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English MacGuffin

Since Saturday, I’ve been hearing from some of my favorite bloggers about this movement that started over with Hilly at Snackie’s World. I resisted at first, but then finally decided to join in. I might have misunderstood, though:

Speaking of funny Englishmen, my bespectacled bearded buddy across the pond, Dan, has tapped me to write a guest post, which appears today. I’m quite afraid of the response I’ll get, though. Since everybody knows the Brits aren’t nearly as smart as us Americans (although at least they’re not Canadians!), they might not get my sense of humor, so I really need you to go over and leave a comment.

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54 Replies to “English MacGuffin”

  1. BlondeBlogger

    I thought it said Cheese too! And then I read Britt’s comment and got all confused, then had to go back to look more carefully at the photo. Now I get it. It’s a slow process but I eventually get there. Ummm…I have been making unintentionally inuendos all friggin night.

  2. Mike

    It’s not the Canadiens you should hate, it’s the Maple Leafs.

    Yes that’s a hockey joke because I’m Canadian. So sue me. Oh wait, you can’t.


    Let me finish by saying: Eh!

  3. Avitable

    :loser: Britt, :loser:

    Amanda, well, he was part Romanian, too.

    Kapgar, that would be horrible, like the syrup shortage of ’77.

    Karl, that’s what I thought, too.

    BPR, never!

    Hilly, and now for something completely different.

    Jay, my bum is on your head.

    Claudia, don’t tell anyone, but I actually love Canadians, especially Michael J. Fox.

    GB, you may have a point there.

    Penelope, oh, I cannot do an accent to save my life.

    Dan, this is what happens when you let your parents and grandparents read your blog!

    BB, you get a pass, since you’re blonde.

    Turnbaby, did you think it said cheese, too?

    Mike, what’s this aboot?

  4. Lisa

    I think Britt and I share some brain cells because I thought it said “Give Cheese A Chance” too and I got all excited because I was going to suggest cheddar, brie and feta.

    I just love a good Greek salad with feta cheese. OMG GOD…NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!


  5. Poppy

    I was all like, “aww, yay, he’s all :tongue1: (that’s the only peace symbol in your smiley list)” but then I read the part about Brits and then I was all like, “he’s such a jackass.” :finger:

  6. Poppy

    Am I the only true English person here?!

    I was born in America and I can read that it says Cleese. Plus, um, IT’S A PICTURE OF JOHN CLEESE!!!!!!

    (perhaps two iced venti Americanos are a bit much)

  7. Grant

    Americans is obviously the smartiest people on the world. If not, we wouldn’t be running things. I’m sure our empire will last forever, unlike the Romans and British who only thought they could run things forever.

  8. Avitable

    Lisa, I do love feta cheese on a Greek salad.

    Britt, company of tards!

    NYCWD, the picture of the man didn’t dissuade you from thinking cheese?

    Robin, I liked him better in Fawlty Towers.

    Mike, yeah. I can’t even bear to write about the French ones.

    Poppy, I am all lobbalobbalobbalobba (that’s how that smiley sounds in my head).

    Mr. Fabulous, are you sure you’re not Romanian?

    Golfwidow, he’s still funny, though.

    Poppy, people read what they want to.

    Grant, yes, we is!

    Winter, yeah, me too.

    BE Earl, he’s also the voice on my TomTom GPS.

    Hello, are you sure you’re not blonde?

  9. whall

    Yeah, I also read it as “give cheese a chance” and I didn’t even recognize him – that pic is so old.

    Funny thing – I’m starting to suspect I may be allergic to cheese. This is a fact that would probably cause me to self-decommision. I’m not positive, and I think I’ll actually go to the dr to check, but I notice itchy bumps on my feet after a higher-than-average cheese intake.

  10. Mike

    Lumberjack Beard? Check.
    Gorilla-sized? Check.
    Hairy? Check.
    Wears underwear/socks full of holes? Check.
    Ginormous schlong? Check.
    Loves Cheeseburgers? Check.
    Drives like a madman? Check.

    My friend, I think you’re an honorary French-Canadian. I’ll have the paperwork mailed to you. πŸ˜‰

  11. Sybil Law

    Add me to the people who thought it said Cheese!!! In my defense, you talked about food and then I saw the picture – kind of tricky! Also, I barely recognized it as John Cleese – he looks like the dude I shot up on paper when I went target shooting a while ago, who also happens to look like Stacy Keach!
    Anyway – of course I will always go where you tell me to.
    But not if it involves cups… :2girls:

  12. turnbaby

    No LOL

    I was making a joke.

    I recognized John Cleese immediately and could read and understand your post.

    I’m something of an Anglophile but not overly.

    I do use British expressions quite a bit and I love it when I don’t have to explain them.

  13. Avitable

    Whall, itchy bumps on your feet after eating cheese? Maybe it’s goudarrhea.

    Hello, I’ll just see if the carpet matches the drapes.

    TMP, clearly!

    Mike, shit. I think you’re right. Eh?

    AmyD, at least finally you and I have something in common, since usually you only like people who are dead.

    Tracy, I don’t know about this “way smart” thing.

    Sybil, when was I talking about food?

    Turnbaby, did you understand every word?

    BB, you’re right. You’ve got a good crowd of honorary blondes with you today.

    Bec, yes, I would!

    Poppy, next weekend? You mean in three weeks?

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