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Hobo no mo’

From now on, it’s no more of this:
Holy Socks

And more of this:

Unholy Socks

Oh, and I got the Transformers DVD today in a case that transforms into Optimus Prime! SQUEEEE!!


Untransformed Back


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45 Replies to “Hobo no mo’”

  1. Avitable

    Brandi, I didn’t even know about it, but my cousin picked on up for me at Target.

    Amy, I’m sure there’s a limit, somewhere.

    Sheila, me too. I’m thinking about throwing away all the holy ones.

    Dave, that would be brilliant – they should release the DVD with each character because some people would buy all of them. I’d like a Barricade one, too.

    BPR, do you even have DVD players in Canada? I thought you guys were still on Betamax.

    Tracy, damn skippy!

    Wayne, should I change the title to “homo, but hobo no mo? fo sho?”

    Mr. Fabulous, so I can slide around and sing ala Tom Cruise in “Risky Busines”. Duh.

    HG5, well, he can’t have it. It’s mine!

    Heather, I hope I get more than one present at Christmas!

    Metalmom, they sell them at Target.

    DB, trust me. You don’t want my feet being accessible.

  2. Avitable

    TMP, haven’t gotten the new manties yet. They should come soon, and then I’ll throw the old ones out.

    Robin, I know, huh.

    Turnbaby, mmmmmayyybeeee.

    RW, in the socks!

    NYCWD, are you kidding? I ordered them online. I don’t buy anything in a store.

  3. Fogspinner

    :crazywife: Thanks alot! Now my damn husband is all “I want one of those” “I want that moooovvviiiieeee”

    No one like a whiner but he’s not listening.

    :thumbsup: No holes are a good thing…. in socks.

  4. Webmiztris

    hey, how did you get ahold of my husband’s socks? ๐Ÿ˜€

    and what is with guys wearing socks and underwear until they old, holey and stretched out anyway? I’ve never understood that one. is it the air circulation factor of the holes that you guys enjoy?

  5. Y2K Survivor

    Personal theory here: The holes in the masturbation sock led to the carpet stains Britt mentioned. By the way, if you can blow holes like that in your wack-off sock, you might wanna consider “double bagging” now that you have replacements.

  6. Monkey

    I can live with holes in my underwear – no problem – but holes in my socks drive me insane – looks like you have that “gold toe” kind of sock that’s supposed to resist a man’s jagged nasty toenails – perfect!

  7. Sybil Law

    That Transformers case is awesome!
    Sooo glad you got some new socks. I automatically throw out my husbands’ old ones – since I do his laundry. So, did you buy them because you were out of clean, holey socks or because you were really sick of the holes?!

  8. Avitable

    Hello, I go barefoot sometimes, but I refuse to wear sandals, so when we go out, it’s socks and sneakers.

    Britt, well, I was peeing at the time.

    Poppy, the second half was the best part!

    ADW, I tried it with a few friends and they loved it. It worked to their cell phones, too.

    Fogspinner, you should get it for him. It’s what a good wife would do.

    Mom, you haven’t seen my feet.

    Stephanie, we’re just efficient.

    Crystal, fo realsies.

    Dawn, I think it’s just laziness.

    CP, and beer bottles.

    Bossy, now that would be a costume! Mine won’t be nearly as wholesome.

    Y2K, I’m like Superman.

    Monkey, the gold toe ones are stronger in the toe area, but the heels rip really easily when I’m pulling them on.

    Lynda, video? What is this video of which you speak? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sybil, maybe a little bit of both.

    Crazy, it was that or actually work.

    Tug, and yesterday my new manties arrived!

  9. Y2K Survivor

    Mrs. Y2K came home from an out of town conference last night with gifts for her loved ones (I got nuttin) but Y2K Jr got a Transformers DVD. I thought the Case was the name of a Power-Ranger-like character and you were showing off your new toy. So… DUH! Cool case!

  10. The Absurdist

    I won some goddamned fucking piece of fucking shit transformer at the conference this week. the guy before me won the plasma tv. Fucker.

    I hate orlando. Fucking goddamned fucking pit of humidity fucking hell full of goddamned fucking screaming children, their fucking parents who might as well be children, and every goddamned car on the road has a guy with hair all over him, a cigar hanging out of his mouth, and wearing goddamned wife beaters and no shoes. Fuckers.

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