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Bang! Boom! Blah!

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

49 Replies to “Bang! Boom! Blah!”

  1. jake titus

    Great planning on your part to have a lake in your flight path. Should you become a Flaming Human Independence Day Projectile, your advanced safe zone planning will give the folks at the burn center a fighting chance. Have a great holiday.

  2. Kay

    Dude you blew your penis off! :dunce:

    And the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that Adams peen was still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Avitable

    Amanda, it’s tucked.

    Metalmom, burning ass hair is a great aroma.

    Dave, my ass is made of ass-bestos.

    Poppy, your people? You’re British?

    Jake, that was the plan. Except that it’s Crystal Lake, so I’m fucked.

    Stephanie, kiddo? Old lady!

    AmyD, that sounds dirty.

    Angie, it’s like Where’s Waldo? Except “Where’s Baldy?”

    Janna, and smell the burning.

    NYCWD, color is the new pink.

    Karl, so why are you painted red white and blue, then?

    Jay, thanks to Shark Week, I’m no longer afraid of them.

    Sybil, this is one of my favorite drawings, I think.

    Winter, to the moon!

    Grant, domo!

    Tracy, DUDETTE.

    Katie, congratulations on figuring something out that is typically only known to people from age 5 on.

    Zom, my cartoon self is a bit lighter.

    Hallie, clearly, I’m a genius.

    RW, I think it’s finally gone to your head.

    Lisa, you can buy a print for $500.

    Britt, and you just know I’d stab you in your eye.

    Trish, but then you miss out on the fun of reattachment.

    Heather, it’s tucked for safety.

    Golfwidow, I’ve been mistaken for those before.

    Shelli, it’s easy to stay safe when you don’t leave your house!

    Hello, ha! Genius.

    Gwen, good point.

    Rattling the Kettle, beaten by one minute.

    Mindy, same to youi.

    Trukindog, it’s dry here, too, but they let people use the small ones.

    Dragon, well, some are. You just can’t see them.

    Marty, so your cleverness is severely limited, I see.

    Maman, I don’t think they’d decapitate me. My ass would definitely be on fire, though.

    Summer, good thing I don’t like beans.

    Sarah, you too!

    Crystal, did you see me in the night sky flying by?

    Kay, peen sounds like something weird.

    Cajunvegan, I didn’t even go outside.

    Kris, nope. I don’t believe in farting.

  4. Poppy

    I wear baseball hats cuz I look CUTE in ’em. 😛 And I’m totally telling my stylist you said I have roots. (Although, honestly, at Brittcon I totally did, got my hair done the Tuesday AFTER.)

  5. Poppy

    Am I the top commenter yet? Cuz if I am then I don’t have to answer these questions.

    Hmm, not even close. Looks like Clown had some sort of a comment orgy.

    I am an English American from France, yes.

    And why are you asking Becky if my carpet match my drapes? I have hardwood.

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