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Ghost Hunters

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I watch Ghost Hunters on SciFi. It’s the only show of its type that I’ll watch (with the exception of the boring spin-off “Ghost Hunters International”). Any other show like it (Paranormal State, Most Haunted, etc.) is usually shit. People walking around having “feelings” of spirits – that is not scientific. That is not proof. It’s just bullshit.

Video evidence, audio recordings – that’s evidence. Not evidence of ghosts or spirits. Just evidence of the paranormal. All that “the paranormal” means is that defies scientific explanation. Whether it’s a disembodied voice that only shows up on a digital recorder or a strange shadow that appears to move autonomously, it’s evidence that something strange has occurred. And I love it.

Last week’s episode contained an investigation where the investigators caught a voice saying “go home”, and saw, on the thermal camera (but not on the infrared camera), a figure tiptoeing in a highly exaggerated fashion. It was some of the creepiest paranormal evidence I’ve seen yet. It still freaks me out!

Check it out and see. It’s the episode called “Speaking with the Dead”. Just skip to the last ten minutes or so to watch the evidence they caught.

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39 Replies to “Ghost Hunters”

  1. Kris

    We just caught an episode of Destination Truth or some crap like that where they heard “get out” and saw a figure “appear and collapse” just the other night.

    Then they investigated a creature that hangs out in trees and rooftops, can take the shape of small animals, and makes a tick-tick-tick sound. Retards, the lot of them. The frickin’ tick-tick sound is a type of insect (and after I said, “it’s a fucking insect” through the whole episode, that’s what the scientist said. Damn, I’m good.) The chick saw a dog and just freaked the fuck out.

    Clearly, they’re retarded.

    I agree with your assessment of paranormal. Yes, weird shit happens. Yes, Halloween is the BEST time for shit like that. (Um, I’m a zombie girl myself, but whatever…)

    As for UFO’s…yes, they exist. They’re Unidentified Flying Objects!! No one ever said they were alien spaceships. Just that they are Unidentified. Flying. Objects.

  2. Kris

    The episode of Destination Truth I was talking about involves a suicide spot on Mt. Fiji (part 1) and a creature called an Aswang (part 2).

    Any creature called an Aswang needs to be debunked. Come on people. An Ass and a Wang? What creature has those? *snerk*

  3. Mattie

    I actually saw that show. We watch it regularly. Of all the previous Ghost Hunter shows, this was the best one ever.

    We’re not too fond of the International version. Mainly because most of the time we don’t understand what they’re saying. Not that we’re stupid but the accents are thick.

  4. BlondeBlogger

    Okay, done. That. Was. Awesome!!!!! Definitely the best one ever, IMO. I know the feeling of getting a spirit to respond to your commands like that (my infamous ghost story) and there just aren’t any words to describe that feeling. *chills*

  5. Breigh (Canadutch)

    I’ve seen a few of those ghost hunter type shows for download but have never gotten them. I might now. Even though I know I’m gonna TOTALLY freak myself out.

    I never believed in ghosts until ONE day. I was babysitting early in the morning, like 5am and some really weird shit happened that made me nearly jump out of my skin.

    I wrote about it a while back, here:

    I’m getting the willies just thinking about it.

  6. Miss

    You knew you would drag me in here with this!!! My favorite episode was when they were in some hotel that some Russian (?) princess used to stay, and her bed was moved there… anyways, they were asking “her” questions in “her” room and the audio recorder picked up her voice, ANSWERING THEM. FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT. She not only answered when they asked “who are you?” but answered back, “where are you?”


  7. Faiqa

    I love Ghost Hunters, but haven’t had the time to watch it. I hate it when you post shit about TV and I find out we have the same taste in television. It makes me feel like I might have been a person who didn’t know I was nerdy in high school. LOL.

  8. Aunt Robin

    I never miss Ghost Hunters. I love it! However, in the episode you mentioned, I felt like someone was inside that train station just screwing with them. As for why the tip-toeing “ghost” didn’t show up on the DVR camera, I think someone who knew his way around the building was dressed in all black in order to move through the shadows undetected.

    Maybe because the place (train station) was soooo big, it was the first time I’ve watched the show and felt like someone was having a laugh at their expense and patting themselves on the back that they got away with it.

  9. Aunt Robin

    As long as I’m being a little skeptical, back in the day, ghost detectives used to record “ghosts” talking on cassette tape recorders. They claimed the magnetic qualities of the tape allowed them to capture the paranormal dialog they couldn’t hear with their own ears at the time.

    Now ghost hunters say they are using “digital voice recorders”– no magnetic tape. My big question is, why doesn’t the camera crew’s recording equipment pick up the ghosts talking to them for us to hear while they’re filming. Obviously we’re hearing a recorded version of the show, not there in person.

    Sorry. Just wondering out loud.

  10. Gwen

    A guy I know was hired earlier this year to be a camera man for Ghost Hunters. I meant to pick his brain about it while he was home one weekend but we were having too much fun. Sorry.

  11. SJ

    I’m obsessively addicted to Ghost Hunters. I record the shows even while watching them, and watch them several more times. The train station ep freaked me the fuck OUT. I can still hear that voice.

    My favorite, though, is still the lighthouse one where they chased an entity up the spiral staircase, and at the top, it leaned over the railing and looked down at them. Spookeh!!!

  12. Grant

    I’ve seen a UFO when I wasn’t even drunk or on drugs. Seriously – it was an object, it was flying, and I couldn’t identify it. I was on a military airbase at the time, so the thingy was probably not from outer space, but it still counts as a UFO sighting.

    And speaking of which, my last Japanese lessons included conversations about UFOs and Santa Claus. Because if you go to Japan on business, apparently you need to know those things.

  13. Honeybell

    You know, I got hooked on Ghost Hunters because of you. Like you, I normally find shows like this BS. (I know a person that was on an episode of “A Haunting” and several other paranormal shows, who told me personally he made it all up) But I like that Jason and Grant try to disprove and debunk. I have this episode DVR’d, can’t wait to watch it tonite!

  14. gemini

    That was a great show! My hubby and I had to go back a few times because we couldn’t believe it.

    As for the GHI… it was a good First season but I have yet to be thrilled with the second… I can’t make myself watch it anymore.

  15. Stephanie

    I loved that episode. I also loved the two different lighthouses, the one where the “entity” looked down over the rail at them, and the one where Grant’s chair moved. Oooh, and the one where the icture moved on the end table at the hotel, and the one where….oh.

    I love them all, I guess.
    And I love Jason. LOVE.
    Srsly. :heartbeat: :cocksuck2:

  16. fiwa

    I love Ghost Hunters! I think they put all the rejects on the International show. 😉

    Paranormal State I watch just so I can laugh at it.

    I missed the figure on the camera though – I’ll have to go back and rewatch that episode. What do you think about their fascination with the K2 meter? I’m over that thing – I wish they would quit using it.

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