Clearly, You're Retarded was the radio show with Adam Avitable and Britt Reints

Spreading democracy like peanut butter

Just in case those of you who are in the know and listen to our weekly Presidential radio address were wondering, we will be having a show tonight at 9 PM EST.

The topic is whether or not the United States has a moral imperative to encourage, foster, and in some cases, aggressively enact democracy in backwards countries.

If you’re going to listen, I suggest clicking that picture, registering an account, and downloading the TalkShoe Pro software. It will make your listening experience smoother, silkier, and more erect.

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17 Replies to “Spreading democracy like peanut butter”

  1. whall

    btw, if you ever change your show to something A) not wednesday night and B) not at night and C) maybe during the day and D) maybe something other than wednesday night I might be able to join in.

    As it is, I catch up on CYR podcasts about once per month.

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