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I love the gays

On Saturday I attended the Orlando Join the Impact rally, which was a peaceful protest in support of equality for gay Americans. These protests happened nationwide on Saturday and attracted throngs of people to every city where they were held.

This was my first protest, and I learned a few things.

1. There are no set rules for protest etiquette. I mean, you’d think if you’re going to be standing there for a few hours, they’d have milk and cookies or pass around hors d’eouvres, right? But no. And when I asked anyone if they knew where the protest concierge was so I could check my umbrella, people looked at me like I was crazy! Nobody would validate my parking, either, and there wasn’t a single concession stand to be seen. I looked for an hour!

2. The gay protesters’ signs were not any better than any other signs. I totally thought that with all of that creativity, fierceness, and general artistic ability that seem to appear in a higher majority of gays than straights that each poster would be a work of art. But no. Most of them looked like this one:

3. Standing with James with Emma’s empty baby stroller between us while Britt, Emma and Devin walked around and took pictures looked more like we were a gay couple who were making a statement with an empty stroller than we were two straight men who were just standing by an empty stroller.

4. It’s harder to write protest chants than you think. Some of the failed ones I came up with included “No, YOU’RE Gay!”, “Eve fucked Adam in the ass and he liked it”, “Gay men should be able to give each other pearl necklaces for a wedding anniversary just like any couple” and “Heart is where the homo is.” I guess I just couldn’t get the cadence right.

5. If you drop a pen, do NOT bend over to pick it up.

Over all, it was a great experience, and it was amazing to see so many people gathered together for the cause. I cannot understand how anyone could vote to take away someone else’s rights and make them a second-class citizen, and I just wish there was more I could do to help the gay community become equal in the eyes of the close-minded who hide behind Bibles to try to justify their hatemongering.

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51 Replies to “I love the gays”

  1. Sybil Law

    Haha @ B.E. Earl!
    Seriously – I saw that video, and I was completely thinking you two looked like a gay couple, too. :lmao:
    You need more grading of the signs. I love that part!
    Damn, I am tired. I suck with my brain dead, tired ass commenting.

  2. Janelle

    Ok, doubled check my email, I typed it correctly. So my picture better come up this time 🙂

    I could not agree with you more. Taking away rights is so…… 1950’s Rosa Parks Era. Aren’t we past going through that all over again? I guess not. I mean it didn’t work back then, trying to keep people down and it isnt’ going to work this time either.

    HOWEVER, in another 60 or so years we will have a gay president, I sure of it. I just hope I’m alive to see it. And wouldn’t it be great if he was black and gay!

    The Bible tells us not to judge, the Bible tells us a lot of things really and yet, sometimes I sit in church and cringed because it’s nice how “they” can pick and choose what God did and did not make. Either he made EVERYTHING – gay people included- or he didn’t.

    Oh Lord, I could go on and on… but I will stop.

    BUT, you may ask, “Why do you go to church if you don’t believe everything you hear?” I mainly go now because my grandpa went every Sunday and since his death, my grandma, who doesn’t drive doesn’t go. So, I like to go and as creep and werid as it sounds, I like to think my grandpa is sitting with me and that is “our time.”

    I was raised in the church and while I don’t agree with everything they say, I do believe in God and I do beleive God loves us all no matter who you have sex with. I think he is more concerned with what’s in your heart than in your bed.

    Might just be me though??

  3. SingleParentDad

    Jeremy would no longer be any use to the gays.

    I love them too. Met a really nice one this weekend, he was a really pleasant chap, super intelligent, plus he swallowed. These guys should be upgraded to superior economy, not given a 2nd class ticket.

  4. Honeybell

    I tried to look at the sign, but I was totally distracted by the other fella’s wedgie.

    In other news, I hear the next proposition is going to make church on Sunday a law. Every time you sleep in on a Sunday, a puppy gets thrown down a well. Or something.

  5. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    “I just wish there was more I could do to help the gay community become equal in the eyes of the close-minded who hide behind Bibles to try to justify their hatemongering.”

    Must we have THIS “argument” again?

    I understand the anger over this issue. I really, really do. But it hurts me, personally, every single time someone blames the “religious right wing”, when we all know that there have been numbers released that show that a large number of democrats voted “yes” as well. Obama is against gay marriage and has said so repeatedly. Does this mean he is for a Constitutional amendment banning it? No. But do many people who only hear “Obama is against…” simply take that information and run with it? Yes.

    I’m not looking to start another comment debate – I’m simply restating my previous thoughts.

  6. Miss Britt

    Sheila – I had the same knee jerk reaction you did to that statement.

    This issue won’t be resolved until people stop talking about it in religious context. It’s a LEGAL one – and many people voted FOR prop 8 for LEGAL reasons. So let’s talk about that.

  7. Avitable

    Amanda, oh yes, the agenda!

    BE Earl, 43 times.

    Sybil, we were totally the cutest couple there.

    Jozet, now, that one would have caught on.

    Janelle, it would be nice if everyone realized that.

    Jeremy, that’s what I’m here for!

    SPD, it should be that simple!

    Kapgar, there was a whole thing on Saturday there, I’m sure.

    Robin, I’m actually thinking of making that into a T-shirt.

    Britt, you might not have noticed because you were so busy helping your kids pose for a million photos!

    NYCWD, oh, those were signs made by gay protesters, though.

    Honeybell, good thing dogs can swim.

    Grant, you’re a poet!

    Finn, that was a saving grace.

    Robin, they don’t have any, though. Want to give them some of yours?

    Faiqa, oh, yes, they do.

    LMSS, how’s that going for her?

    Sheila and Britt, I didn’t say anything about Republicans. Nor did I say anything about Christians. I said the close-minded who hide behind Bibles to justify their hatemongering. Almost every argument for these anti-gay amendments has been a religious one, and the people arguing it are hiding behind the Bible to justify their hate speech. They’re not real Christians, and they’re both Republicans and Democrats.

    Angie, you did see Saturday’s post, right?

  8. Honeybell

    Sheila & Britt – The extreme religious right cannot be taken out of the equation. They Funded these propositions. The only argument against gay marriage is a religious one.

    I don’t think it’s religion bashing to say that religious extremists are responsible for these. Many people voted for Prop 8 and others because they didn’t understand the law and because scare tactics were used to confuse people and gain votes.

    What needs to happen is more people of faith like Britt need to speak out as she has. There are people who need to hear that you CAN have your faith, AND support the basic rights of all people.

    I’ve seen so many people get angry at others for blaming the religious right, or even bringing religion into the issue. I’m angry that those extremists presume to speak for me.

  9. Miss Britt

    “I’m angry that those extremists presume to speak for me.”

    Yep. That’s what it is, right there. And that’s the knee jerk reaction – the fear of being lumped in with that “hide behind the Bible” statement.

  10. Avitable

    Jay, hot dogs would have been awesome here.

    Karl, I know – I still can’t figure it out.

    Honeybell, that’s definitely why I am very careful to say that it’s not the type of people I consider to be good Christians, but people who use the Bible as a weapon of hate.

    Clown, no. I looked.

    Tracy, awwww. Wanna see my balls?

    Britt, you’re a shining example of how to be Christian and be the least judgy and discriminatory person out there.

    Giggle Pixie, it was interesting and totally worth the time.

  11. Kimi

    I went to the one in Tallahassee and wanted to share my favorite sign:

    “No more Mr. Nice Gay”

    There were some pretty signs in Tallahassee, but also lots of plain ones (mine among them because it was done extremely last minute, but I’m not gay so I guess I’m allowed to have an ugly sign).

  12. twinkie

    OMG……. this post plus some of the comments cracked me the HELL up.

    Speaking of hell, it’s interesting that every blog I love to read has the same stance as myself on Proposition 8.

    In fact, I just stole an OLD Blogography blog on the subject for my own blog.

    Ah! So many blogs to steal, such little time!

  13. JJ

    I was sort of a punk rock kid growing up – into hardcore music, etc. I dyed my hair all kinds of funny colors. One summer, my hair was bright pink and sorta long, falling over my ears. I’m not gay. I just wanted to fit in with the punk crowd.

    That summer, my mom took me to a gay rights march to support her friends. Visually I fit right in. But I couldn’t have been more uncomfortable. A 14 year old effeminate looking heterosexual punk rocker surrounded by throngs of gay dudes fighting for their cause.

  14. Clown

    Nuts to that! *I* am the shining example of how to be Christian and the least judgy and discriminatory person.

    Fucker. I hate you and your stupid Italian-plumber face.

  15. Avitable

    Kimi, I saw a few of those signs, too. That was a good one.

    Brandon, yeah, I guess it’s telling “you” that you are not a founding father?

    Twinkie, I have yet to see anyone credible give a legitimate reason for being against Prop 2 or 8.

    JJ, but did you get laid?

    Clown, that’s-a spicy meataball!

    Hello, yes!

    Heather, you protested against an anti-smoking ban?

  16. twinkie

    I agree. In fact.. in yet another blog I read somebody was arguing that it’s NOT true that people voted YES because of their religious beliefs so I commented:


    Can any of you please share with us your reason for voting YES on 8?

    Anyone? Who doesn’t believe in God and is religious?

    *waits in anticipation….

    Unfortunately I got no responses. Hmmm. Wonder why? Maybe they don’t exist. Well, at least not in Bakersfield (which is where the comment was left, a Bakersfield social networking site)

  17. martymankins

    The rule of a protest (at least in my rule book) is that you have a cool sign that makes a statement and something that you would be proud to hold. Just words and written in a color that gets washed out in the sun doesn’t work.

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