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The lesbians I love

Is it that they’re unattainable, undeniably cute, or is it just awesome to think about them having sex with other women? There’s something about certain lesbians that makes me swoon.

Here are the lesbians I love*:

Jamie, Top Chef, Season 5
Jamie, Top Chef, Season 5

I think it’s a combination of her tattoos and her attitude. Yes, I know, I don’t like tattoos, but on her? They work. And by work, I mean they make my loins tingle.

Ani DiFranco, singer
Ani DiFranco, singer

Some people were disillusioned when she got married to a man, but I fell in love with her in college when she was still 100% full-on lesbian. Her looks aren’t traditionally hot, but something about her lyrics transforms her into a Sapphic goddess!

Portia de Rossi, actress
Portia di Rossi, actress

I liked her on Ally McBeal. I loved her in Arrested Development. I lust her now.

Lindsay Lohan, actress
Lindsay Lohan, actress

I know, her lesbianism is probably a phase, but right now, at the height of her vagina-centric lifestyle, I am in love. And I want to play connect the dots with her freckles. With my penis.

Tatu - musical group
Tatu - musical group

Is there anything hotter than a Russian lesbian musical duo that bounce around in their panties? I think not.

Amanda Palmer, singer, Dresden Dolls
Amanda Palmer, singer, Dresden Dolls

I’ve already talked about my love for Amanda Palmer. Something about her dusky voice, wickedly sharp lyrics, and out there attitude really palms my Amanda.

Sinead O'Connor, singer
Sinead O'Connor, singer

Between the Irish accent, the feisty attitude, the gorgeous eyes, and the amazing music, Sinead O’Connor is everything I’ve always wanted in a lesbian!

For the men, which lesbians do you love? I’m sure there are a few I’m missing.
For the women, which gay men do you love? If I was a woman, I’d probably say Neil Patrick Harris, personally.

*May include women who are merely bisexual, which, in my mind, counts.

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43 Replies to “The lesbians I love”

  1. Sarcastica

    Gay men? Hmm….Vin Dissel! I heard he’s bi, which in my opinion counts…lol. And Usher…and Justin Timberlake…and Chris Brown…wait, they aren’t gay?
    They should be, they dress better than I do the donks.

  2. delmer

    Joan Jett (the with-hair version) always did something for me when I was younger.

    Cynthia Nixon does it for me these days.

    Sinead is gay? I’m not surprised, I guess, but I didn’t know.

    (Lindsay is not looking so good these days.)

  3. Stephanie

    I do NOT :heartbeat: Jamie on TopChef. I think she always looks dirty. And not in the good way.

    I think La Lohan is hot, especially with the freckles.

    Wait…you asked the girls to talk about gay guys that are hot, didn’t you.

    Oops. My bad. :tongue1:

  4. Stephanie

    P.S. When I was a teenager…I TOTALLY had the hots for George Michael. I didn’t know he was gay at the time (naive, much?) But the tall bleached hair and facial scruff and blindingly white teeth really made me moist.

    In mah special place. :dance:

  5. Sybil Law

    Neil Patrick Harris for sure.
    Nate Berkus, Anderson Cooper (he’s gay, right?)… There are more, I’m sure! Most of the girls on your list are cool, minus LL. Ugh. She is just way too used up looking for my taste! :puke:

  6. Kelley

    Lindsay Lohan?

    Eww. She is just skanky.

    Totally for all the rest though.

    And yeah, I would have said Neil Patrick Harris. But when I was 12 it was a toss up between Boy George and George Michael.

  7. Functionally ReTodded

    Her current anorexic / coke addled build not withstanding, LiLo makes my pee pee quite firm.

    If you were gaying on Dr. Doogster, you’d for sure have to be a bottom, right?

    Oh, and there’s a whole category for fellas like you if you were (more) gay. I believe you would be called a bear. LOL

  8. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    Have you ever heard the saying “If you hit me, you’ll be drawing back a nub?”

    Well, if you were to dip your funstick into Linday Lohan, your abnormally large penis would shrivel into a little bitty shadow of what it once was.

    Gay guys I’d get with if ever the chance came up? Rupert Everett. And, of course, Freddie Mercury, if ya know, he magically came back alive and didn’t have AIDS.

  9. Cris

    I have to admit that every time I meet somebody that says they are a lesbian (excluding the dudes) my first thought is “Wow that is so brave coming out like that… I wonder if I could see them naked?”

    Lesbians I lust for… Uh those Pics that Britt always takes with her friends seem pretty gay, can I pick her? If not I would have to say Portia and I didn’t know Sinead was a lesbian… cool!

  10. Kris


    Only when he was Doogie, would I have touched Neil Patrick Harris. Of course I’d do Angelina in a heartbeat – something about her eyes – and she’s got to use the accent from Tomb Raider, too. Samantha Fox, the musician. Rufus Wainrwright – I’m not sure why, but something….

    I could never do Rupert Everett (assuming I were a gay man) because in the heat of the moment, I’d think of Prince Charming from Shrek. Ew.

    I’d like to be in the middle of a Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner sandwich. She’s totally bi – they just don’t know it yet.

    I’d do Pink (Alecia Moore) because I like her lyrics, her line of thinking, and she’s funny as hell. I like funny as hell.

    Jane Addams is another lesbian from history that I wouldn’t have minded getting to know.

    It’s rumored that Eleanor Roosevelt was at the very least bi and had a longstanding relationship with her friend Lorena Hickok.

    Clearly I’ve not put any thought into this. Heh.

  11. Kimi

    I am not into any celebrity lesbians, but if I were to run across a normal lesbian and opportunity was knocking, I’d have to reevaluate.

    As for men, Nate Berkus for sure!!!!!

  12. Hilly

    Oh I am with Angie…I love Shane on “The L Word” and thus I love Kathryn Moening.

    I want Jamie to win Top Chef even though I fear it will be Stefan. I just like her immensely and would totally fall in love with her, I bet.

  13. B.E. Earl

    Famous lesbians I love:

    Joan Jett – Someone else mentioned her. Yum.
    Sarah Paulson – From Serenity and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Best Holly Hunter impersonation ever!
    Wanda Sykes – Love. Her.
    Gina Gershon – Hasn’t come out. May be bi. Who cares? She has played lesbian enough to count for me. And just look at her!?!
    Sara Gilbert – yumm.

  14. Jay

    Michelle Rodgriguez isn’t officially “out” but she has been in relationships with other women. And she’s HAWT.

    Rumor is that Ellen Page is a lesbian. That makes me happy.

    And Sarah Shahi played a lesbian on “The L-Word” so that counts too.

  15. DaDuck

    Vin but only from the neck down. His face is *shudders*
    NPH is annoying and looks like he is 13 so no.
    George Michael, totally.
    Love Elton John but that is just a musical thing.
    Rob Halford dunno, the bald head with the lightening bolts and the fact that he can wear leather and spikes and sing/scream is just totally hawt.
    David Bowie!!!!
    Michael Stipe

  16. cris

    So after reading your comments I was able to talk to my wife in that condescending tone she loves so much. “Oh Honey…? You know that actor you like so much in all your chick flicks? It turns out he’s gay!” I might have added a “Ha! HAhaHAHAha!”

    She looked at me in disgust and said, “You’re thinking about Rupert Everett (unflattering name omitted), the guy I like is Dermot Mulroney, and he is soooo NOT gay!”

    OK, how did she know what I was thinking? How did she know how to correct me? How did she get it right?!! Damnit!

  17. Deb

    I read every word and every word of the comments, but not one mention of me?

    I am not certain that all of your pics are verifiable “lesbians” but I am too exhausted from personal disappointment to comment and further right now.

  18. Twinkie

    George Michael is HOTTTTTT.

    Also, I don’t know if it’s true or not, or if it’s ever been mentioned but I think Brooks and Dunn are gay lovers. And sorta cute. Great voices/songs so I guess I’ll add them to my list.

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