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Christmas Card

This was going to be the Christmas card I sent out this year, but I decided against it. It just felt too hackneyed to me (click to enlarge):

Jesus vs. Santa

The one I actually sent will get posted after Christmas sometime, once everybody’s received theirs. On Thursday, I finally finished the card design and mailed out 275 cards across the US and Canada, also reaching the UK, Australia, and the Philippines. And by “I mailed out”, I mean I provided a company with the image for the card, an address book, and let them print the cards, add stamps, and mail them for me. It’s the thought that counts, though.

Also, thanks to Heather for the delicious-looking chocolate pecan pie (and gift!) that arrived on Friday. I haven’t had a chance to eat it yet, but I plan on consuming the entire thing in the immediate future. You are awesome!

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27 Replies to “Christmas Card”

  1. Sybil Law

    Yeah – you are WAY better than me!!! I even had a great idea for a card this year, but never got around to doing it. I suck!!! :cocksuck2:
    I know your card will rock- always does!! My postcard from you is still within my sight as I type this, the one for my sex change. And the card you sent last year is still prominent in my cards on the card holder thingy…
    Damn. Cold meds really make me babble!

  2. Lisa

    When your card arrived yesterday Dude said, “Well here it is…the best card of the season!” like an excited kid. (He’s into the entire card thing) The card is hilarious as usual however had you sent this I’d still be laughing. That’s classic, just classic.

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