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I’m not here. I’ve died. From exploding.

Please tell the police that the number one suspect in my exploding death is Texas de Brazil.

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55 Replies to “I’m not here. I’ve died. From exploding.”

  1. Faiqa

    Places like Texas de Brazil represent everything that is wayward and sad about our civilization.

    Why is there a shoe in your explosion? Did you eat the shoe, or is it supposed to be the shoe you were wearing?

  2. SciFi Dad

    Dude, I’ve never been to that particular chain, but there’s a place up here called Carnivale that I’ve been to a number of times. Meat, on a stick, cut at your table? Best.idea.ever.

    The place up here did these amazing sausages on the skewers; I could have just eaten those.

    Also, do they do the pineapple (on the stick, of course) in syrup there for the dessert?

    Damnit. Now I have to go back.

  3. Sybil Law

    You ate Britt, Veronica Mars and a gator?!
    (That sounds like a set-up for a joke, somehow.)
    Yesterday – not enough sleep.
    Last night, too much!
    Anyway, my favorite – drawings!!!!!!!!!!
    (Hope you feel better!)

  4. Blondefabulous

    :puke: Did you try puking to make yourself feel better and to be able to go back for fourths and fifths??

    Love the parmesan crusted porkloin they have.
    LOVE. IT.

    I went to the one up in Memphis. It was awesome. The guys bringing the meat skewers to the table were fucking HAWT too! Sexy men bringing meat to my table. Best. Idea. Evar!

  5. Avitable

    Suze, death by exploding from too much food is a good way to go.

    Maman, I barely touched the salad bar, but I didn’t want to show the red button – I wanted more meat!

    Whall, by capitalizing “police”, I’m assuming you mean Sting and his band?

    Zom, I must have missed that one.

    Dave, well, the rest had digested – this is just from eating at Texas de Brazil!

    Andria, I have my very own bathroom!

    Hilly, I had to sleep sitting up last night.

    Stephanie, that has nothing to do with it!

    Poppy, blargaarararegaegagggghhhhh!

    Amanda, what, you don’t think I drew that whole thing by hand?

    Carolina, you’re lucky you didn’t accidentally end up in there!

    Sarah, come to my funeral.

    Penny, contaminated? I exploded. Like burst. I ate Veronica Mars!

    Schmutzie, ooooh, shiny!

    Faiqa, what are you talking about? Those places are an apex of civilization. And clearly, I ate the shoe.

    Crystal, why yes it is.

    Clown, too hard to draw when I was that full.

    SciFi Dad, they did not have that for dessert. They did have carrot cake, but I was barely able to touch it.

    NYCWD, have you seen me? I know the secret. All I ate was meat. Too. Much. Meat.

    Sybil, I knew someone would see Britt hidden there!

    Lisa, I didn’t leave. I fell over and accidentally rolled out of there.

    Metalmom, I’ve actually never seen that movie. Oh, and you’re dating yourself.

    Gwen, see above.

    Britt, what shit? Did you look at the drawing? I clearly exploded.

    Dan, I don’t know who that is.

    Turnbaby, all of you old folk!

    Blondefabulous, the parmesan pork was outstanding.

    LMSS, there was no pooping! I exploded. And I eat pussy.

    Evil Genius, I’m dead, so that’s me as an angel floating upward. Sigh.

    Winter, they are sooo good!

  6. just beth

    are those your short curlies over to the left, bottom? Because that? That is HYSTERICAL. I’ve almost died from Brazilian BBQ, too. My husband and brother loved it so much that after about a year of frequenting the place, I became a vegetarian. Not because I decided to, the mere SIGHT of meat started to turn my stomach. So beware!!! haha!




  7. Avitable

    BE Earl, you are so clever!

    Hello, I didn’t know about it – and Britt wouldn’t have let us drive all the way into Orlando.

    Steph, it’s the only way to die.

    Jenny, usually I blame you specifically.

    Just Beth, actually, no, that’s what’s left of Britt.

    Bluepaintred, they’re all yours!

    PocketCT, when you’re hungry, you don’t discriminate.

    Elizabeth, and the Holy Grail and an Obama sign.

    Finn, that’s what the housecleaner is for.

    Zom, thanks!

  8. Mari

    We’ve got a similar place here… I call it Carnivore’s Paradise. Did I mention that I’m a carnivore? I didn’t see anything wrong with your lovely pic (except you’re missing something important in ‘angel’ form) our CP has seasonal additions to the menu. DH had alligator sausage last time we were there.

  9. Poppy

    Note to Becky and Karl: Both Avi and Britt drove allllll the way into Orlando for me BOTH times I was there. Next time don’t let them use that bullshit line on you.


  10. Avitable

    Mari, my angel penis is holy and only visible to holy people.

    Robin, finally, a movie that you’ve seen that I haven’t.

    BPR, did your iPod get there yet?

    Poppy, yeah, but Britt had the kids this time.

    Hello, Poppy’s a stinker like that.

    Mik, after Mexican, I feel a bit different.

    Heather, the new urban word is “homeskillet”.

    Marty, more meat than one person should eat in a lifetime.

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