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Yesterday was fun. We hosted Christmas dinner for about 15 people. I made mashed potatoes and used my newly purchased BACONSALT and it was awesome. We had ham and turkey and beef brisket and roast beef and mashed potatoes (with BACONSALT) and stuffing and green beans and cranberry sauce and Amy made a shitload of desserts (I made the fudge).

We didn’t do much gift exchanging this year, but I still got a few books I wanted (Dean Koontz’s newest, the last two Stephenie Meyers’s books in the vampire trilogy), some movies (Bourne Ultimatum, The Simpsons), and a video game (Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii). I got some random geeky things, a few gift certificates, eggnog- and gingerbread-flavored hot cocoa, and a new wallet, which was desperately needed, yet something I’d never go buy for myself.

I bought Amy some pajamas from Victoria’s Secret (flannel ones with puppies and kitties on them), a GPS unit, a heated blanket that only heats one side so that she can stay warm but I don’t have to sweat my balls off, and a digital picture frame/travel alarm clock for all of her business trips.

Jigsaw got a few new bones, a new toy, and a new outfit (thanks liquid!):


All in all, it was a hectic day, and I’m glad it’s over, but it was nice to see everyone, too.

Now, everybody back to fucking work!

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42 Replies to “Aftermath”

  1. hellohahanarf

    i so don’t wanna work wednesday. can’t get outta it. good thing i love my job, eh?

    wait, i said eh. does that eh mean i can fake canadian and take off for boxing day? damn. didn’t think so.

    your dinner sounds fanfrikkentastic. how did it all taste? did the BACONSALT live up to the hype?

    that dog is so damn cute. but ain’t it awful hot in florida for a fur covered animal wearing a shirt? sheesh.

  2. Aunt Robin

    Flannel pajamas with puppies and kittens…from Victoria’s Secret? And YOU bought them?

    Hmm…sounds highly unlikely to me, but if it’s true, you be careful now; your lecherous and licentious reputation may be in jeopardy.

  3. Lisa

    YAY ME…no work, no job…oh no money.

    The dog looks so stoic.

    I’ve never heard of baconsalt but it sounds like something I’d put on EVERYTHING.

    Santa brought us a Wii. I’m going out to buy games today.

  4. ADW

    Can I just say that I was really busy yesterday and did not go near my ‘puter, so I didn’t get to see the homage to my birthday. I burnt a thumb and three fingers and sliced my pointer open, so it’s a little hard to type.

  5. Sybil Law

    WTF is Baconsalt?! I don’t like salt, really, so I’m not sure if I’d like it.
    Anyway, I am mighty impressed by your dinner! Good job!
    Jigsaw is way freaking cute.
    I got pajamas from my mother-in-law. She must think I weigh 300 lbs. She bought me size large, and a small is usually too big for me.
    Still – I wore them. They are amazingly comfortable, even though I swim in them.
    Flannel rocks!

  6. Summer

    I too enjoy Dean Koontz books. I especially liked One Door Away From Heaven and Odd Thomas. Sounds like a lovely Christmas at your house. I like the digital frame for Amy when she’s out of town. I wish I had invented those.

  7. borysSNORC ™

    Baconsalt? Never heard of it. I don’t think we’ve got that down here… Jay thinks living in Arkansas is behind the times – you should try living in Australia!!
    All our TV shows are months behind, we only just got Eee PCs and iPhones are no where near being available here yet. 🙁

  8. Avitable

    RW, cheerio.

    Amanda, that sounds excellent!

    Hello, the Baconsalt tasted awesome! And it was cold enough for a sweater – 40-50 degrees.

    Bobgirrl, let me know how it goes.

    Dee, it was a good one.

    Poppy, you want the Santa smilies to go away?

    Robin, she likes puppies and kittens!

    Lisa, even just the game that comes with it is enough for several days of fun.

    DB, good job!

    Mr. Fabulous, I’m a good cook, fucker!

    ADW, you’ll have to type with your boobs instead.

    Robin, she’s stylish, what can I say?

    Trish, it was good stuff.


    Boy Blunder, same to you.

    Preposterous, nobody – I’m a good cook, actually. Well, sometimes.

    TMP, it was like magic.

    Sybil Law, Bacon salt is bacon-flavored salt. How can you not like salt?

    Dawn, I decided to get a gift basket for them that I made. They loved it.

    Deb, I only shop online, so I didn’t even go into a store.

    Amy, yeah, ours was actually low key for us.

    Summer, the Odd Thomas series are very good.

    Jester, only if I’m holding it at my crotch.

    BorysSNORC, iPhones aren’t available in Australia?

  9. Wayne

    So, when you you boil the potatoes, do you add salt to the water? I always have, and sometime someone saw me do that and they said “oh, you make salt water mashed potatoes” and I was like “what? no, I’m getting the water hotter by adding salt, plus it’s possible that it affects the taste a little and I’m not averse that that” and they were all “no, those are SALT WATER POTATOES” and so I slapped them.

  10. Sybil Law

    How can you LIKE salt?!
    I only like it when I have PMS. I am also frazzled and klutzy when I have PMS, if that says anything.
    I do salt steaks sometimes and I salt the outside of potatoes when I bake them…
    Otherwise, I do not like salt, Sybil I am.

  11. Jared

    Hey thanks again for having us for Christmas. I had a good time. And especially thank you for everything else, picking us back up and bringing us to the airport in the morning. And one more side note, I can’t beleive that you actually have this smilie :2girls: because its sick and disgusting, but still hiliarious that you have it on here.

  12. Jared

    I may have said that, but I meant it in a good way. I just didn’t know anyone until now, who was a crazier driver than me. And I don’t mean crazy like wreckless, just fast and aggressive. Which is how some people have to drive in order for anyone to get anywhere. Otherwise we would spend our lives sitting in traffic. I loved that you drive like that, there should be more people who drive better (the way me and you do) up here in Boston. They all suck and it drives me nuts.

  13. Avitable

    Jared, it definitely drives me nuts down here with all of the blue hairs who are on the road.

    And I’ll admit that driving through the toll lane with my visor down at 80 mph might have been a bit crazy. :lmao:

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