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Chocolate and bacon: Good pairing?

The other day I heard about a bacon chocolate candy bar and had to try it. After searching online, I found the Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges. It intrigued me, so I had to try it. I ordered a few bars, just in case they were absolutely the most wonderful food that I’ve ever tasted and I became obsessed, and the last few days were spent waiting in anticipation.

Watch the video to get my reaction and review of the bacon bar, along with a shameless plug for my T-shirts that you can find online at Zazzle.

I’m also going to have a little giveaway. Leave a comment, and I’ll pick a name at random and send you a bacon bar of your very own! If you want to comment and don’t want the bar, that’s okay – you can just say so in the comments or just decline if your name is chosen.

Enjoy the video!

(Here’s a link if you need it).

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75 Replies to “Chocolate and bacon: Good pairing?”

  1. penny

    I like chocolate and love bacon, and I really, really like a sweet & salty combo. And I am willing to try disgusting sounding combinations of food. As long as it doesn’t contain any type of seafood. I would guess that a bacon chocolate bar does not contain seafood, so I would definitely try it.

  2. New Age Bitch

    I would totally try this, it sounds awesome. Of course, I like chiles in my chocolate too.

    BTW, “Vosges” is French, and it’s pronounced Voe-zgh. The last s is silent. The second syllable is kind of like a really soft J. The Vosges is a mountain range in eastern France and there’s great wine and cheese and stuff in that region.

    Enough of the geography lesson; I need chocolate! You are brave for trying this on camera.

  3. Kathy

    I heard about this a few months ago. I’m definitely on the “ugh gross” side. I like my chocolate pure, thank you very much, though I have tried Lindt’s Chili bar, and it wasn’t bad. Once you got past the initial sting.

  4. jenny

    I love any good salty/sweet combo, so I was totally intrigued when I first heard about this. Although the site I read actually showed an entire slice of bacon that was half-dipped in dark chocolate… I think it must have been some restaurant that was serving it.

    Glad to hear it wasn’t entirely nasty!

  5. Cris

    SO I am like this fat ass Diabetic (that means type II) so I am not interested in your choc-Bacon monstrosity. I am here because Britt’s blog taught me how to give a green thumbs up. I am old and slow and don’t know if I am doing it right, so I thought I would try it here too. Hope I don’t screw it up and give you the finger by mistake.

    So if this works and you get a green thumbs up from me… do you have to thank Britt? heh heh heh

  6. Cris

    BY the way… I recently tried to woo Dave of Blogography to give up his evil vegetarian ways for the potent pig power of bacon. My theory is simple… “Chicks dig bacon.” It’s nice that your little sample group seems to prove out my hypothesis. Eat it Dave!!

  7. Turnbaby

    I LOVE bacon and have tried all sorts of specialty chocolates.

    My favorites have chiles in them. I like dark chocolate but I’d be willing to try the milk chocolate.

    Dark chocolate covered bacon is AWESOME.

  8. Crystal

    Hershey’s syrup on a beef burrito? Bacon in chocolate? My initial reaction is “ew, gross,” but I’m not one to talk, since I’m of the “dip your fries in the Wendy’s Frosty” camp, myself. Or fries dipped in chocolate pudding, one of those lunchroom dares that turned out ok.

    So I’d be totally up for some chocobaconbars.

  9. Cissa Fireheart

    wow, I can’t eat chocolate regularly anymore, but this would be an interesting choice to try for my wedding anniversay (the next time I’ve allowed myself to have chocolate — October 12).

    maybe I’ll win and can share the bar with my husband on that day….

  10. Jordie

    While Chri and I were watching you eat this he just went, “Well he’s going back for more!” upon your second bite and all I could reply with was, “Well, this is a man who finds that chocolate on a burrito is sexy and delicious.”

    Five seconds later, you share your enchanting recipe with the world!


  11. Scout's Honor

    Oh, pick me. Pick me. I can give it to my husband (a bacon fiend) instead of sex and not feel guilty.

    Something sweet and salty that’s not me!

    It’s a get out of sex for a mother of three card.


    Hand over the bar and no one will get hurt!

  12. Dawn

    Mmmmmmm baaaccconnnnn. (Do I sound like Homer Simpson? Do I?)

    I’m a true believer that anything that’s wrapped in bacon or covered in chocolate is a good thing. Isn’t it? It has to be.

  13. Robin

    I’m glad you tried this and now I won’t feel any need to do so. I love bacon (my daughter’s first sentence was “I love bacon”), and I love chocolate/salty pairings, but I’ll pass on the chocobacon. Who thinks up this crap, anyway? It’s almost as bad an idea as prawn-flavored crisps.

  14. Judy C

    I saw the bacon chocolate bar the other day a Whole Foods and noted that it was a must try at some point. I love sweet salty so I think I am sure I will love it. Not that it matters but do you think they make a kosher version?

  15. Robin

    Only in the last few years have I come to enjoy bacon really and it has to have like no fat on it. I am still freaked out by most meat in general so I don’t think I am ready for that. Maybe chocolate covered bagels.

  16. Meagan

    So. I haven’t been on here in awhile, and you continue to amaze me. At least I have you to tell me about bacon chocolate bars and beef/cheese burritos covered in chocolate syrup…

  17. BlondeBlogger

    I don’t see a video but I’d be afraid to watch it anyway for fear your “reaction” was vomitting. (you know I have a vomitting phobia, right?)

    I like my bacon with syrup. I don’t think I’d like it with chocolate so no need to enter me. Interesting concept though!

  18. Mik

    After just trying Fois Gras at work I’m game for anything, it couldn’t be as bad as fatted goose liver!

    Carolyn said she’d try it too.

    btw I killed my blog so it’s all new :banghead:

  19. Blondefabulous

    Bwah ha ha ha! There is a sign in the window of the Simpson’s Ride gift shop that says…”Farmer Billy’s Choco-Bacon! It’s like a pig and chocolate had a baby in your mouth!” I kid you not! I have a photo somewhere!

  20. manager mom

    As I watched your face during the moment of the first taste, I thought for sure you were going to say it tasted like salty ass chunks. Your face looked much more alarmed than your words.

    But sign me up. I like winning shit.

  21. Barbie

    you’re a weirdo but I have to agree about chocolate with off the wall stuff. My fav way to eat chocolate is with a merlot chaser.

    listen, bacon rocks. Easy peasy recipe for delish pig strips is- right after the bacon is done (either in microwave or pan) sprinkle sugar and cinnamon. You’ll think you’ve died (even though you already have) and gone to mecca.

    sent over here by bhj, you are now on my blogroll (aka, morning routine with coffee). Good luck with Chili’s. This was a long assed comment.

  22. Avitable

    Dave, I’m sure I can make something like that for you.

    Danalyn, it was interesting.

    Amanda, chocolate covered pretzels are tasty, too.

    Sarah, it might be the new thing, like peanut butter and chocolate.

    Tori, sea salt, eh? That’s interesting.

    Gwen, yeah, the instructions on the back are strange.

    Stephanie, I’m not in your head. I’m standing. Right. Behind. You.

    Rattling the Kettle, I wanted to give it a fair shake.

    BPR, the volume was low for some reason.

    Wayne, so you’d try it too?

    Penny, no, but would you like a chocolate shrimp?

    New Age Bitch, so it’s like “vogue” with a “juh” sound instead?

    Kathy, I don’t like spicy, so I could never try those.

    Delmer, no – you should invent one.

    Jenny, there are so many dirty places I could go with you enjoying a salty/sweet combo, but I won’t. I’m a gentleman like that.

    Hello, I think that look was from actually biting the inside of my mouth by accident.

    Cris, Britt makes me thank her for everything good in life.

    Turnbaby, I’ve seen dark chocolate covered bacon, too, but I prefer milk or white.

    Sybil, and hairier.

    Diva65, but would his woody taste like bacon and chocolate?

    LMSS, that was just a little taste – otherwise, it was decent.

    Crystal, cold Hershey’s on a hot beef/cheese burrito is delicious. I did a video post about it.

    Cissa, bacon chocolate makes a great anniversary present.

    Bridget, distrigued?

    Faiqa, it was an accident when I was 12.

    BE Earl, you don’t even like chocolate covered pretzels? Communist.

    Jay, no grease. Thank God.

    Diesel, I love peanuts on hot fudge sundaes – it’s a great combo.

    Jordie, since when are you a fucking vegetarian? Weirdo.

    Jochen, thanks for the link – that’s really interesting.

    Britt, I assimilated.

    Trukindog, you’d try it dipped in nacho cheese?

    Greedygrace, now I’m craving one – it’s an acquired taste.

    Sue, did you like my T-shirt?

    Grant, just putting salt on something sweet seems weird to me.

    Pare, I’d try bacon ice cream. Once.

    Jen, I know!

    Laurin, no hesitation, eh?

    Scout’s Honor, you’re sweet and salty, are you?

    Always Home, if it had tasted like chicken, I probably would have retched.

    Allyson, I’ll throw your name into the hat.

    Dawn, I think so, too.

    Robin, your daughter’s awesome.

    Maman, curry, eh? Hm.

    Judy C, probably not. I’d guess they don’t have the demand to do that.

    Maria, why don’t you eat pork?

    Evil Genius, what about Hershey’s poured on my penis?

    Robin, chocolate covered bagels would be delicious.

    Stan, but do you melt in their mouth?

    Chag, and the stuff they deep fry is indeed delicious.

    Summer, it’s a good combo.

    Meagan, exactly. What’s a brother for?

    Jennifer, olive? Ew!

    Sandi, was it deep fried chocolate covered bacon?

    BlondeBlogger, you don’t see the huge video? Or the link to Youtube?

    Winter, you hate chocolate? How can you be born on Halloween and hate chocolate?

    Mik, fatted goose liver sounds disgusting.

    Blondefabulous, awesome.

    Michelle, you don’t like bacon?

    Manager Mom, ass chunks would have made me blow chunks.

    SciFi Dad, are you complaining about my horrible video technique?

    JO, I don’t know how that will taste compared to this candy bar with tiny bits of bacon in it.

    Barbie, if I cooked, I’d totally try that sugar/cinnamon thing. Thanks!

  23. Atomic Bombshell

    Saw these while in line getting a water at Whole Foods, and was fascinated, also. However, I’d been riding my bike for a long time, I was parched, and bacon chocolate wasn’t going to quench my thirst. Thank you for trying this out for all of us, and if I win… Yippee!

  24. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    OK. FINALLY getting my lazy ass caught up.

    First. You’ve got some mad one-handed candy-wrapper opening skilz!

    B. I’m thinking I’d rather have the bacon fresh, just-sizzled, still warm, drizzled with warm gooey chocolate instead of broken up into little bits into a chocolate bar. I’m just sayin’.

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