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What could be worse?

What, you may ask, could be worse than a man diddling a dolphin? It’s not a video, it’s not real, and it’s not even bestiality. But somehow, it feels worse than the Flipper fellatio. The porpoise peniscapades. The fishfucking.

What is it?

Cartoon porn!

May you remember this date forever as the day that you saw things that made you want to scoop out your eyes.


Dr. Hibberd and Flanders


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32 Replies to “What could be worse?”

  1. Avitable

    Metalmom, I don’t know if his penis grows when he lies.

    Amanda, I know! The things you learn . . .

    NYCWD, I stayed away from the cartoon child porn ones. Bart fucking Maggie is just way too creepy, even for me.

    Mr. Fabulous, nah. I just want people to think of cartoon porn when they think of whatever today’s date is, and only cartoon porn, forever.

    Heather, I’m sure you have. In your head when you’re using your special “friend”.

  2. ADW

    Not even close to being worse than dolphin porn. I don’t care if you show Cinderalla getting gang banged by her little mice helpers, nothing will take the searing image of that dude and a dolphin penis out of my brain. Nothing.

  3. Avitable

    Bubblewench, especially the interracial uncut gay sex between Flanders and Hibberd, right?

    Trish, you’re showing your age. I don’t know who that is!

    ADW, really? Why is it that this creeps me out more than the dolphin?

    TMP, maybe I have a fear of naked toons.

    BPR, I knew you’d say that.

    Britt, awww, that’s so sweet.

    Poppy, this one’s ALL about you!

    Joe, true dat.

  4. hellohahanarf

    dammit, i went and watched the dolphin clip. thankfully i have not yet consumed lunch. unfortunately i don’t think i can now! that was bad. which makes these silly cartoons downright boring.

    wtf is wrong with the guy doing the dolphin? with his mouth! ewww.

  5. Avitable

    Poppy, what do you mean? The fairy is getting banged by Pinocchio!

    Turnbaby, okay, I guess I really have to pull out all stops now.

    Dawn, yeah, I’ve seen that one, too.

    Trish, are you drinking at work?

    Amy, I thought you’d be icked out by this.

    TMP, it’s something about the sanctity of these cartoons!

    RW, I don’t know what you’re talking about, nor do I.

    Hello, that dolphin was a happy dolphin.

    DB, well, it’s just a sampling.

    Sarcastica, ew!

    Robin, apparently.

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