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Poppy doesn’t like alligator. Britt was mean to our dimwitted waitress. I held my pee for the thirty-minute drive home and almost exploded. That’s a summary of our dinner together in less than 25 words. And here’s the other thousand:


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35 Replies to “Bite”

  1. Julianne

    Did they serve “Gator Bites”? Did Amy’s mom make poppy eat the gator or is that just me?

    That brings back funny memories….tastes like chicken! Will make a grown woman lie about whether the 12-yr old looking girl is 21 or not :angel:

  2. ADW

    Not a big fan of eating alligator. I had it once and it did not taste like chicken. It did taste like gristle. Blech!!

    While I never recommend treating the person who brings you your food poorly, there are some fucktards out there that I am surprised are able to walk and draw air at the same time. TEAM BRITT!!!

  3. Miss Britt

    Oh you lying fuck.

    a) I am the one who is mostly likely to be nice to a waitress because I have WORKED in food service (I feel you on that ADW!)

    b) YOU started saying shit when she asked how the food was. I was horrified You said she didn’t hear you.

    c) I merely decided to test that theory.

    d) and also, she did suck ass, thank you.

  4. Avitable

    Amanda, it’s a penis, of course.

    BPR, it’s more of the issue that since a stick figure is 2-D, trying to draw a chair for them just looks like a jumble of lines. And you did have a gravatar – I don’t know what happened.

    Julianne, you weren’t 12! You were more like 18, weren’t you?

    Tracy, if it was going to implode, it would only have been because of the suckiness of the restaurant itself.

    DB, oh, she did. She forgot my salad completely!

    RW, it was actually a cow drumstick.

    ADW, a bad piece of gator can taste like gristle. And the waitress didn’t know that we were treating her poorly – she was THAT stupid.


    Hello, so do they.

    Shelli, I do lots of stretching exercises.

    Britt, so you’re not denying that you were mean, just that I was mean first? I didn’t say you were the ONLY one who was mean to the retarded waitress!

  5. Poppy

    That was an awesome time. I found the stupidity of the waitress to add to the experience. And alligator is NASTY, so fuck yah I spit it out!

    Next time I will bring my camera. I had my cell phone camera! Just was too spaced out to think about such things.

    Next time I will be taking plenty of photos of Jigsaw for my personal collection. (Does that sound creepy?)

    I have handwritten a post about last night, since I haven’t been at my computer enough to actually type. it. in.

  6. Amy

    Aren’t you supposed to end posts like this with “and a good time was had by all.” or something?

    There is a place here in town that makes really good deep fried alligator. It’s different but tasty!

  7. Avitable

    BPR, maybe you should reset it at the site.

    Tug, barely.

    TMP, it’s tasty!

    Poppy, it was fun, even with the stupid waitress.

    SleepyNita, I have to use disguises.

    Trish, remembering to put an order in seems like a fundamental part of being a waitress!

    Amy, and a good time was had by all.

    Annie, stupid twat forgot my salad, and when she brought my steak and I mentioned it, she tried to fucking argue that I didn’t order one! Then, later on, she asked how things were, and I said “Passable”, and she just replied “Okay, great”, and walked away.

    Sybil Law, her finger was firmly wedged up there the entire night.

    Robin, well, yeah, there wasn’t anything special about it. Except the lack of chairs.

    Crystal, grazie.

    Sarcastica, exactly!

    TJ, that’s tick stitties to you.

    Y2K, my cartoons are always exact depictions of real life.

    CP, my pen can’t lie that much!

    Mr. Fabulous, didn’t you get it? I mailed it to you months ago!

  8. Julianne

    It was three days before my 20th birthday. sorta like today is three days before my 26th, which ALSO means Happy early 6th Anniversary πŸ™‚

    I was thinking about the wedding today, cuz I remember how surreal it was flying on Oct 11th 2001. And then how glad I was that I stayed at your house that first night rather than Hotel Anthrax lol

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