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Manna from heaven

This weekend, I received a package from Poppy. Before I could take any photos, though, I devoured the entire package whole. So here is my artistic recreation of the contents of my stomach, which include her package, among other items.


Thanks, Poppy! You’re my favorite blogger from France!

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37 Replies to “Manna from heaven”

  1. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Dude, you got a ninja in there? I understand how a ninja got into your lungs. The sneaky bastards like to make you sick, it’s like fun for them. But in your stomach? How did you convince him? Was it the cookies or the cat? Just wondering.

    Wait…. how did Poppy get a ninja shipped from France. Aren’t they Japanese? Wha?

  2. Avitable

    Jay, posthumous fame is good enough for me.

    Amanda, no, she didn’t. I ate some random person’s iphone who was walking down the street.

    BorysSNORC, yup!

    Gwen, I could live with that.

    MD, so I sucked off a homeless person. Who hasn’t?

    Mr. Fabulous, when they’re not running away.

    RW, he got away. It was close, though – I thought his car was a peppermint.

    Britt, they’re mine now, beyotch.

    RW, ninjas aren’t that smart.

    CMG, I told him that there was an honorable fight in there.

    Trish, you do realize (and I only ask this because I know you’re older and need glasses) that this is a picture of me, not my wife, right? πŸ˜€

  3. Poppy

    Awww, yay! You drew me a picture!!!!! I was absolutely convinced you were going to not say anything about this since I told you I’m not in it for the glory. I guess you had nothing else to blog about today. πŸ˜‰

    In case anyone is actually interested in seeing the cookies they are here.

    Amanda, I did not send him an iPhone. Just cookies and Ratatouille (since I had an extra copy and he had zero copies).

    Britt, those peanuts were in the box — red and green! Stolen from B who sent her Christmas present to me in that box.

  4. Avitable

    NYCWD, no that was a homeless person.

    Jen, hope not!

    RW, ah. Good point.

    Hello, no, some bum I met on the street. And the mayo is light.

    Poppy, I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I will watch it and will report back.

    TMP, to be fair, most of it came in through my butt.

    Trish, hahaha! No, thank God.

    Christie, you can’t make me!

  5. Avitable

    Robin, I was thinking “RW” and wrote “RW”. Of course, I think I already know your name, don’t I? From Christmas cards or something?

    Amy, RW tasted like chicken. The mini cooper tasted like over fried potatoes.

  6. Avitable

    TMP, my pleasure.

    Crys, I was hoping more for Manet.

    Absurdist, unreadable? Did you have your glasses on, you old lady?

    Poppy, it will pay off eventually.

    Amy, the Mini Cooper? I put mayo on it.

    Robin, I think sending me presents is a brilliant idea!

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