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Laugh at Adam Day

I found a few old pictures while I was going through some stuff and thought I’d share them with the world.

First, could I look any more Republican?

Second, could I look any more serial killerish?

Finally, could I be any more angelic?

I also found a few cartoons I did for my college newspaper:

Finally, I found some horrible animations I made with GIF MovieGear:

In overbearing and pushy Halloween news, we’ve sold 21 raffle tickets, so we’ve still got a little ways to go before I can give away the Grand Prize of a roundtrip ticket to Orlando for the Halloween Party! If you’d like to win the Grand Prize, you can buy a ticket or two and put a post on your blog asking your friends to sponsor you!

Who is the ticket for?

(If the button doesn’t appear, click here.)

Also, don’t forget to email me a picture of yourself as a child or a young adult. If you want to mail it to me so I can scan it and send it back to you, just let me know!

And, as I’ve mentioned, all of the Halloween T-shirts are available in the sidebar, or by clicking here.

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40 Replies to “Laugh at Adam Day”

  1. Winter

    You look like a 70’s member of the Mossad in the trench with the beard.

    The sponsorship idea is a good one, but I’m not good at asking for anything. I’m sure someone very deserving will win. It’s a very cool contest though.

  2. Sybil Law

    I thought every day was laugh at Adam day?!!
    Really – I love the old pics!!
    And dammit – I forgot to get my raffle tickets today! DAMN!!!!
    I will tomorrow. it’s 2 a.m. here! (And there. Duh.)
    I suck!

  3. Honeybell

    I know I’ve read that your dad wishes your blog wasn’t associated with the family name . . . I’m wondering how freaked out he would be by the family photo! And I’m loving the serial killer Adam.

  4. Lisa

    I find the animations freakishly funny. They kept me amused for at least two minutes.

    I bought my ticket already. I’m coming to the party dammit. I’m buying my plane tickets next week.

  5. Hoosier Girl

    Did I mentioned I’m excited about getting my t-shirt? I couldn’t decide what color to get but I finally decided that the red one was worth the extra money, although I did think it looked really good in brown, too. I got the totally cute “Dave2” design. I might get a ticket one, too….if I have more money later.

    Have you shipped my t-shirt yet? Soon?


  6. Avitable

    Grant, not even a chuckle?

    Undomestic Diva, it usually always is “laugh at me” day.

    Winter, asking for stuff is easy! I do it all the time!

    Tracy, well, for you, I know it’s a daily event.

    Karl, sounds good!

    Sybil, have you bought your raffle tickets yet?

    Sarah, or naked pictures.

    Mike, it’s easy to laugh at other people’s horrible photographic blunders.

    Ioma, that was the plan!

    Elisa, I do love Michael J. Fox.

    Britt, Taser Day isn’t until tomorrow.

    NYCWD, wait, what? Angels don’t have penises?

    Robin, it was college and law school. Yup!

    Crystal, oh, I guess you’ll have to buy one of those, too!

    John, aren’t all Republicans really serial killers at heart?

    TrishK, you never fail to disappoint!

    Michelle, thanks for the visit!

    Shelli, Chandler? Really?

    Bossy, you need to move your husband’s gig!

    Poppy, eyebrow. Singular.

    Hilly, ah, where were you when I was in college?

    Blondefabulous, Grizzly Adams was my hero!

    Marty, well, it was 10 years ago and I was making them frame by frame.

    Evil Genius, very true.

    Heather, that was a great show!

    Honeybell, he’d probably be totally annoyed.

    Becky, I’m only slightly less serial killerish now.

    Hello, I liked my blonde curly look.

    BTDT, my parents have been married for 33 years now.

    Lisa, awesome!

    HG, thanks – I do now! The T-shirt usually takes about a week.

    Stephanie, that’s it?

    Maria, no. I’m masturbating to that picture of myself right now.

    Sheila, Republicans are kinky behind closed doors, ya know.

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