    I can smugly look down on you now because I just cleaned my computer desk on Sunday.

    Na na na boo boo

  2. Amanda

    oh my god, that makes me anxious just looking at it. Also, is Peter naked? And do you not use a tape measure to measure your penis, or do you keep that one separate?

  3. heather

    Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. That room would give me seizures. Can I go clean it? Please? Because now it’s going to bug me knowing there’s a room that looks like that.

    Oh, you do win points for having hand sanitizer.

  4. Mike

    Soooo, is Monday post going to be the same shots, but everything’s squeaky clean? That would be impressive.

    And by the way, if you zoom in close enough you can see that the hand sanitizer is actually Astro-Lube in a different container.

    And that monitor… I’m so jealous.

  5. Avitable

    Mike, isn’t it one desk in hand is worth two tupperwares of bush?

    BPR, I hope you can top my desk.

    Mistress, but if you enlarge them you can see all the funny notes I wrote!

    Amanda, I use a ruler because it has centimeters.

    Bethie, that’s what you’d think, right? But no.

    Sheila, see? Told you yours was squeaky clean!

    Melanie, he’s around here somewhere.

    KG, wanna come clean it for me?

    Geeky, I just stare at my monitor and ignore the rest.

    RW, yeah, but you have okapi.

    Metalmom, him and Elvis!

    ADW, yeah, I gave up trying to find anything a long time ago.

    Trish, I tried to tell her it was no big deal.

    Britt, crazy whore.

    Heather, yes, please come clean it. In the nude.

    Kristin, my keyboard and monitor are clean, so that’s all I need.

    TMP, I’m used to being impressive in a bad way.

    Mike, the monitor is fucking sweet.

  6. Avitable

    MP, Office Depot, actually. It’s a five-button Microsoft Optical Mouse, and I’ve never yet found one was good. Actually, I bought seven of them so that I wouldn’t run out for a while.

    Y not I, you know what? I think you’re right!

    RW, what does your desk look like? I’m intrigued.

    Dick, I took pimping from the streets to the web.

  7. Avitable

    Tracy, I like to keep my hands clean when rooting through all of the shit.

    Amy, she doesn’t do much in here other than vacuum. And would that be “altar”?

    BPR, I’m surprised. I would have figured that you’d be quite a slob.

    Brandi, I have an exterminator who treats the house every three months. I could put a bowl of honey out on the counter for a month and we wouldn’t get any bugs.

    Heather, we might have to think about that.

    Dragon, you slay you, and your name is Dragon? Veddy clever.

    e.Craig, shh.

    TMP, oh, no, that IS a good thing.

    Trish, I think those are just socks. The underwear is usually in a pile behind Britt when I do my naked happy dances.

    Fab, I wonder what type of food packages and lube bottles you’d find in the crevices of that easy chair.

    Crazy Lady in Vegas, it was nice and neat until she moved in here!

  8. Sybil Law

    Oh even when you post pictures of your mess I feel better! Because on my worst day, my desk does NOT look that bad! Thanks for making me feel neat and organized! However, I love the figurines and gum – I like Trident Tropical Twist, or Orbit Citrus Mint. I am addicted to gum. Sorry, I’m brain dead thanks to allergy meds – carry on. 🙂

  9. Avitable

    Amy, did Maggie set the house on fire?

    Sybil Law, I am addicted to gum, too. I buy it by the case.

    Annie, I just have a catheter installed – it’s easier.

    Crystal, will you be seeing her in person? Do you know yet?

    NYCWD, they make sounds when you walk with them, too.

    BPR, your personality.

  10. Janelle

    Hey My Blog Hero, how are things?? :thumbsup: You know, Britt’s boobs are great, but you sent me a kick ass postcard…how about every Wednesday and every other Weekend and all major holidays your My Blog Hero? And with Labor Day coming up, that should count as a major holiday right? Oh what the hell…to clear the air, can I just show you my :boobs5: ?

  11. Michael

    That’s what I call a workspace. Everything important easily to hand.

    I even have the same Beaker puppet somewhere, but nowhere near as many cool toys.

    Just now at the Thrift store I got a Star Wars Luke Skywalker figure with the massive feet and hands.

    My desk recently appeared on my blog and is new so still fairly bare right now.

  12. Fogspinner

    Have to point out the dirty sock pile in the 3rd picture. I see you didn’t high light that and blame Miss Britt. 🙂

    Who knew my son was at your house leaving his socks all over there too!

  13. Avitable

    RW, my intrigue, it has been quelled.

    Janelle, you should always feel comfortable coming to me at any point that you want to show your boobs.

    Turnbaby, yes they are!

    BPR, no you just seem like you’d be unkempt!

    Michael, now that it’s new, you have to pop its cherry and start piling the shit on there.

    Fogspinner, that’s her fault, too. One of her jobs is to do my laundry, and she’s not doing very well at that part.

  14. Avitable

    Y2K Survivor, Britt is tiny – the monitor eclipses her.

    BPR, whatever. You are so not offended.

    Turnbaby, ew. I’d never wank into anything that my feet have been in. I stem the flow and walk it into the bathroom, which is just a few feet from her.

    Tug, nope!

  15. Wayne

    I’ll be honest here and say that if I participated in this, I’d be dishonest. I’d probably have to add a thing here, move off a thing there, and try to make my desk more impressive than it is, or put something there so I’d have the excuse to blog about it.

    Anyone else out there not snapping their EXACT desk at the EXACT time you heard about the meme?

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