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Someone’s birthday

As many of you know, today marks the birthday of someone very important to the world. Someone that garners praise and prayer and causes riots and celebrations and erections. Someone that people dream about, talk to on a daily basis, and think about constantly. Someone with an awesome rack and an ass that can’t be beat. I’m talking, of course, about our very own ADW!

This little blonde bombshell turns 30 today, and she is only improving with age. She’s sassy, sarcastic, snide, and sexy. She’s a party animal with the mouth of a sailor and the gaseous explosions of the Hindenberg. She’s got a sharp tongue and an even sharper wit. I’m proud to call her bitchcakes.

Happy birthday, ADW!

Penis Cake

It’s also the birthdays of some of my other favorite people: Stephanie, Liquid, and (tomorrow), Clown!

Oh, and people celebrate Jesus’s birthday today, but he wasn’t actually born today at all, so we’ll wait until the spring for that, k?

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30 Replies to “Someone’s birthday”

  1. Nina

    Avi, I love you and everything, but that’s just kind of… gross. Could you at least put a condom on it? It’s scaring me.

    (I don’t see men-parts very often). (Never).

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Avitable

    Amanda, same to you!

    Nina, you don’t see man parts very often? And you visit my blog? Have you seen this post (well, it’s on Britt’s blog, but it’s about me):

    Mr. Fabulous, but would they take you?

    Robin, glad you liked it. Merry Christmas!

    Zom, I’m still chuckling over “man parts”.

    AnnieB, that’s it? No snide remark? Who are you and what have you done with the real AnnieB?

    DB, and my dick’s made of icing!

  3. Avitable

    Peggy, Cherry Mistmas!

    Amy, what, no birthday salutations for ADW?

    HG5, that’s a long time from now. You’ll have to remind me! And that’s not my cake – just something I found online.

    Poppy, did Jesus blow out the candles?

  4. hellohahanarf

    happy birthday to all!

    avi, my card arrived yesterday. great timing. and i loved it…thanks.

    hope you got a calendar for christmas. so that you can write down july 5th. i’ll be 37 and will eagery anticipate the arrival of another avitable original.

    which reminds me, last night i shared your poem. they loved that you got fucktard in your version. great job.

    and since today is kinda the last day that i can use this…here goes…


  5. Avitable

    Preposterous, you can sit on the cake anytime.

    Hello, you shared my poem with your family? Your poor family. You’ll have to remind me when your birthday gets closer.

    Poppy, you gave me your cold!

    Lisa, I did read that, but I was just doing the people on Christmas! I still have a whole day for your birthday.

    Tana, yeah, you might be right about it being in August.

    Sybil, it’s a good education for him.

    Steph, the pierced penis cake isn’t something you want for your birthday?

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