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Calling all Indian and Middle Eastern stereotypes

Sunday night, Amy and I went to dinner, along with Miss Britt, Mister Britt, and the Brittlings, to the lovely home of Faiqa and her husband Tariq (and their daughter).

As you can imagine, dining at the household of a Pakistani woman married to an Indian man, it was a very typical meal. Rather than try to describe it, because I know I wouldn’t do it justice, I thought I’d just illustrate a snapshot of the evening. Click to embiggen:

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37 Replies to “Calling all Indian and Middle Eastern stereotypes”

  1. Faiqa

    WHOA. My daughter is NOT antisocial!
    She was washing dishes in the kitchen because we’re big on child labor in our household. Don’t worry, she gets $0.03 for every four dishes she washes *and* dries.

  2. Avitable

    Amanda, nice use of the word “ogival”!

    Dave, during your zombie days?

    Ren, I’m ashamed of my cultural ignorance.

    BE Earl, yup, those are the Brittlings.

    Hello, she actually made tasty Italian food.

    Metalmom, do you even have to ask?

    SPD, oh, it’s just Britt. She’s topless everywhere.

    Trukindog, it’s where I’m stashing the food.

    NYCWD, dessert first, then the entree, then the appetizer.

    Britt, don’t ruin the illusion!

    TrishK, she was a very quiet, well-behaved child. I almost forgot she was even there.

    Kris, well, we were on a flying carpet. . .

    Blondefabulous, I KEEEEEL YOU!

    PotU, nah, she likes to let the puppies breathe.

    Grant, phew.

    Faiqa, I totally would have tried Indian cuisine.

    Finn, mallets? Is that how you kill them?!

    LMSS, luckily, there were no bones in the monkey brains!

    Sheila, my art makes you nauseated?

    Jeremy, no, she was just quiet and kept mainly to herself.

    Kaila, that’s her battle cry, too!

    Faiqa, .03 for each? Ooh, can I come work for you?

    Wayne, of course!

    Atomic Bombshell, you just have to squint a little and they’re there.

    Sybil, the whole thing took place on the back of an elephant.

    Giggle Pixie, just for levitation during meals.

    Robin, Elijah?

  3. Avitable

    Robin, look at you, being all Jewy!

    Dragon, he totally should. I’d be awesome.

    Jeff, it’s the little touches that matter.

    Poppy, next time you’re in Orlando!

    Christie, well put.

    Selma, have you ever tried it?

    Amanda, is Crackers your dog’s name?

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