Clearly, You're Retarded was the radio show with Adam Avitable and Britt Reints

Forget THE MAN, it’s all about the old folk

Don’t forget to scroll down and read today’s real post. This post is just because I’m retarded and forgot to stick this into the footer of today’s post.

Do people think that they’re superior just because they’re older? Are they right?

For Episode Seven of “Clearly, you’re retarded”, Britt and I will be slicing and dicing at 9 PM EST on Talkshoe. The topic tonight is ageism – Are the older better than the younger by default? Do younger people get the shaft just because of their age? Join in on the fun by listening live! You can listen live online at, or download the Talkshoe application and you can chat and even call in!

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17 Replies to “Forget THE MAN, it’s all about the old folk”

  1. RW

    I’ve never heard your show. You’re on during Project Runway. Then I forget I can hear it later. Then I don’t care. I’m older and smarter so fuck you anyway. But I mean that in a nice way. :poke:

  2. hello haha narf

    oh…i thought this was a senior citizen bashing thing coz i wrote over at britt’s that i think folks need to be tested in order to be able to keep their fucking driving privileges. and it is a privilege, bitches!

    regardless, i’ll be there.

  3. Avitable

    Manager Mom, yeah, it was something like that.

    Britt, I forgot to mention the show!

    Delmer, good point.

    Nobody, you and Delmer clearly think alike.

    Dave, I had a “senior moment”. What can I say?

    Winter, I understand if you’re too old to type your own response.

    RW, you should listen to it sometime. I’d be genuinely interested in your opinion.

    Poppy, I hope Dawg can find a poofy dress that fits him well.

    Hello, anyone older than 32 is a senior citizen.

    Heather, a shriveled ‘gina, eh?

    Turnbaby, oh, I know.

    Sybil, clearly.

    Mocha, you’re older, but it’s okay. I still like you.

  4. Mattie

    I just finished listening to your show. I know, I know, I’m ALWAYS late to the best parties.

    It’s the first time I ever listened.

    Why didn’t I listen before? Well, first … you scare the shit out of me and Miss Britt is just such an awesome person that I felt intimidated.

    But you know what I found out? You guys (this is lovingly said) are as big a Dufus as I AM!

    Plus … no one was drunk or stupid.

    I think I will try to put this on my calendar for next time.

    Thanks for a great show. Awesome.

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