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Office Space

So last week, Britt did a video post, and everybody was trying to figure out where the hell she was during the video. Some people guessed a torture chamber, or an old warehouse, or some horrible little place. It was none of those. It was my office!


So I decided to do a quick video tour of my office to show that it’s not always a torture chamber. Here’s the direct link.

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41 Replies to “Office Space”

  1. Jay

    Dude, I don’t want to say your a slob but … dang.

    Will you throw in a couple of chocolate covered burritos along with the booze in that offer?

    And Miss Britt has got some serious dancing skills.

  2. DutchBitch

    So you’re saying that ur office is not álso a torture chamber? Bummer…

    Ignore that email I sent yesterday begging ya for a job… I need to be able to do my “torture moments” during the day, ya know… :sex014:

  3. Dee

    I have no idea how you can get any work done in that – I seriously hope someone takes you up on your offer!

    And you don’t seem to have your comic books in plastic – how are they going to survive your entire life?!

  4. Nina

    “It is not a warehouse or a torture chamber…”

    Uh, it might as well be. Honey, there ain’t no flow in there. And it’s dark and cluttered and while I can’t SEE the dust, I feel pretty sure it is there.

    Perhaps I am being such a bitch because it is dark and stormy week and I can’t sleep. Or maybe it’s because In another life I was a professional organizer. Nah. I am just a bitch.

    If I lived within easy distance of Florida, I would be at your house by dawn so that I could evict you from that office and create the kind of work environment worthy of your empire. You and Brit and Mrs. Avitable deserve better. What color is that paint, anyway? If I hitch hike to Florida to correct all your problems, can I repaint in there, too?

  5. hellohahanarf

    oh my fuck, that was fantastic! you, my friend, are the only person i know that makes my desk look not so bad. i’m sending my boss to this fucking video so that they quit giving me shit about my workspace. daymmmmn!

    i love britt hollering that she wsas sorry she messed up your video. was expecting everything to end there. her dancing was SO worth waiting til the end. awesome! that girl has got skillz.

  6. Sybil Law

    Your office is killing me. For someone as anal as me, it is excruciating to see all those boxes and stuff everywhere! I would seriously consider coming to Florida just to clean your office! But I am with Nina – that color has to go, too. Supply me with a crackpipe, and I am all over that shit! You need an entire wall devoted to stuff you can hang up – a corkboard wall, sorta.
    Oh man. It’s really killing me!
    If I come down there to clean, you must also babysit Gilda. She’s pretty easy.
    I would also recommend a hamper.
    But display the silver cock n balls proudly!

  7. kapgar

    So you work in the comic book and action figure industry?

    I’m assuming you don’t have a Toby working in your office to report all your HR violations to some higher authority, eh? That boob was awesome. Talk about the world’s greatest stress ball… er…

    At least Adolf looked like he was enjoying the view during your drive.

  8. Avitable

    Britt, she’s crazy awesome!

    Wayne, well, Saturday EST.

    Amanda, when are you coming to Florida?

    Mary, the rest of the house isn’t nearly this bad.

    Jay, sure – burritos will be included, too.

    Beth, yeah, she’d be a cute prego chick.

    Bobgirrl, well, that was her desk – she has her own office now.

    DB, your job has some S&M responsibilities?

    Dee, I have many of them bagged.

    Dan, I’ll let you read my comics. You can just flap your arms and fly over on your own, though.

    Kyra, your whole house looks like this? Need some help cleaning?

    Nina, I like my paint job! It’s Superman blue.

    Lisa, my wife makes me keep all of my stuff in one room – I don’t have anywhere else to put it!

    Robin, I’m glad I could help you enjoy your weekend.

    Absurdist, that wasn’t a long tour. It was colorful.

    Hello, she wasn’t sorry. She was enjoying messing with the video, instead of doing her work like she is supposed to.

    TMP, it will be a fun vacation!

    Sybil, crack and babysitting. Check and check.

    Kapgar, I don’t work in comics – it’s my hobby, actually. I own my own company, so there is no higher authority. Except for Jeebus.

  9. hellohahanarf

    how about i forgot to tell you that for shelter and alcohol i would totally come to florida to clean your office. for some reason i have no problem cleaning for friends and family, but i hate, hate, hate to clean my own office or house.

    sheesh, i got issues. but we knew that.

  10. Allyson

    Ok, after painting, it will be time to clean the Avitable Torture Chamber Office Got it. All I require is a blender, tequila, mangos, and ice… and some margarita mix. Oh, and some bags for your comics, and an expense account to target for organization tools. And of course a good selection of music…

  11. MyWeeWorld

    I’m totally OCD so I could clean the hell out of your office!

    When Britt had your Halloween costume on upside down, it reminded me of how I didn’t know if the balls were on top or bottom until I went to college. How naive is that??? I also didn’t know if they went in or stayed out during sex. Clearly I was clueless.

  12. Avitable

    DB, I wonder if that school needs instructors.

    Hello, but will you clean naked?

    Clown, that’s what I thought. She’s been chewing on the boobs!

    Allyson, I think I can handle all of that.

    Kyra, get rid of the kids. Much better solution!

    MyWeeWorld, I used to think that a condom was a ring around the penis that somehow irradiated the sperm so that it wouldn’t impregnate someone.

    Crystal, why, yes she was.

  13. hellohahanarf

    naked? no.

    but i will clean the office in a bra and underwear. (your office is so bad that i will need to keep the girls strapped in. they are too big and would get in the way if i didn’t have a bra on.) you are not permitted to be in the office while i clean, though.

    small confession. i get naked to clean my bathroom. then i take a long hot shower in my awesome clean bathroom.

  14. Avitable

    Hello, why I can’t be in there?

    Fig, his penis was as long as he was tall, though!

    Dee, I know – it’s awesome!

    Allyson, sounds good.

    R, it’s clean even though it’s cluttered.

    Janelle, what waffle iron? Have you been smoking the crack again?

    Laura, she usually does.

  15. Rachelskirts

    I’ve grown up with a computer programmer father who likes to keep 10% of the world’s supply of computer parts and programming books in his office, so I was glad to see from this video that he’s not the only person whose office/lair/whatever does NOT resemble an IKEA ad.

    Plus, as this was only my second time to visit your site, it was nice to start off with a bit of a “behind the scenes” video clip. I’m already well on my way to becoming addicted to you (and Britt) now. 🙂

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